I am some, most, ALL? of this…

I first saw this movie, on VHS, rental, when I was in throes of ‘postpartum mood swings’ as my body changed from ‘pregnant/incubator of new life form being built’ to ‘okay – new life form born – get ready to go back to work and serve others at expense of time with child” – me?

Back then, I TOOK 6 weeks , unpaid leave (saved up for long vacation) after delivery, cuz I thought it was my right too without risking getting fired.

I made my way to ‘work’ my shift less than 12 hours from when my water broke – I had the baby, got back home to be a new momma within less than 48 hours from the last time I drove to ‘work’ AND less than 24 hours spent in hospital, even though – professionals said, “monitor, give drugs to speed up delivery if she hasn’t gotten with the groove by tomorrow morning – ” and then the 3rd doctor on call (my doctor, his on call cuz his day off, then on call doctor for on call doctor who was done at 5pm?) hurried scurried to come ‘deliver the baby’ at 8:23 p.m. on a Tuesday night –

Funny, I never heard nurses or housekeeping staff talking about their boundaries, their shift start/ends and or how I needed to hurry up or wait on being pregnant/giving birth to satisfy THEIR preferred schedule – see?

I’m a little ole women’s rights/realities personage, at heart – for many reasons –

I am woman – I will never meet the standard of Lady

I am female – I will never be consider femme fatale, sexy, strong, defender of home, heart, faith –

But I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother – and so – movies of female friendship in any time/space continue to be my faves – why?

Cuz I, too, wish for the camaraderie, support AND frankness that modern art tells me women do for each other –

But Mainly, I resonate with the quote of,

“Dammit! I AM pleasant! I saw [so and so] down at the [local grocer ] and I smiled at that Sum Biatch before I could help myself!!!

Sharing, cuz if ya publicly state, “Um, I identify with this?” from film of long ago?

Who knows how it will turn out nowadays – me?

I see women struggling, women who outlived their hubbies and have enough $ to sorta get to be rebels and women who say – “all we got is each other to lean on – ” in movies AND real life, all while I also see women throwing each other under the bus over and over in various bids to make it in what they consider a ‘on my own/’man’s world’ on various fronts – plain and simple –

DOESN’T mean I’m RIGHT, or have fall the facts, or proof or that my cares are worth more than anyone else’s struggles, but I confess my biases, empathy And judgements on a variety of topics for many –

But what if I just oversimplify it all?

What if I just say – Oh! This is older movie, representing things that may be seen as not sensitive to others now, or making light of real issues – but still, speaks to my heart on how to laugh , cry, tell your truth, works out for ya?

What happens then???

Let’s find out –

One movie – regarding:

What Society says you’re supposed to be…

Educated, interested in culture, society, trips and fun -while broadening your horizons – in the way we wish to –

When you are deep in grief and true friends make ya laugh by making fun of each other…

When someone’s feelings get hurt, but ya get over it by bench fighting –

What True Friendship & Confession of our failings really looks like

And that’s the way it is, for now – for better or worse.

I’m all of the main characters in this show – but most of all? Truth be told? I’m Ousier – in all her failings and I fear, none of of her stellar moments — I don’t have more money than god – I only had two living children that I never felt as if they were ungrateful for me being their mom, except here and there –

But often?

I think, “I’m not crazy – I’ve just been in a very bad mood for 40 years” – 😀

It is what it Is – 😀

Does this Story have a point?

Yup – somewhere – but mostly, just a point of pointing to the past, at a movie that came out and I watched that involved the death of a child when my first child was brand new – and I would grieve his going 17 years later – I mean, who says,

“Girl’s night movie’ on such themes with a new momma or a grieving momma?

My family/friends – fortunately, for me and them – I can cry and cuss all at the same time – 😀


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