Let’s Talk Turkey….

Well…it’s ‘almost’ Turkey Day, here, in the country and society I live within, once more –

Always, year in, year out – things to be grateful for, things I wish to change –

Memories of the past and options for forging a better future for many –

Here, there and yonder –

But, well, this holiday is marked by one core theme:

“What am I Grateful For?/Can I safely say so outloud?”

And to me? In my understanding of such things?

That’s the beauty of this holiday as well as MANY other similar holidays celebrated year round, whether in my cultures, societies, fronts, where I feel comfortable or not – is one thing, to my mind…

“Can I really, be true to myself, while showing up for this???”

That’s it – sometimes I can – sometimes I cannot – just like everyone else – really…

Sometimes it’s all about me/my own challenges and sometimes?

It’s about others asking me to go on a route they have forged, that I truly can’t live with, really, by just blindly following –

Ahh – I do so HATE these moments in time when I have to say, “You’re going down a path I cannot follow you on – anymore – even though, I have fond memories of our past together….”

And I often argue with myself over the person I wish to be and the person I really ought to be, on many fronts –

I sometimes seek refuge in the saying,

“Not asking ya to do anything I ain’t willing to do to myself, first…”

But, well – sometimes we take oaths – not fully realizing when we must walk away from them – for our village, our perceived survival, etc.,

Simply because – even as we each change, so too, does the external world change around us…

And it sucks, personally, over and over – I really, have long thought, if I just talked turkey?

Often enough, loud enough? Transparently enough on when I changed my mind, my views or the views I held no longer adequately deals with or impacts the world around me, and a new way of moving forth is, to my mind, needed??

That might be enough

– but it is not – no fail safe/easy times for anyone, to my mind….

No talking someone out of their addiction, village or amazing fail safe grace they believe is there for them, always, sans them doing any self-work themselves –

And so, I guess, if I am to be grateful for anything this ‘holiday’ on a calendar thingee?

I’m Grateful to my Bloggy, Pen, Social Pals – different from me….

Those who are JUST Close enough to understand of what I speak of, yet far enough removed to not ‘take it personal’ when I just rail out and ‘talk turkey’ because I simply must or implode upon myself 😀

Ahhh – well – we all know I’ve been frustrated, down, depressed – since about mid-2020 , right???

We all, here, on my feed, know, I try to combat such feelings via ‘quick! do something for someone else!” and we all know how that portion of my ‘coping mechanism’ long relied upon, doesn’t, really, work anymore in the world of others – – not really – not in cyber land – as it has changed/morphed over time – not really –

But, today? I’m very grateful for those here, in this land, that just show up for the conversation, hear my heart, or listen to my woes, all while saying, “I’m sorry for your troubles, if you want anything of me, ask for it now….otherwise? Here’s how to find me and where I’m a traveling” or say, “Yeah! I hear ya! I don’t know what to do, but yes! I’ve wondered about that too!!!!”

and always – no matter how much I try to grow/reconcile my path within me?

I’m always grateful for those who manage to hear my heart, even when I’m not talking much ‘sense’ overall, in face of the rest of cyber land news fronts – 😀

Happy Talk Turkey Day!

I appreciate ya!


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