Purple Dinosaurs

Never let convention...
Never let convention…
...dictate your dreams.
…dictate your dreams.

Years ago, when I worked as a waitress, I spent time with one of my co-workers who was an artist first, server second.

Oil, watercolors, sculpting clay – no matter the medium, she could bring something of beauty to life.

She was also a rather liberated soul – – I admit I’m rather naive and probably somewhat of a prude.   Sometimes her comments on life made me blush and after her initial discovery, she took delight in making me turn red as often as she could.

The first time I visited her home, what should I see on her living room coffee table but a life sized, sculpted model of a male’s, um, well, you know… important appendage….complete with wrinkled skin, veins and well, EVERYTHING.

Yes, she had to give me three beers before I could stammer out, “You Made That?!?  On purpose??”


Tonight though, I was thinking of her because of Purple Dinosaurs.

She told me about the little soul in kindergarten that was told to draw their favorite animal.   And they did – – a big, purple dinosaur.    Front half on the front of the paper – back half on the back side – – if  you photocopied them and laid them side by side, they matched up perfectly.

A beautiful, to scale piece of art, by one who was 5 years of age.

That child nearly didn’t become an artist.


Well, you see the teacher told her it wasn’t right – she was supposed to draw the entire picture on just the front side of the paper – and draw it properly so it fit.    It didn’t matter that the paper was too small to hold her grand vision.  She was supposed to downsize her creation to fit the canvas provided by someone else.


She always maintained we each have our own, big, beautiful, Purple Dinosaur – – and that at some point, someone, somewhere will tell us why our Purple Dinosaur is wrong, too big or not proper.

She inspired others to create their own Purple Dinosaurs – –

I’ve never forgotten that story – – and even now, nearly 30 years later, when I re-tell this story,  I also tell people how wonderfully done and realistic that sculpture on her coffee table was…even if it wasn’t purple… or extinct….

11 thoughts on “Purple Dinosaurs”

    1. Well, Jixi Fox, given the years I have followed/read/and the time when I actively commented on your page? Yup – you KNOW this journey – you’ve walked it – as have so many – artisans are the free spirits who inform, educate and share within our society – who point out societies pit falls, where we could do better…but also – – they speak to the heart strings that bind us all together – even in tough times, though it may not feel like it. I’m so happy you enjoyed the ‘journey’ of my shared tale of another artist – she was such a huge part of my life during that space/time – she followed her path and I followed mine to walk, but, on some fronts? I think we both hold ‘stories in our hearts, about human beings, the lessons learned and ties that bind’ long after we are in daily contact with – artists? Oh shoot! Y’all just record that stuff for the ages! me? I just share the stories here and there that impacted me – not because of fame or fortune – but because – that human, being who they were, every moment of the day, good, bad, um…whatever? Made a difference in my life – thanks for reading her story and hoping it’s branded on your heart to share with others who come after ya in age – 😀


    1. Thank you Lakshmi! I love it when ‘small stories that point to higher fronts’ get carried on – so future generations do not forget – even when I don’t know how to set down in prose/rhyme an epic tale for the ages that is easy to pass on orally! Thank you for hearing the story and remembering it!!!
      She was a beautiful person – perhaps still is – I just no longer know where she is or if she is still alive – but her gifts to many, especially me? Not forgotten!

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    1. LOVE IT and EGGSACTLY! And thanks! Harry Chapin’s work has, somehow, escaped my radar all these many years – working through his songs now – I really like! Thank you for the reply/share of new-to-me artist – right up my ally and what a great storyteller and guitar picker! 😀 ❤


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