Power vs. Force Part 2

I really rather regret talking about Power v. Force – over the years –

What the word Power entails/means to many, continually changes –


Well, most folks, despite their examples details, rather get what Force means to them – and none of it, from long term struggles to war fronts, is pretty, really –

Let’s Examine Training, Cliches and Lore, shall we??

“When someone calls upon you, do you hear them or tune them out?”

The Long Version

My Dad’s version of it – told to me early and often….over and over and referred back to over and over –

“Most folks are willing to go along with ya on a lot of things, compromise, help out when you’re in need or just meet ya where you’re at -or even do things, for your benefit, that benefits them, too

– JUST UNTIL someone tells them they have to, or threatens them with dire circumstances if they don’t – then?

Well – most folks will stubbornly do just exactly what is against their best interest the minute you demand or threaten over and over with force what they want to happen –

If the only time me/your mom called out for you to ‘come into the house/stop reading in your room, was for you to be told to do a chore, or tell you how you messed up, how often will you hear us call?

But, if one time, we say, “Tamrah!! Tamrah!!! Come here!” and when you do, we ask you to help with a chore, but next time we say, “Get ready! We’re going for ice cream!” – it makes a difference, doesn’t it….?

The Shorter Cowboy/Country Living Version

You can lead a horse to water, but ya can’t make them drink

I heard this so often in my childhood, it was well known to me, as ‘common sense wisdom’. Accepted by me, without question, no matter how old I got – – cuz no one with an ounce of observational skills really believes they can, puny human, through pure muscle, force an animal that outweighs them by several hundred pounds, and, if really mad, scared, cornered or ramped up for a fight of survival, does NOT have the raw physical power to NOT crush them flat in a heartbeat if one-on-one – battle of stubborn wills –
On the other hand – humans like to take a lot of credit for ‘docile, welcoming animals’ but I tell you this – if domesticated animal crushes the weak/ignorant in frenzy? They learned that FIRST from the human masters who forced them – I can’t help myself – it’s true – BUT it’s also true that if animals no likely me and say so? to me? I don’t care why – I treat them with respect and figure, If I push me, me, me agenda? And ignore their warnings? Um, yeah – most likely won’t turn out well for me-

The FUNNY Entertainer Version of It

“Ya CAN lead a horse to water, but ‘afore ya do, just remember what a wet horse smells like” –

Festus (Actor, Singer, Songwriter, comedian known by stage name of Ken Curtis, but to local folks/family was born/named Curtis Wain Gates. I grew up with his music, his connections in Colorado/Western music lore and then – as the comedic relief in Gunsmoke – He was a part of Gunsmoke that I loved the best – when I was allowed to stay up late enough to watch it – but over all, I loved most his records that combined comedy, humour and music all in one – which why I’m younger generation that ALSO knows who the hell the Smother’s Brothers are – 😀

What do ALL these things have in common?

Animals, humans, force, making or thinking we can make another living thing do what we want – at any point of the day – is, to me, on any front, rather ridiculous – really – it depends only on our fortitude, strength of perseverence, will etc…

So Why am I bothering to spend my free time Writing about this?

Why do I publish here, in hopes some may read, comment, connect over it, when it’s overall, in what I’ve already said or future points I’m making, with no hopes of ever changing your mind, seeing eye-to-eye on every bloomin’ thing or ever finding undying, never fails, loyalty or fleeting kudos/fealty from the ‘audience’ that may stumble across here?

Because, to me, all that I hold dear is overview encapsulated in the above –

Living things, wild/domesticated – in human form or other forms well – we all just want to survive – on various fronts – we instinctively pick up on external cues on ‘leaders’ regarding whether they will help us – our kind – survive or not –

We Primal Living Things – GET IT!

I like to believe at a very deep, instinctual level – we all ‘get it’ on friend/foe, threat/security, good for my survival/not good for me/anyone else’s survival -intuitive fronts – I just do….

And the more stuff gets forced – I really don’t care if you are brute force human, animal trainer, for public sport/economics OR a pushy human that always demands undying loyalty no matter what you may do and threatens destruction and ruin IF those you are talking to and seeking support from – don’t do what you want them to – on any front –

At the end of the day – wild, domesticated, trying to evolve, living thing??

There is a primal ‘knowing’ in all living things –

Within the places where sometimes we calm our wildness and fight responses, NOT because we are winning/can win, but simply because we understand on a primal level, “Not needed here”

And on other fronts?

Especially human ones?

“Well, I can take what I have and FORCE this other living thing into doing what I WANT, right now, too, while I’m riding high in power” –

The ugly side of selfishness and has nothing to do with survival – not really – to me…

Um, yeah – for me? For better or worse –

In All it’s Good, Bad, Ugly or Ludicrous forms?

“Fine – but before ya do – just remember what this wet horse/dog/cat smells like”


I’m a self proclaimed wet dog/horse/cat/blanket, whatever –

insist I drink from your watering hole – whether the water is poisoned, full of predators, etc., but you like everything to smell good while you do your stinky stuff…?

Um, yeah – for me?

That’s what it looks like in small and big rebellions – on civil disobedience or flt out standing my ground fronts – over and over – I don’t go specifically looking for fights, I don’t think, but you bring it to me?

Well, now?

Congrats! Ya got one!

– and I’m talking small potatoes here – on my fronts – I’m NOT dealing with massive war crimes, torture etc., going on here – for me – just death by a 1,000 papercuts if I let just let bullies have/do/say whatever they want

Especially if they count upon me to listen to them/no judge them, but spend their entire time telling me how I’m personally failing them –

Me? I have more faith in me and animals inner spirits than I do in talking, discussing, connecting, bridging gaps with humans on many fronts, just about now – in my country – cuz none of them like it when I say,

“Fine, I’m gonna roll around in this watering hole, get wet and stink up your preferences more than you wished – all while dying of dehydration” –

But I also happen to Know some Lone Wolfs, Lions and Horses in my human circle, too – and they? they nip, nudge, growl, stamp when I get lost in my own world – but still? Often?

Safest humans I am ever around – because they don’t show up JUST when I”m at my best, they also show up when I’m at my worst – AND they don’t just show up to me when they are at their best OR when they are at the worst OR when they just need help they think I”m the only person out of 7 Billion in the world that can do what they need/want, right now, in the next 2.5 seconds –

I’m very grateful for the patient, the haven’t heard from ya in awhile, those who say, “um, been thinking about this – ya got time to brainstorm?” and those who say, “It’s okay – I ain’t waiting for someone to rescue me from everything – but I could use some help…”

Again – small potatoes – but as I watch global news play out – regional/national news – I wonder – when folks ask for things and demand it it forthwith – are they even aware of how much worse they and my life COULD be? Just about now?

And I tend to love when neither of us are interested in forcing the other one to ‘do what we want’ just now , or agree on every point, our personal ‘important to me ‘ agendas

Cuz I can fight – and so too, are they capable of fighting

– in our souls – all while praying we are fighting to defend all that is inherently resilient with all living things and not just fightng for our own little wants/needs/desires?

We each hope we can ALSO do so even when put to the TRUE tests others all around us, in our living ecosystems, have had to endure, withstand, fight for survival, over and over and over with no long term relief or respite, really, ever.

Yeah – those willing to fight but also hope they are up to the challenges faced when real, never ending fights show up?

Those are my fave kind of folks – really…

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