Question of the Day

I have a questing or questioning mind – some call this curiosity [aka ‘good’], some call it procrastination against doing ‘productive work’ [aka ‘lazy/resistant’] others label it ‘always trying to pick a fight’ [aka ‘bad’] – sigh –

The fact remains, thoughts often show up in my mind parade and I wonder what I’m missing that everyone else seems to understand, accept and do not question at all….

Today? Early morning, coming back from dreamland time? My mind asked me…

“Why put zippers in the back of a garment?”

I notice that zippers, buttons or other closures are still put in the back of women’s garments, often in areas that aren’t easy for the average wearer to reach.

I know this because while I may be clueless on fashion and hate to shop, I do see fairly recent tv series and/or movies – so such clothes still are made and exist….

This doesn’t seem as prevalent in items made for men – although, it may have to do with aesthetics, comfort and ‘drape of fabric’ across the chest area – because, well, that area is usually very anatomically different between men and women.

I learned about ‘fabric drape’ from reading Victoria Holt’s book, “The Silk Vendetta” when I was in my teens…. Until “The Devil Wears Prada” movie came out? I was blissfully clueless on the world of design and fashion….

Is this a Systemic Issue of Bondage and Dependency in the Fashion Industry?

Did I type that header so far past the scope of reasonableness that you are laughing?

If not? Sorry – I’ll work on trying to get better at conveying tongue in cheek and ‘satire’ thoughts….

Me, learning how to use graphic design software to easily intersect objects in various ways – I struggle with graphic design tools – not my strong point, but try to learn enough to get by….

EDITED Graphic Share:

After I ‘thought about it some more…..’

There HAS to be another reason….

Is what my mind says – some reason I’m not even educated enough to know how to ask the question in the right way….


Is this tendency to put fasteners in the back of womens’ garments a carryover from days of yore, when women of means enough to have fashionable clothes also had a lady’s maid, indentured servant or slave?

Doesn’t this continued way of making clothes, just assume that every women has somebody around her to help ‘zip her up’?

Is this even in line with the following realities I’ve observed in our culture?

My Personal Experiential Data says…

  • Women, even if married, often outlive their husbands….
  • Few single women in our culture (percentage wise) have ’24/7 live in help’ No one in my circle does, unless they live in a nursing home….
  • In our highly mobile and ‘desire for independence’ society, children don’t always live nearby, let alone in the same household as their parents or grandparents (although the pandemic, rising housing costs and inflation is steadily changing that trend, overall….)
  • I haven’t seen any viral videos featuring a cat, dog or bird trained to ‘zip up their owner’s dress’ and sigh, I’m on Facebook – small circle of friends, but given other things posted about cute/lovable/smart pets? I’m CERTAIN I would have seen such things, if they existed….
  • The Golden Girls might be beloved by multiple generations of women, but I don’t see many older, single/widowed women choosing to do such a thing in real life…

So just about the time you are getting older, perhaps not as limber, with arthritis setting into the hands and shoulders that have spent a life time wearing and tearing in labor and service to others?

You find yourself alone and dependent upon someone else to wear the quality clothes you spent good money on ages ago – elegance and quality never go out of style, is what saavy, well dressed mentors of mine have told me over and over….

Or, you are a single mom, who just spent $40 on a quality, well made dress, (with label your friend says is well known and screams elegance, affluence and quality and then expresses horror when you ask if you are supposed to show the label sewn on the inside seam, to others, so they know how cool you are?), at the local thrift store, that is the quintessential ‘knee length black dress’ that can be dressed up, dressed down, paired with a blazer, a drape or pearls to meet a series of functions….

And then you realize your young son is visiting his dad and now??? You have to wear a blazer for the all hands meeting, on your day off, then, later ask the wife of a colleague if she would ‘zip you up’ in the restroom of the bar where you and your predominantly male coworkers are celebrating a colleague’s retirement….

She laughs and removes the safety pen at the top neckline, you put in yourself, to make up for the gap of the mid back, you couldn’t reach the zipper pull to get past….

I’m (sort of) aware of my potential blind spots….

  • I don’t like to shop and haven’t worked a job where I need to wear professional looking dresses 5-7 days a week, for a long time, thus, I don’t really know how many things zip in the back and I’d rather ask you, than spend ages looking at various clothing websites.
  • I now have only two outfits for dress up functions requiring them – one is a dress, that zips up the back, from tailbone to neckline – the other is a pull on broom skirt in shades of black and green, that I have a variety of complementary shade shirts (pull overs or front button) to go with – tucked in or not – guess which outfit I always wear??
  • I am NOT a fashionista – thus, it’s possible during my long hiatus from shopping, maybe all dresses are made with side or front closures now.
  • I may be asking for an industry change that will put millions out of work at the factory and resellers who sell ‘zipper pull’ tools, right along side the back scratchers, and I’m single-handedly trying to destroy an entire way of life that millions depend upon (It’s possible…..)

I guess, at the end of the day, I just don’t understand why we create things, hold onto things, create NEW things to take care of things we continue to do the ‘same ole way’ even though the reason we are still doing such things, depends upon a reality that no longer exists for a majority of people…

On the Other Hand?

I’m aware of the theory regarding the need for a minimum of 3% (might be more now!) growth, every year, in order for capitalism to be a stable economic system – maybe this is why I’m accused of being a commie, socialist, marxist or many other un-attractive labels, when I ask the follow-up question,

“Why can’t we just do it this way? Saves time, money and resources for customer and creates value over time of ownership….”

Remember the tagline from…. the Enquirer? I’m blatantly stealing it, but posting credit to company…..

This inquiring mind would like to know…..

I think, in my ignorance, that if folks choose to comment? The economists and fashion designers will tell me so many things I don’t know enough about to even ask a relevant question…

I’ll learn something by asking…right?

Feel free to comment… even if you just want to gripe about all the nice clothes you have in the closet, invested in for quality, that you now can’t wear unless you show up early and ask another early-arriver or your hostess “psst….can you help me…..?” 😀

Bonus points given if you’ve trained your animal companion to chip in and help out – but, isn’t that indentured or slave labor?

True, you pay water, food, shelter, healthcare and entertainment, but is it really fair?

For our pets, we are sorta like the Robber Barons who ‘provide the shack’ and own the Company Store and pay our workers in form of “Company Store Bucks’ instead of currency accepted elsewhere……

Yes…. I ponder those things too – on the role of our pets, our livestock, our diverse homestead/farmstead of yore (and making a comeback) for those who haven’t converted to pure veganism, in totality, yet….

But that is a question to ponder another day…. and way too serious to be included in what was supposed to be a funny, satirical post…..

Sigh – vegans? Please forgive me for mixing ‘very serious’ with the ‘frivolous’, if, as I suspect, I just did….

Pet owners who train pets to do things for them? – Ummm… sorry – I didn’t have to train my dog to alert me to intruders, protect our home pack, etc. But I confess, hypocritical of me, because I did ATTEMPT to ‘train’ them to know, “this is okay/that is not” and that included when I was stupid enough to lay bacon out to thaw on the countertop in easy reach…..

Signed – Socially awkward, at my best – Total arsewipe, at my worst – 😀

P.S. – Yes, I added more words to my final (for now!) Venn Diagram of Me….

Ta-Da! I announce Version 3.0 of the graphic…..

(See what happens when I hurry through things and try to use a picture instead many words???)

Sometimes? I don’t even know the correct term to use, or the ‘currently right term’ to use, to ask a question, try to connect with another, or show support to another – etc., etc., etc. Sigh –

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