Sunshine, Moonshine & Letting Your Light Shine

I read the prompt from RDP Saturday – “Shine”, and my mind did what it always does – – Immediately delivered up songs, experiences, etc., from it’s file cabinets of storage – where ‘shine’ played a part…..

My first memory of “Shine”

A song, learned in Sunday School….long, long ago….

(I can’t tell ya, for sure, what Sunday School flavor, but one of the many, many branches of Protestant religion – most likely Baptist or Methodist – they each had a church in the town closest to us, and we went where my mother liked the preacher. And she, being a Preacher’s Daughter, was rather picky about such things as personal character and how sermons were delivered, more than she cared about ‘what branch’ of Protestant church we attended.)

"This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine!
Oh, this little light of mine, 
I'm gonna let it shine.
Every day, every way, 
I'm gonna let it shine!"

This is the version taught to toddlers and pre-schoolers.

I’m fairly certain there are more words and verses to sing, of church hymnal approved, replete with top/bottom music scales, ‘singing parts’, adulting it version – but I ain’t gonna look it up and by doing so, corrupt my early memory of a small room, with green walls, a teacher that I have no other memory of other than her including me in the ‘sing along’ and teaching me the words, (that the others my age knew) and encouraging me to belt it out, whether I was on key or not.

She was young, kind, and she smelled good, didn’t ever scare me, or insist I drink all the juice or eat the snack provided as long as, I just ‘tried a nibble’ to see if I liked it.

Now, there are some who may call this ‘early indoctrination’ for going forth and proselytizing to convert others…

Me? It meant I was supposed to ‘be of good heart, cheerful and helpful to those around me, while also, being me…’

I fully confess, I most likely paid more attention to instructions given at home every day, on multiple fronts, than I did during 30 minutes of Sunday school each week…


At age 3-11, Moonshine meant the summer night sky as dark descended was lit well enough for me, my cousins and neighborhood children to play outdoors, while the adults gathered for evening fun (music, visiting, playing cards) in the small house I lived in.

Since most of my early playmates were male, this usually meant playing “War” or some version of Cops & Robbers, Cowboys & Indians….

Yes, I’m well aware on many, many fronts, how offensive what I just wrote most likely is, to many, who, born in different place, time, family heritage from I, may take offense to…

Not my intent other than to report in on ‘how it was/how I view it today’ fronts –

Can I explain the Reality as I knew it at that time?

If I do, will you truly hear it? Or lump me forever and always into ‘enemy status’?

You’ll listen?

Thank you! Lemme break it down for ya, what all those ‘shorthand lingo for childhood games’ really meant…for me, at that time/place, with folks known to me and often, I was related too, via blood/DNA…

Rural Childhood – other than yard light, there were no street lights and the yard light only highlighted chicken house and driveway area- where only a fool would choose to ‘do face-to-face battle’ in such games played during night operations, in the game of ‘us vs. them’ play to win war games….I still, however, can’t quickly read a topological map even in the light of day, on the computer no matter how many permaculturists and veterans of military service I count among my family & friends!

No matter what game was played, that I just mentioned, or how it was ‘labeled’, it was just ‘a game of two opposing sides’ – not fought because of nationality, race, gender, opinions or what politics our parents discussed/debated/argued about –

And, sans massive cheating or unnecessary roughness, the game and ‘grudges’ held, were short lived…

Nothing as complicated as Adult World!

Simply two sides, and the object of the game was to run around as if you were playing some pick up game combo of freeze tag & hide-n-seek, and the overall goal was to not get ‘captured’ by the other side – to not injure yourself or another, (cuz then, Parents got called in, and Parents often ruin everything!) and to learn how to ……

Run around in the dark, en masse or alone, dependent upon your age/training and knowledge, move in stealth and balance, with sure footing, through old ‘supply piles’ of barnwood, rusty barb wired replaced in fencing, vehicles no longer running, but still had ‘spare parts’ on them, and drums of used motor oil (because back then, oil changes were done at home by the thrifty, but many folks knew better than to just dump it on the ground), in order to ‘capture’ others via guerilla warfare, attrition rates via ‘captives’ Or to overwhelm the ‘enemy’ through strategic thinking and overwhelming forces.

Da Rules of Childhood War

The Short Game – Who Wins?

The losers of the ‘War’ was determined only if all members of the opposite side, were found/tagged and taken over to the ‘holding area’ (which was determined for that time, by each side, for that game’. )

If the game was called off due to Parents calling children in to bed/going home, a hasty count was made of each ‘holding area’ and all participants had to be hastily found/show up – (Parents FREAK out if anyone is ‘lost’, doncha know and EVERYONE gets in trouble!)

Sometimes, a draw had to be announced –

Strategic use of Forces

Once the first person was ‘captured’ for either side – one was faced with further strategic ‘choices’ – guard them so they didn’t just ‘walk away’ to rejoin the game? (thus, lowering the level of manpower on the ‘battlefield’ needed and….

Who IS My Enemy?

Oh, my! The peer-pressure and lies told in order to get a captured enemy to ‘snitch’/turn spy against his/her previous teammates would boggle your mind and make modern day adulting-it games look ridiculous & cheesy by childhood standards!

The Mid Game (Short & Long Game)

How Troops are Chosen/Amassed


The two oldest (Usually Boys, but as the years progressed, not always) determined ‘which side’ they wanted, either by mutual agreement, or, if both called the same side, it was decided by flip of a coin (if anyone had one in their pocket)….

Anyone with a novelty ‘two headed coin’ in their pocket was soon discovered and no longer trusted to be a ‘general’ due to lack of integrity.

or by that old standby that was always available to anyone lucky enough to be born with/still retain, two hands – which was, in my childhood, everyone….

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Best 2 out of 3, perhaps best 3 out 5 – it depended upon how early in the evening we had been ‘told to ‘go outside and play’ and how much time we figured we had left to ‘play’ in –

If the game played to simply decide the sides for the game played, took too long, the restlessness of the ‘subordinate ‘troops’ to choose for ‘one’s side’ meant dissension in the ranks, and questioning of the ‘seniority authority’ via cat-calls of,

“C’mon! Just pick! The Parents will be done and time for us to go home/go to bed before you all get done messing around… We wanna play!”

Once ‘the generals’ got their shit together and listened to their potential troops desires and quit ‘messin’ around’ stalling in useless power plays via ways that resulted in no one wanting to follow their leadership, Troops were ‘chosen’….

Available Draftees…

Who chose first usually was determined by either ‘which general won last time’ regardless of side, OR, should last game generals not be both present, by arm-wrassling OR mutual consent of all present if no one had a coin to toss and everyone present was sick and tired of delays, via of the rock, paper, scissor ‘fair’ stuff….


Youngest children were always chosen first – each side had to choose a younger draftee, first –

First one, then the other side, took turns choosing first the youngest, weakest, smallest, most in need of ‘protection/training/learning the rules’ and next turn, the oldest, wisest, bravest, smartest etc.

The older one got, the more times they had played, meant choosing the ‘oldest’ simply by ‘how old’ wasn’t always the rule….

But youngest? Newest members to be invited to the ‘Parent’s get together’?

Chosen First – Early on…


If you’re outside and want to play….

The Long & Infinite Game

Everyone who wants to play are Chosen to Play

If odd number of draftees were present for choosing, whomever chose the smallest, youngest, first, was awarded an ‘extra troop member’ from the older crowd that knew how to play the game, and play it well……

Newcomers are taken ‘under wing’ by old-hands, and looked out for….

Tales of ‘the battle’ are discussed, debated and shared with those sick and inside, left at home, or unable to be on hand, due to other duties, for ‘that war’….

Bullies, Whiners, Snitches & Glory Hounds

The unspoken, yet rigidly enforced, rules of the game, by anyone who had played before, were reinforced via ‘peer pressure’ – it wasn’t, in any way shape or form, ‘spelled out’ for new comers….

Newcomers had to just observe, depend on their teammates/leaders, for guidance on how to play and who to trust….

Bullies who were more harsh than need be on their teammates or ‘enemies’, whether via verbal, emotional or physical fronts, were kept in check by various ways, ranging from a sound chewin out, or beatin’ by a ‘general’ or older teammate (that evenings game) OR simply through quiet non-compliance by both their teammates and their enemies –

Whiners were also ignored unless medical care was deemed necessary, after a fall, trip or ‘oops’ while ‘playing in the dark around junk piles saved for future use’ –

Snitches – –

Ahh….sigh – – – if you had turned spy, double-agent or snitched/ratted out your ‘side’ in past games?

Well, no side, no matter which one you were chosen for, really, actually, trusted you much at all for any reason, once you snitched/betrayed your teammates – you could earn it back, but you had to ‘consistently show up and not be a snitch or spy’ for many, many ‘sessions’ before ever you had re-gained the ‘trust’ of any who played.

I learned this lesson, the hard way, when my favorite cousin, closest in age to me, on the opposing side, captured me, but lured me into thinking I was smart enough to be a ‘spy’ and let me return to my team mates, but with duty to sneak around and report in –

Man! I sure learned that lesson early and well – I cried when I realized no one trusted me….weren’t we just playing a game? Hadn’t I played by the rules?

He sat by me and said,

“Yes, it’s a game, but, well, unless someone is hurt or someone is being mean, we just don’t rat/snitch on each other – and, ya know, ya had a choice – you could have told me to ‘forget it’ – you weren’t in any danger if you had just sat down in the holding area, or found a way to sneak away when I wasn’t looking…..”

Sigh…. that cousin was many years older than I, in child years, but he understood my heart, whether I could verbalize it or not – His parents divorced, split up the ‘kids’, demanded their kids take ‘real war sides’ – He joined the Marines , came home and then committed suicide when I was 22…

But in my mind? He’s still the child general I learned best and first from, right after my Dad…..

He never, while he was around, left me behind, no matter how short my legs were or how tender my heart, before I had learned enough to ‘toughen’ up, as he and Dad continually encouraged me too, for my own good! when facing the ‘outside world’.

Glory hounds that left their teammates behind in hopes to be a hero single handedly, found themselves often, last to be chosen and/or, not given much cooperation by their fellow teammates –

Moonshine at age 12

Meant being a guest at a ‘slumber party’ for a classmate’s 13th birthday, who also knew where the mason jar of ‘grandpa’s homemade ‘shine’ was stored in upper cabinets…. and whose single mom didn’t get home till about an hour after school let out – but we were girls, in town and really, just how much mischief could we get into in view of the neighbors?

Clear as water, but denser it appeared to me, were the contents of that jar – and her teeny-tiny lap dog barked at it when she held it down for the ‘dog’ to smell….

Smelled like paint thinner to me, so I braved being dubbed a coward for not taking a sip – and marveled at the bravery and courage of the other girls, older and more wiser than I…and tougher it seemed, who took a gulp and choked heartily while tears streamed out of their eyes, and their face turned red….

Ah….I guess… I’m just not that ‘brave’, I concluded…..

That classmate I’d known since my earliest memory? Died of brain cancer a few years back, but she, too, was a ‘general’ I followed on many fronts, and braved the battlefield for, whether I deemed myself ‘worthy/capable or not’.

We solemnly vowed support for each other many long years later, when we each learned we were to be single mothers , in a time/place where such things were akin to social/community/family ostracization on many fronts….

Sunshine In Teen Crush Years

Yeah – Somewhere along the line, I had my crushes and a song came out, that spoke mightily to my mooning over unrequited love/puppy love heart – this is my song! It’s OUR song!

I was a fool, he didn’t even really notice me, let alone love me – 🙂

The older I got, the less I understood the rules, and the harder it got to ‘learn ’em’ with any true trust that ‘da rules, were really, da rules…..’

Sunshine in Adulting-It times

Alas, It’s not really titled as Sunshine, but it includes the word in it –

But now? After my first harsh lesson in the ‘ways’ of the world, that include ‘real wars’ fought by adults, in high school society and work place drama, by age 14?

Well, by that time, I rather had a liking for Reba and her music – and it wasn’t about shining on, or letting my lil’ light shine – it was more about “Walk On”

"Walk towards the light,
Until you find the sun,
You'll be better off,
In the Long Run...
And Walk On!"

And, to this day – sometimes I gotta remember the childhood version of ‘war’ that often feels kinder and nicer than the adulting versions of it – and remember the core lessons learned in a more kind, gentle, consequences delivered, but not life threatening, way….


I try to let ‘this little light of mine’ shine! without insisting everyone else shine their light exactly like I do mine….but do my best to first try, to let their lil light shine as if they were still a child and had the freedom to be a child full of light, freedom and innocent grace while playing a childhood game of war, unknowing of how ugly the adulting version of it can get….

But also, to speak up when my lil light may have experienced that which isn’t within their experience of ‘shine’ – at all…

And to realize, where I sit in the dark/no information regarding landscape, territory, or what, in the heck, the battlefield REALLY looks like, once I’m running around in it, but still in the ‘dark’ on a myriad of fronts….

To be a child hood teammate for ‘this particular game’ of war…

Lighthouses and Flashlights –

Oh, so many, many lessons, of Shine, witnessed, experienced and played out over the years, but in my soul, I guess, at the end of the day, I mainly care about being a Lighthouse or Flashlight to others, when I can be….

And asking, pleading for someone to show up when I’m lost in rough seas, close to the rocks or lost in the swamp of my own life, or junk-piles of my own mind and really desire a teammate who won’t leave me behind, and who will ensure I’m not left alone in the dark, while injured…

And well…..often, the lil light of others, just shines in bright hope, and brilliance, upon me….

And once more?

I survive ‘today’s game’ to be available for ‘choosing up sides’ for the next ‘game to be played’ – all while I try to navigate between the innocence of the child hood game learned so long ago, and adulting-it versions, all at once…


My first memory of ‘medicinal’ was stories told to me in vivid detail on how Grandfather’s homemade liniment worked better than Ben Gay, but didn’t smell as good….

The horrible taste of Robutussin DM in the yellow form, OTC, that didn’t help with the years I suffered from asthma attacks that required ER visits and tasted like Black Licorice, which I hated – and had never had to ‘ingest’ as Dad would ‘trade’ my preferred flavors of Jelly Beans from Easter Baskets and my ‘share’ from the mixed bag of bulk salt water taffy flavors, in exchange for my “EWW! tastes nasty!!” and would generously purchase strawberry licorice whips for me, while he got Good N Plenties for himself for an afternoon treat at local filling/mechanic station where the work truck was being serviced while we waited…

Of how nourished and resilient my hands became when I, a youngn’, by modern standards, was trusted with the mama care of the milking goats herd through nutrition, milking and application of Bag Balm every day, and the trust that if I poured a bit of beer into my hands for them to lick, afterward, didn’t mean I was guzzling it and drinking ‘on the down low’ – …..

Of how those goats came to be on our place, and milked, to address the cause of my asthma attacks – after the chiropractor, who smiled and said, “You know, I’m not really considered a doctor, in my professional circles” was the only one who tested (in very non invasive, ‘that was easy!’ ways) the changes needed in my nutrition, daily activities until I healed my body and diet, to address the asthma, which included:

  • No store bought, pastuerized, cow’s milk/try goat milk and see if she does better (after 6 weeks of very strict diet that, included very, very strict ‘1st week diet’ and slow introduction of other food families, each week, until asthma attack showed up – which, starting with rolled oats, soaked in salted water overnight and cooked the next day for my ‘3 a day or any time I was hungry first week, ended with 6th week of ‘milk’ introduced back in and asthma attack that was treatable at home, 3 days into ‘that final week’ of testing- That first week was surely a disappointment to me – no spices, no fruit, no sugar, no milk, no bread, no veggies, no meat of any kind – just ‘bland oatmeal’ every day, for every meal (and yet, that same diet? is what keeps many around the world, though the grains vary and often they don’t get the addition of salt! from dying of starvation right away…so what was I whining over? really?)
  • Supplementation of B vitamins and B complex formulas
  • No playing outside in the dusk of the evening, around fresh mown lawns or hayfields, in the humidity after a rain storm in the west, and absolutely, a quiet, indoor, no outdoor playing/exertion when we visited family back east in more polluted, humid, growing green things l geographical region my body was unable to adapt quickly to, only a week or two visit ‘home’, every year.

I learned the horrors (read ‘bitch on wheels’ behavior as I observed myself, but can’t stop myself!) when undergoing ‘hormonal therapy’ of various styles to ‘treat’ what was, after 13 years of pain, massive disruption of simply living life, correctly diagnosed as endometriosis, instead of “Eve’s sin, working woman’s disease/your cross to bear in this life, and quit fussing over the pain, take it like a woman….”

I learned the blessed relief of knowledgeable DOMs (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) who put needles in, came back to wake me up from the exhausted sleep I had fallen into, once the ever present pain was alleviated, tweaked some needles, added others, and then, sent me home with herb mixture to ‘prepare this way, and drink every morning, for the next 10 days…

YUCK! Had to plug my nose and do like a shot of moonshine, to get the first 8 ounces done….but then, I didn’t throw it right back up (surprise!) – and by day 3? I yearned and craved for that morning tea – looked forward to it, even – it was odd tasting, but I wanted more – though I was strictly told – “Only once a day and only for 10 days” and, though I craved the taste, I never sought out additional herbs that went into – I had learned through my cravings, what foods and such, met that craving (bitter/sour tasting veggies, vinegars and food preparations to make at home)

I learned how to belly dance from ‘for loan’ DVD at my local library, on advice of male doctor, to keep down the damage, lesions, adhesions of internal scar tissue, from endometrial cysts, until they figured out how to ‘heal my body’ without giving me a hysterectomy, because I was young, only had one child and well…if I felt better, I might yearn for more children, someday….no sense being that damn drastic, just yet….

I remember seeking assistance, suspecting, I once more, might be on the road to walking pneumonia, after I healed up, but not fully, from a bout of ‘seasonal respiratory flu’ I managed to do to myself when work fronts/schedules were not ignored at first sign of ‘upper respiratory cold’ or the exhaustion I thought I could simply ‘power through”

Only to be told, “Viral and nothing we can do. Taking extra Vitamin C and Vitamin B, or those herbs are useless – you need to quit listening to quacks – nothing to be done…well?? You are determined to get something – you want a prescription for antibiotic?” (pad ready…)

All while I was thinking and asked out loud…”Why? You JUST said it was viral and nothing you could do and antibiotic not needed/will help, but you’ll write me a prescription for one? just so I go away and feel ‘satisfied’ in your care?

And when, upon leaving that PA for the doctor who first asked me only 3 questions and got me into specialist, 2o minutes (drive time) later, for finally addressing (and me learning about….) endometriosis…..had built his practice out to successful size, and I no longer EVER had him for my attending… and I missed his care – –

I used my long ago black berry cell phone while sitting at a cafe that had…a pay phone and yellow pages, and called any MD who had bought an ad in Yellow Pages, that included the words ‘nutrition’, ‘whole body’ care, in town and found myself at a Dr. office, with another male doctor….during his lunch hour, because his ‘specialty’ was high risk pregnancies, and I wasn’t pregnant and might, given our phone call, be a risk to his core patients….

No intake paperwork, his front office staff (one person) was on her lunch ‘hour’ (she got 3 hours, just like he did, for middle of the day break!) he told me the fee schedule he worked to (affordable for me – even if my wants/needs were unreasonable….) and I paid cash ($35)…

He asked me more about what I had spewed out, best as I could, on the phone call he answered, himself…- took my temp, felt my neck, face, head area – thumbed on the front and back of my torso in various ways, listened in as I ‘breathed as he said I should do so, just now” via his stethoscope, asked if I had my tonsils or not, and then… finally! (really, not that long at all!)

…poured some clear, dense liquid into a lil medicine cup, and, as he handed it to me, said….

“Now, I want you to take a sip of this, but DON’T Swallow! Just hold it on your tongue until I tell you to spit it out or swallow, okay???”

Um…..okay – what is this? moonshine?

I take a sip, hold on my tongue, while he gazes at his watch….

“Does it taste like you have a penny in your mouth? Touched your tongue to a 9-volt battery to see if it’s still viable?” he asks me,

I shake my head and gurgle, sorta out, a verbal “no”, best as I can, with stuff I’m not to swallow, on my tongue….

“How about now?” he asks 10 seconds or so later…..

I just shake my head, “No”

“You have, haven’t you? tasted a penny or tested a battery with your tongue?” he finally asks…

I nod, yes, oh hell yes! How else do you know if the battery in the junk drawer is good still or needs thrown away???

And finally, he says, ‘Swallow it and drink the rest in the cup”

I do as I’m told and ask, what is it?

“Zinc – you are deficient, that’s how you test to find out if you are. Go home, rest this afternoon, and see how you feel tomorrow. Get the some zinc lozenges – hold them on your tongue and don’t swallow them if you get that metallic/penny/battery taste sensation, okay? Here’s some brands I think are best to purchase, and you can buy them”.

(here, here, here list of options is shared too, both independently/locally owned nutritional stores, nationwide chain drugstores and sports nutrition stores, to boot – I purchased at the walgreens that was on my route home, and carried one of the brands he mentioned…)

I go home – three hours later, I feel better than I’ve felt in weeks. Sleep well. Next morning? I feel better than I have in months! I test/take the supplement I purchased on his say so – doing as instructed, I take supplements for a little over a week, and ask my friend, who is into nutrition, what foods have Zinc in them, that I can have a mind towards ensuring they are in my weekly menu planning for my family….

To this day? I have zinc supplements on hand, though I often throw out due to the fact, they are nearly 5 years old and taste, faintly, of pennies in my mouth, but hard to tell anymore, given the expiration, if I’m deficient, how deficient or if I really ought to trust their ‘expires’ date….ya never know what ya might need….

I’ve gotten the health results I’ve desired/yearned for from country/rural docs, with MD, PhDs, etc., PAs, rural route nurses, farm wives, shots in the butt, horsepills to take at home (instead of getting admitted to the hospital), from homeopaths that give me tiny pills and later tell me it’s a ‘mimic/hologram'(?) of snake venom (ARRGH!!! Thank you for not telling me then! I no-likely/am skeered of snakes), from needles of acupuncturists that were so long they still stuck out from my thigh, by a good 6″, and I was told to ‘breathe, and this sucker is gonna have to reach/touch the bone in your thigh, deep breath, I’ll be inserting this into you, and not pleasant, and you’re just gonna have to pony up, this, right now, has to be done’, acupressure, applied kinesiology and counseling with a non-judgemental, third party or simply ‘paid to listen to me’ personage…..

I’ve also had those who are labeled, by OTHERs, as ‘witch doctors’ or ‘snake oil salesmen” say to me, in my pleas, “help me!” and they refuse, telling me, I need quicker help and I could die, and they risk their license for what they do, if they pretend to help me, when the ER and ‘western’ version of medicine is right down the road – –

“Go get what you need to save your life. Come back to me to help you rebuild yourself from this hit. I will help you rebuild….I cannot save you and you risk dying if you don’t listen to me, right about now….”

I’ve also been put through (and paid for!) unneccessary tests, diagnosis through experimentation via prescription, landed in ER by myself, with racing heart, that is viewable by just watching my shirt front move, and in fear I’m having a heart attack, only to sit, waiting, in lobby, for many hours, and finally, just removing myself from the intake/waiting for care list, and driving home – and that’s how I learned that bladderwrack (sea kelp) is not a viable nutritional aide, for me, or ‘what’s wrong with me’

It’s also how I learned the local herb shop proprieter and licensed practitioner for my state, was an arse-wipe, not a true health provider, all because I emailed them the next day, reported in and asked, “Um, this showed up, and the only thing that has changed is me taking the formula of herbs you prescribed, is this really the best option for me?”

And was met with condemnation/blame/shame about how I had no faith, don’t want to heal and don’t know anything and not his fault!

Charlatans and Snake oil salesmen abound in many fronts of the Health Care options

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it –

But, I’m alive, just now – due to many a true health care provider – on so many accepted, non-accepted, paid for by insurance/not paid for, fronts…..and every year I continue to live long enough, in order to seek advice, consultation, guidance from those who work in the health care field? and take their discipline and oath to serve others, seriously?

Just adds to my ability to better practice medicine on myself at home, but know when I must ask for expert help….

….what signs to look out for, when I’d best be getting expert help…and when, in the end….

It might be time to realize, Death comes knocking for everyone, sooner or later –

True Medicine & Healthcares comes in so many, many, forms and ways to us all….

My bloggy pal circle here? My social circle that includes folks from very different circumsances than I, but who are willing to ‘have a conversation’ with me?

Ahh…that too….is such a viable portion of my ‘medicine/health care’ plan!

This is, after a long time, my first ‘foray’ into participating in a ‘daily prompt’.

Mainly because, I’ve enjoyed reading the blogs of those who engage in it, and my ‘circle’ of knowledge and bloggy pals I can learn more from, has expanded.

Sigh – I’m not very good at ‘participating’ in blog prompt’s sphere – not really -but at the end of the day, I’m a prosumer in some ways,

A consumer of the words of others – and well, to me?

If I’m demanding a varied library of free consumption offerings, isn’t it rather my duty to show up where I can, on the ‘producer’ side of the equation??

I can produce many words – whether they are shared in the right forum, in the proper way, as the creators of the prompt wished for? Time and feedback will tell –

Cuz ya know…I’m also a fan of bio feedback in many ways, although, I think that field and especially in social media fronts, has been rather hijacked overall, by those who DO NOT have the first two rules of health care carved in their heart….

“Do no Harm and Quality of life is just as Important as Quantity of Life”


Hero Training

The following, is, alas, copied straight, as is, from a post I did in 2010.

It seems, to me, given my what shows up as ‘tools’ available, I may have re-blogged me own work just one, too many times, to rest once more, on past laurels/writings –

Fine – Do I, or do I not? possess the knowledge of how to copy/paste, publish again…???

I’m reminded of a time, pre-stroke, pre-angst, pre-chaos, of words I wrote, long ago – – and of the sole personage, who died sometime ago, and I still miss her! Was the one who acknowledged reading the damn thing, via ‘a like’.

I still miss you Sue!

Perhaps I’m not growing much – or evolving enough, but, um, yeah, this is one of those posts, where, I STILL feel the same way –

The one I managed to write something out in a more digestible format (?) pre-stroke –

(P.S. broken or now non-existence links in cyberland, have, sorta, kinda, been removed as I reorganize my main menu, re-organize my bloggy world closet…by myself….without expert advice…. )

I thought so back then, I still think so now…. what I long ago wrote….

Let the games begin because I dared to say it outloud… and repost, via copying in original fashion, me own words….

Heroes – Great and Small ( From 2010)

My recent vow to again ignore the news (gets my blood pressure up) found me in search of other media this morning, during my 2-hour ‘waking up’ tea drinking period. Oh, yes, I’ve decided to go coffee-free again for awhile – see how my body likes it.

I head on over to Philip Zimbardo‘s website to wake up while reading how to develop our hero abilities.

Unfortunately, I decided to click on a video link that contained graphic pictures of the atrocities committed at Abu Ghraib prison.

Hmmm…. not exactly what I had in mind for ‘gentle waking’.

But, I was intrigued by how he ‘broke down’ and presented his version of the mechanics in play that not only allow, but aide and motivate, good people to do evil things.


First, what is Evil? Mr. Zimbardo defines it as follows:

  • The Exercise of Power to
    Harm (Psychologically),
    Hurt (Physically), and/or
    Destroy (Mortally) and
    Commit Crimes Against Humanity.

Seems like a fair definition. I think it adequately squashes the whole, “but who decides what is good” and “there is no good or no bad, just what is” theological debates that sidetrack us from taking responsibility for and striving to heal, the ills within our world.


He contends that for Evil to flourish, it takes more than just “bad apples” (individuals). There must also be the correct barrel (Situation) and a barrel maker (Supporting System).

Apples only stay good when stored (situation) properly in a well-made container (supporting system).

In other words, when an average person, with an average background is placed into a Situation they have no contextual reference or preparation for and are told by the Supporting System to take actions fitting the above definition of evil, then we’d better all hope the average person has a strong set of non-evil ideals, the personal perseverance and moral fortitude to not only act in a manner that is possibly detrimental to their own welfare, but is also actively opposed by those around them AND is considered disobedience, blasphemy or treason by Authority.

Conclusion: We all need some hero training.


His list of Evil’s Seven Step Seduction Course is also interesting.

Do Nothing

This is also known as MYOB (minding your own business), Live and Let Live, and other similar cliche’s our society is peppered with. Yes, sometimes it behooves you to MYOB and quit complaining about your neighbor’s mode of dress, simply because, in the end, the activity does not really Harm, Hurt, Destroy another. (Yes, I know it offends your moral code to see a 50 year-old dressing like a teeny-bopper, or catch a glimpse of cleavage, but really, does it truly hurt you?)

However, there are many opportunities to Do Nothing, when in fact, we really should. Recently, while at a Sky Sox game, I observed two sisters at the sinks in the washroom. Littlest sister is crying. Big sister is off to dry her hands. I stoop down to ask little one what is wrong. Seems she was at just the right height to get an eye full of handwashing soap that was jetting out in all directions, instead of into her cupped hand. By now, soap is smeared from forehead to fingertip in frantic efforts to stop the burning.

Now, I know it’s not my business. Her sister is there, right? Also, in today’s world of unspeakable horrors committed on children, I’m risking someone crying “Foul” or little one saying, “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.”

Nevertheless, I get some paper towels, help repair the damage and distract her by tales of how wonderful our tear duct and crying systems are. Big sister figures out she’s lost her charge and returns to stand nearby, making sure nothing fishy is going on.

They exit the ladies room ahead of me. I risk my own eyes using the soap dispenser then head back to my seat. Previously, those same two girls had been sitting with Mom and Dad about 3 rows in front of me. I return to find them not in their seats.

Back up I go, onto the main thoroughfare, to look for two who are not mine and not my responsibility. Ahhhh…there they are. Must be slow walkers….. Sigh of relief and I sit back down.

Hubby wonders what I’m doing. I explain. He again points out my negative thought processes that see child molesters and evil perpetrators around every corner. I’m encouraged to quit focusing on the negative.

Now, I’m not sharing this with you to declare myself a hero, or even a good person.

I share it because I had some internal qualms when I first offered help. What if they’ve been trained well in Stranger Danger? What if one or both of them start screaming bloody murder? Will the security guard who saw me in the smoker’s area earlier, really believe I had good intentions? Crazy, but true, all these thoughts went through my head…

I also have past experience of dirty looks and harsh words when I stopped to ask a child if they were lost… Mom was really only 3 clothes racks away, and How Dare I approach her little pumpkin? And via my actions, question her mothering abilities?!

In our culture, we have plenty of ‘feedback’ from both law and social norms, encouraging us to Do Nothing.

Doesn’t mean its always the best choice.

Stick Pretty Close to your Ideals

In our neck of the woods, “pretty close” only counts in the game of horse shoes. Yes, I’ve been known to side-step mine in the past. I imagine you have too.

Worries of job security, too tired to engage in a long debate or thinking it’s just kinder and easier to tell your friend, ‘Yes, you do look fabulous in blue’, when in fact she looks like a whale…..

I understand, I truly do.

But continually placing yourself in environments and around people where safety and peacefulness means you must continually sacrifice your ideals is Danger Zone. Little by little, your internal compass gets off track and pretty soon, you’re heading south all the while convinced you’re going north.

Everyone Knows “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” – however, a close inspection of behavior considered to be ‘socially acceptable and politically correct’ reveals how we subtly condone Evil by keeping silent or being polite.

Respect Authority and Obey the Rules

Hubby has not been pleased with my tendency to raise argumentative kids. I’ve tried to make him see the teen-ager’s rebellion as a natural progression of Child Safety values I instilled when they were too young to kick some arse on their own, but old enough to spend time away from my protection.

I raised my kids to Question Authority. I raised them to tell me if someone in a position of power (aka Adult) was taking undue liberties or treating them in a demeaning manner.

This also means I get called onto the carpet myself, when long workdays, short sleep and stress drive me to “Unload the dishwasher Now!” instead of “Could you help me, please?”

I was informed by older co-workers over the years that once I had matured some and had a vested retirement savings account, I would understand and learn how to go with the flow.

Apparently, I never ‘matured’ because I still have a tendency to Question Authority.

Hey, if it’s good enough for my kids, it’s good enough for me.

Be A Team Player

Any job interview I’ve had the past 15 years contained the question, “Are you a team player?”

My response?

“Yes; however, I will not stay up all night working to cover the fact that a co-worker was too bombed after lunch to finish their part of the presentation. I will not drop data points as ‘anomalies’ just to make your graphs look good. I won’t file insurance papers with wrong diagnosis codes in order to get paid.”

Yes, it’s good to play well with others. But often “Are you a team player?” was asked of me when someone in my workplace wanted to engage in the illegal, unethical or expedient. Another version of this ruse is the whole “Employee Loyalty” debate.

My experience is Employee Loyalty is questioned the most in atmospheres of shoddy and underhanded leadership.

Pick a good team before being a good team player, is my motto.

Share Responsibility

Yes, Yes, I know…. You All thought the firecrackers, plastic army men, combined with lighter fluid and matches was a good idea. I’m not talking about that episode and neither was Mr. Zimbardo.

When those in authority pacify your doubts with, “It’s okay, I’ll take the blame,” sometimes this is truly an offer to be the fall guy if the planned action doesn’t turn out well. And if all goes well, those who risked failure are now ‘heroes’.

But more often, this is what Mr. Zimbardo refers to as ‘diffusion of personal responsibility’. It’s another ‘container’ in which Evil loves to grow. When you choose to engage in behavior you feel is wrong, but is deemed “acceptable, legal, ethical” etc., by others who also offer to ‘relieve you of your personal responsibility’ then you have been seduced into actively participating. (“I was just following orders…” and “Well, yes, but that’s just how things are” are two common examples that come to mind…)

Value Your Kin and Your Kind

I’m a big fan of Loyalty. I also think that Family, no matter how much they drive you nuts, should be cherished and supported. I also try to find the ‘flock’ of birds with similar feathers to fly with.

But there is a line, at least in my world.

I don’t care who you are, how much blood or DNA we have in common or how similar our upbringing, beliefs or ideals are – if you’re engaged in behavior I believe to be intentionally harmful or hurtful, all loyalty vanishes.

Powers that Be, who pursue in Evil, really like to use your Loyalty to their advantage. Be Aware!

Justify Believing in a Good Ideology

How many times have you personally experienced, “Hmmm….but it looked so good on paper (or in my mind)?”

Another cliche that adequately conveys this Danger Zone is, “The ends justify the means.”

Meaning, the end result in all it’s ideological beauty is justified no matter what atrocities occur during the journey from here to there.



Nothing on Mr. Zimbardo’s list was news to me. I had a hero for a Dad. In fact, his gravestone even says, “Our Hero”.

I think back to my favorite quotes of his:

“Respect is Earned.”

“Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons is still wrong.”

“You better make damn sure you’re right. If you are, I will back you 100%, but if you’re not, you’ll stand alone in the principal’s office AND you’ll be in trouble when you get home, too.”

“Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it right”

“If you don’t know what to do, do nothing. But realize sometimes any action is better than none at all. Learn the difference between caution and cowardice.”

“Never underestimate the power of the misinformed, stupid or fanatical – especially when they gather in groups.”


I imagine most of the list of 7 was no surprise to you either. Safe in a Situation where the luxuries of a computer, well-fed tummy and leisure time have all combined, makes the above list seem obvious.

But how relevant or easy do these seven seem if you wake up to find yourself on the front lines facing enemy troops or in charge of guarding captured foes? Volunteering to aide in the search of the bank robbers who just killed your high school chum? Watching soldiers take away your friends and neighbors, under the orders of the man you elected because he promised you security, abundance and a return to National Pride? Facing a choice between protecting those who turned to you for help, or risking the health and welfare of your family?

When our systems and/or situations change for the worse, that’s when we come face to face with our own quest regarding heroism.

Sometimes these changes come about drastically and in your face. Pretty easy to be ‘heroic’ then.

But when the change occurs slowly, under the guise of safety and security, patriotism and liberty, ideologies that blame personal will and exclude examination of existing structures and systems, well…

That’s when you must be most vigilant.

Power vs. Force

*Featured image courtesy for edition/cover of the edition I own

Long, long ago, I read a book, written by one I tend to label inwardly as a ‘Seeker’ – one who, through their own passions, education and life’s work, seeks an avenue by which to better understand the motivations and actions of the bizarre animal known as ‘human’; one who ‘Seeks’ a better understanding of all the layers that make humans – well – –


David R. Hawkins, M.D., PhD., and his work, via the route of scientific inquiry into the proof of usability, over and over replicated studies into what is known as “applied kinesiology’ chose, to my knowledge, to make this avenue of inquiry his life’s work.

Reading Power Vs. Force made a profound difference in my world view & perspectives

I would not, by any means, be overexaggerating were I to use the terms ‘soul-shift, mind shift, cellular shift, to try to convey to you in a fashion I hope might resonate with you, the bombshell of greater insight delivered to me, along with a deeper understanding of events in my experience, that often, seemed ‘out there’ or ‘voodoo’ or ‘miraculous’ –

Events, that even now, as I have revisited them, in a variety of relationships, of shared history lore, support of those struggling through loss, health issues, etc., were beneficial to me/mine/the community around me, but for which, I had no easy way in which to verbalize or convey to others, why I was behaving, saying, or feeling the way I was, that was in opposition to how they thought I should be ‘feeling’, behaving or… just then.

I have, in the end, only my ‘story’ to share, in order that it may be of use to others, in some way, as they navigate their Life Path.

My Top Takeaways from Power vs. Force

  • I learned to not ‘fear’ or resist my feelings – ANY of them – ranging from the levels from ‘not-life affirming’ to ‘life-affirming’ (aka positive v. negative, good v. evil) but rather to notice, observe, experience them, carve out/make the time to ‘sit within them’ when/where they occurred, and if not appropriate within the setting I was in, at the time they hit, to blurt out/express ‘where I am, just now’, to always make a ‘date’ with those feelings later – to listen to their ‘scouting report’.
  • I learned that Anger, while often seen as ‘negative’ or often igniting action lacking reason, logic or rational basis, is still, overall, to be preferred over Apathy, on a the ‘is this life affirming or life detrimental’ arbitrary scale to organize ‘things’ into some sort of ‘system’ for humans to get a ‘grasp’ on the information presented to them for consideration….
  • I cannot ignore my ‘gut’ my feelings, my heart, my soul, my body, when challenges & problems ignore – I cannot depend only upon my brain, my mind, my education/knowledge attained, to always, find the ‘best answer’ for now –
  • Reason and Rationale can only get ya so far….
  • I better understood the tools used by a chiropractor in my youth to cure my asthma, heal my dad’s chronic sinus infections, through diet, nutrition, supplements and daily actions.
    • The Chiropractor who also, when I asked, “how does this work? why does this work?” replied, to 9-year old me,

It just does, and those before us knew it, but now? Well, Chiropractors are seen as the “VooDoo Witch Doctors” in the medical community – simply because we ask , then we listen to the answer given….We’ve figured out this problem, and how to fix it, now, let’s start working on…..”

Dr. Van Wyck (circa 1976-1982) – you were my ‘first healer’ to be blessed by, and were it not for you, I would not have the life I have now – I’m certain of it! I cannot thank you enough….
I imagine you are gone from this plane of existence now, perhaps you and Dad have met up in the Great Beyond. I’ve never forgotten you, your wisdom and your willingness to answer all my why’s and wherefores…! ❤

But Most of All….

I learned to be mightily wary of any person, place, thing, practice that assumed the role of, displayed or smacked with even the WHIFF of “Force” over others, by enforcers who were unwilling to engage in a ‘discussion’ about it.

And, knowing that, for myself, I tend to look at the woes of those around me/shared with me, and if I see what I label as “FORCE” for others to comply, personally (through guilt, manipulation, conditional love or conditional access to resources for physical survival) instead of POWER expressed and inviting others to join in on the mutual benefits of the idea, organization of society, etc.?

Well, I read, research, try to learn as much as I can on the various perspectives – assess my own biases and blind spots, clear my own little ‘internal compass’ to have some reasonable assurance that if I’m testing myself, I’m not depending on a compass that is so ill/exhausted/frustrated/traumatized that it will point south, and dare to tell me it is pointing north while demanding I ‘trust/believe it’…..

In order to assess which ‘side of the fence’ I’ll land on, and which battlefields I’ll wade onto, even if I charge onto them, all by myself to face overwhelming, opposing forces… 😀

Gotta keep the conduit clear, if you want to trust the answer given 😀

Did I stop taking in all other information once I read Power vs. Force?

Hell no – but in the various works that have come onto my radar – it remains one that is still very real part of my foundational core of being.

Not so much every blessed word, conclusion came to, in every single topic and precept presented in the manuscript, or updated/revised editions –

It simply provided to me, and continues to provide, some basic ‘rules & tools’ for me to attempt to better understand the territory through which I’m traveling AND to also, best as I can, do some cartography of the ‘map of the territory’ to share with others, who cry out to me when they find themselves lost in territory that might not be just like that which I traversed, but seems to have some VERY similar geographical conditions, predators and gifts for sustenance in it, to what I’ve traversed before….

That, in the end, is, my core job, here, if you will…

Sometimes for friendship/community, sometimes for volunteer work, sometimes for paid work – some call it my destiny or fate, some call it God’s Whisper in my ear, some call it self-actualization….

But it is, in the end, the only job I’ve ever been passionate about – really – and to me? This job can be done in a variety of industries, communities, forums, etc.

The core tools and skills are the same, it just varies on where I decided to apply them, or end up applying them, given the path of Life.

It’s My DAMN Job and the only Job I’ve Ever Known, even when I didn’t realize, that was the Job I was doing…

Responding to needs expressed and inqueries, where I think I may be of assistance, regarding,

“I’m here at A – I wish to get to B – how do I do that? Why are people being so angry, hurtful, to me? Why is my desire to follow this passion so complicated and hard? How did I end up at Q? Stuck In S?”

How I ‘tend to label’ any call for assistance, on any front, that seems to me, I might have an idea on, be of use to, etc….

What’s the point of being a Traveler if you don’t Share the Experience?

So today marks the end of my deep retreat into ‘not sharing’ on what I see as vital stuff – – or staying silent until I know more – or enough to at least not be a total buffoon, arsehat, or socially awkward in conveyance of possibilities, avoidance to guard against NEVER, for ANYONE, being blunt, harsh or rude, but to embrace all my flaws, that, will render me vulnerable, once publicly posted and may/may not, in the final analysis, be of use to anyone else…

Why am I Hitting the Road into Not fully ‘Known’ Territory?

Because I have before – and while, it wasn’t always easy, or conflict free, it was, in the end, very simple…..for,

I simply must….or else implode/explode!

“Betrayal of Self is Betrayal Nonetheless”

Me, quoting the core message, as I see it, in many a historical, preserverd, work in many areas of ‘life’s pursuits/passions’ by others…

Thus, I’m spending a bit of time today, to re-organize my blog’s menu, my categories, which will include, a Power V. Force category –

Not simply for the book, mind you, although inspired by it –

Rather, a Category to simply ‘organize’ the areas in life where I see Force being the driving factor, rather than Power expressed in a way that invites many to join in a collaborative, mutually beneficially journey, together, in unity for the ‘greater good’ –

A little further way to organize my blog, so if folks wish to read more about related things, they can quickly hop over to that category –

And Perhaps….

This realization, this morning, during meditation time and after reading the news, catching up on blogs, facebook feed, etc.?

Will put in place, the ‘infrastructure’ for me to be more disciplined in my writing – write on one topic, a bit a time, but with an overall way to ‘tie it all together’ instead of spewing out 5,000 – 7,000 word draft/trashed posts, that meander through various detours, scenic-byways, tangents and backstories…..

Cleaning and Organizing the Closet

Those long-winded treatises/hypothesises, that, if actually publish, rather resemble me trying to ask others to help me organize my closet of hand-me downs, beloved favorites….

the short & long formal dresses that are only used for funerals but would double if I ever got invited to some swanky event held & attended by those judge books by their covers….

… the blazers which go with business attire skirts and slacks, but also work over blue jeans/cowgirl boots, too, if ever I have to show up somewhere I’ll be viewed as an idiot, simply because of the way I’m fully clothed (or my knee/thigh is viewable because these are my ‘old working day, boots on the ground, clothes’)

“Thanks for helping! Here’s the dump! Organize it as you will! You’re better at that than I. I don’t care which drawers you put it in, or how ya label it – just remember where you stowed it away, so If I can’t find it, I can ask you….

Me to anyone who helps me organize my ‘drawers’ (physical or mental!)

Followed by……

“Hey, when you helped me organize my tiny, over cluttered closet, do you remember where you stowed away my ratty ole t-shirt that lists all the times it’s okay to use the F word?? I feel the need to wear that today…..”

Me, 2 days – to three months after the ‘great organizing event’

First Failure in my imperfect plan….

  • Rough Draft – 1019 words post
  • First Edit – 1286 words
  • Second Edit – forgot to check…..
  • Delete, delete, hell, add the quote, hit the publish button….
  • Final Publication – 1902 words

But, here’s a quote, and damned if I ain’t gonna hit that blue Publish Button!

“You accrue incremental wisdom as you implement your flawed plan and that enables you to improve your flawed plan.”

Jordan Peterson

TA-DA! 😀

Independence Day – Take 43….

This is, overall, my 11th attempt, to write out my heart, stand in solidarity with those whom I believe to be my fellow citizens who appear to be in the middle of their rights as citizens and fairness before the bar of Justice, being stripped of their rights in great and small ways.

Which cannot be tolerated, not if we are to call ourselves the land of the free.

“He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”

Thomas Paine

50,000+ Words, sitting in Drafts

All the drafts started with same core points/current events, as spring board, and they all occasionally hit upon the same points, but, overall, each draft went down a different trail of perspectives as I ‘tried to unpack it all’, via interconnections, cause and effect, slippery-slopes, legal vs. ethical vs. moral viewpoints, on a variety of topics that, to me, do or will, in one way or another, affect us all, sooner or later…

And I find myself sighing and wondering what on earth I was ‘writing to achieve’ anyhoo….

The longer I wrote, edited, started a new draft, to expand upon, history, precedents, moderation, Founding Fathers, founding of a nation documents, our economic system…..The more overwhelmed I became….

Overwhelm and apathy are not good for one wishing to take action where they can, perhaps, be of some use/benefit to those who are vulnerable or oppressed.

My own experience these past few weeks has made one thing abundantly clear to me:

In a complex, advanced society, with a bevy of laws, legislation, regulations at a each level of government, from the municipality/township up to the Federal level, only three things are guaranteed to be true:

  1. There is never a shortage of work for attorneys
  2. The average citizens is called upon for ever more time spent, in order to even attempt to be an informed voter.
  3. It should be simple, but in a complex system full of screaming for attention factions, and layers legalities, it is not easy!

Thus, in form of quotes, are my thoughts on various matters….

Roe v. Wade

“…remember the ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the Husbands. Remember all Men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies we are determined to foment a Rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation.

Abigail Adams

“He had heard her say, so many times, that a society that approved of making abortion illegal was a society that approved of violence against women; that making abortion illegal was simply a sanctimonious, self-righteous form of violence against women- it was just another way of legalizing violence against women, Nurse Caroline would say.”

John Irving, Cider House Rules

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

Benjamin Franklin
“St. Augustine said, an unjust law is no law at all, which means I have a right, a duty, to resist with violence or civil disobedience; you should pray I choose the latter.”

On Separation of Church & State

“The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries.

[Letter objecting to the use of government land for churches, 1803]”

James Madison

“Sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whisky bottle in the hand of (another)… There are just some kind of men who’re so busy worrying about the next world they’ve never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results.”

Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Jan 6th Committee and Elected Leaders

“Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance; and the world they act in differs so materially from the world at large, that they have but little opportunity of knowing its true interests, and when they succeed to the government are frequently the most ignorant and unfit of any throughout the dominions.”

Thomas Paine

“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”

Benjamin Franklin

“That there are men in all countries who get their living by war, and by keeping up the quarrels of nations, is as shocking as it is true; but when those who are concerned in the government of a country, make it their study to sow discord and cultivate prejudices between nations, [or peoples] it becomes the more unpardonable.

Thomas Paine

If Only Art really did imitate real life….

Pictures from Homefront

I wish my fellow citizens and visitors to our country at this time, a safe and happy Independence Day, with hopes your Life, Liberty or Pursuit of Happiness is not being blocked at every, single, turn, by your leaders, community or neighbors.

The ideals & aspirations written into our own Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights by our Founding Fathers, despite their knowledge of the compromises made, in order to gain ratification and collective unity, are, to me, living documents.

Humans are flawed and we rarely, collectively, live up to the abstract, higher ideals so gallantly put into place, with many ‘flaws’ within it, left to be ‘dealt with’ at a future time.

But we can keep trying…Always….

And we should demand the same of our leaders.

Country Roads Take Me Home…

Some eye candy to end on more uplifting note – we have gotten some rain, though wheat and dry land corn crops do not appear as robust as in past years…and harvest is already starting east of me (earlier than usual….)

Country Roads under Blue July Colorado sky
The Grass is ALWAYS greener in the bar ditch – as this lil ‘mini donkey? mini burro? Well Knows!
Those satisfied with the green available inside the fence…
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