My blog in need of yet another overall of theme – since it’s a hobby – will happen – some day – 😀

I will continue to read the works of others – respond to comments and yet?

Truth be told – Life events and changes swirling around me and something, somewhere, has got to go –

Hobbies go on the chop block first – Like writing for pure joy of it and doing more than just hitting the ‘like’ button here and there in social media land –

I’ve run this raging river, before –

Rafts worn out and heavy cargo carried must be tossed overboard, in order to survive the rapids – in hopes cargo tossed overboard can be picked back up later, down stream –

Which makes me laugh at myself….I’ve done this before….

I should know better….Maybe, coulda, woulda, shoulda, better to avoid – but,

For now?

It is what it is –

Take care – I just am trying to avoid worrying bloggy pals of long time, who notice if I go too quiet for too long – No worries!

I simply must, on some fronts – sink into silence in order to get other things in need of doing, done – 😀

Take Care and catch ya on the flip side!


7 thoughts on “Sabbatical”

    1. All in good time – I recently started following a blogger using the same theme I ditched about 4-5 or more years ago, first chosen in 2010 – so, nice to see that sometimes, here? Such things don’t have to take place simply due to ‘uh-oh – this theme doesn’t work with new updates pushed out’ – thus – plenty of time for when you’re ready …or I’m ready – – I hope… LOL

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      1. It’s just one of those things I don’t feel like doing. Like buying new underwear or emptying the dishwasher. But I know it needs to be done. If for no reason than to just shake things up.

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        1. It’ll get done when you’re ready – when something you desire for your blog space is so keen and all, the pros/bennies of it transcend your ‘fine, gonna carve out time for this, and plow through until it is done’ – It just is – but right now? You’re busy on other fronts – new book, and monitoring, promoting, reviews and all that – right?

          Priorities, every day – is what it is – me? Not writing new posts here or doing new theme – or reading every blessed post by those who post 3-5 times a day – I can work back through my reader – LOL But, well – guess what!? All updates run – back ups run for client sites and sigh – I’m logging off to get back to real time work under my control, instead of waiting for server operations to run! Tallyho bloggy pal – Keep the Faith and Stay strong even if your online page seems under-dressed for the occassion – NEVER Judge a book by it’s cover is the rallying cry, ain’t it??? ❤ Go do you – you'll tackle when ya decide to – 😀

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        2. P.S. – Ya know? Sometimes I buy the preferred brand of underwear/socks/etc., STILL for the men in my family – why? Yeah-Yeah – I get that Christmas is for fun, and all – but seriously? My dad trained me right – no matter what allowance I saved up or money given to ‘buy gifts’ for the season from parents/grandparents? He always appreciated new jeans, new underwear, new socks, new hankies in his clothing drawer without having to even remember/ask for such things to be put on the ‘wish list’ – they just showed up – Ya know – sometimes? Men are just easier to buy for – and it’s always appreciated if it’s useful…. Little niche tools that fit in a shirt pocket and are perfect answer for once a year jobs? Those things were appreciated too – cuz one can’t really justify buying such a thing, for oneself, when all it does is one damn thing, once in awhile – – LOL

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