Top 10 Things I learned from Dad

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I still feel the same way – although, given the turmoil in the world, and the way various trends have developed around the word, “happiness” that I believe (the trends) are not an example of ‘balance/peace’ but rather an unbalanced approach based on fears of ‘losing oneself’ in the anxiety, fear, or grief’. Fortunately, those around me who accuse me of being negative, understand more when I share the beauty, peace and wisdom I found by sitting with fear, pain, sorrow – and they feel safe enough to share with me, why they pursue only happiness, and cannot do as I do, for they get lost and cannot find away out –

But you know? It all comes back to what I learned from you, observation of your life, for the time we had together here on this plane.

Mom and I are playing in the dirt today – she is back ‘home’, happy and I am once more close enough, to look after her, daily, as you asked of me in your final days.

I am planting a native flower mix in one area – and soon? Will have a hay meadow mix, in another huge area – and if the plantings are blessed by Mother Nature? I can walk, gaze upon and remember our walks in the pasture, in the good years of plentiful rain – and here, in my world? There will be a living monument to the gifts you gave many, while you were here.
Love you,

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

Dad, his work truck and faithful Buffy

1. Funerals are the easiest place to have the best intentions and still wound someone else.

My dad was a Mason and was often called upon to deliver words at funerals of fellow Masons.   I figured he knew what he was talking about.

2. Watch the sunset and think of all the things it has seen in it’s journey today – your problems are probably not so bad, after all.

He was always good at putting things into perspective.

3. If you pay attention while you take something apart, you can usually get it fixed and put back together again.

This is why I’m rather bold with repair projects. I fixed my broken Barbie hair dryer when I was 6 or so and never looked back.

4. There is nothing new under the sun.

You may have a new interpretation, use or perspective…

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