La-La-La – Can’t Hear Ya! Dancing and singing …

Movie clip and fave song – from a circa 1980s movie –

It occurs to me in both these clips, from language through to things folks are really ramped up about, right now?

Sigh – it’ll upset folks –

I mean, like look at those high heels, and mini-skirts! Like who dresses that good/looks that good – when they are just trying to make ends meet?

This was back int the days of panty hose, too –


I just watched a gardening blogger say, “why does everyone talk about using pantyhose? Where do you even find those to purchase?”

Welcome to modern world when worn out/repurpose/up cycle fashion that was once demanded for women, long ago, on some fronts, became obsolete – just because – the younger generation said, ‘nope – ain’t buying/wearing’ and the older generation said, “Thank God! Will join you in your unofficial boycott – panty hose are ‘the Devil’ – -LOL

But somewhere, in online land, is a gardening blogger that seems to have no clue why folks use worn out socks/pantyhose for things, and younger ‘make our fortune online folks, counsel to use ‘pantyhose’ when all he knows is, ‘who has all these worn out things saved AND?OR if you don’t? Why even mention – cuz I can’t find a place to buy them –


sometimes I just crack myself up over the details I latch onto when, on so many fronts?

Feels as if the world is imploding, everyone is losin their ever lovn’ minds – LOL

Rebel, take your medicine, sing, dance – however it might look like – just until – ya do crash ’em up derby in real life or shoot up the neighborhood – then? Not funny and now?

Um – no help for you – you mixed up virtual reality with real reality – and maybe ya won’t get it until you, yourself, have to be on the receiving end of ‘reality’ on this front or the other –

La-La-La – can’t hear you… movie clip

*Warning – cursing/foul language to be found in this clip

Dancing in heels, mini-skirts looking great while working front line/essential/minimum wage job song

Yup, me in my biases over long time/patterns of history? I like singing, dancing and watching this music video from ‘days of yore’ as some folks dub – me?

Nothing new under the sun and still seems relevant to me –


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