Outside my back door…

After spending some time ‘reminding’ myself of which local plants are good for healing and repair after getting waylaid by respiratory illness, I was reminded of the benefits of Pine needles.

Barefoot I walk out, my feet soaking in the warmth of the sun from the ground – lightly run my hands down this branch and that, until a set of 3 falls into my hands (yes, I feel like this means, it’s a gift to me, instead of harsh harvest in the spring of growth and renewal)

I chew on the green needles as I walk around the place – taking note of how many changes occurred while I stayed indoors the past few weeks.

They taste tart and of summer time.

I don’t swallow, simply let their taste and juice do their thing, while chewing on them.

Not my fave, but whether combined with barefoot walking (finally!) and/or the placebo effect?

I care not – a part of me felt restored.

Meanwhile, the roses are going by leaps and bounds and I have nearly 15 volunteers that can be dug up and moved to create another border hedge – free plants – oh how I love that!

Alfalfa appears here and there around the place – can’t wait for it’s purple blooms to arrive.

The blooms of the lilac, native plum, chokecherries and currants didn’t survive the late heavy snow.

The rhubarb has been seen as tasty by something – the leaves have holes in them.

The tulips disappeared (does this mean cousin rabbit is back?) no daylilies to be seen yet, one plant that looks like chamomile, but the leaves and petals aren’t just right, has appeared, must identify.

The dandelions came and went in quick succession, though their stems are longer this year, perhaps it won’t be as dry this year.

Bindweed hasn’t made much of an appearance yet.

The ants are really setting up shop, even to starting little villages on the walkway by my gate – testament to how rarely I have been ‘going out and about’.

I make a note to research their gifts to the ecosystem and what it indicates of the ecosystem if their population is getting ‘out of balance’ – there are many more this year, it seems…..

Someone still thinks it’s okay to drop their ciggie butts at the edge of my place as they walk by – I found 2. I hope I don’t awake to my place on fire, some night – grr…..

Some trash blew in –

The red stem filaree (no-likely! it’s sort of greedy like bindweed) seems less robust this year and will have it plucked out quickly in the one area it showed up in about 5 years ago.

No wild mustard has yet appeared, though a few tumbleweed greens have – the few I saw were quickly pulled and left where they were pulled, to return to the soil.

There is much bare ground between buffalo, fescue and brome grass bunches – – too short of mowing in late fall with drought years have taken a toll the past two years, I think.

New seedling mix of native flowers and plants that range between 2″-6″ will be spread and irrigated to get established, and hopefully, they will had to the biodiversity and health of ‘native grass areas’.

I’m excited this year as I’ve successfully lowered my household water usage to only 1/6th of my allotment each month, for the 6 months of summer. That means I can irrigate to get native plants established, that are drought hardy once started off well.

I feel RICH in having water to get more biodiversity going on my place!

Rain arrived yesterday, whispered to me in the night and drizzled along today.

To the west of me, my neighbors awoke to fog and a skiff of snow this morning. Moisture is moisture and I’m not sorry it will be a few more days before I’m outside, soaking in the sun, playing in the dirt, and letting the earth heal and replenish me as only it can.

Hope this finds you with gift of grace and beauty in your day.

I hear from a bloggy pal that Mercury is in Retrograde – I never have seen patterns in my life that match up with Mercury’s little back and forth operations, but perhaps, that was a gift of the stars/the way the moon was hanging, when I was born, eh?

I guess today, I’ll figure I’m blessed by NOT getting the gift of Mercury in Retrograde…and pine needles…. 😀

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