Trees – the only art I understood…

Yup – for my new bloggy pals that are artists – I’m not an artist – but, once, long ago? Give me some charcoal and medium and I could draw dead/dormant trees like a boss! 😀

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

This long winter many of my bloggy pals here have posted pictures of their winter landscape – full of leafless trees and often, I gaze upon a picture and am taken back in time to the ONE time I got a good grade in art….

I was young – perhaps 2nd or 4th grade. Paper, pencil or charcoal were the only allowed mediums that quarter of art class.

Faced with a fat charcoal stick, a blank page, and the first basic lessons of how to hold the charcoal in different ways to get different effects (and how to remember not to rub your face with the hand that held the charcoal stick….) I made a few tentative lines….

Thick and black and harsh –

Then a few more, smaller and branching out….

Then I smudged the bottom where I had started, with a hand resting while trying to decide where…

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