I’ll take Flattery with a side of Criticism and Spam, Please

I sometimes have to go back in time to remember back ‘when’ I still had a sense of humour over it all… 😀 Same Stuff – Different Decade – – LOL

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

Yes, I admit, I read my spam comments before I “Delete Permanently”.   Sometimes, the software gets it wrong, right?

After my absence this week, I had four comments in Spam –

The usual mistyped messages that look like someone took phrases from an “Effective Leadership” phrase book and lumped them all together.

But one caught my eye – I deleted it, and so cannot give you it verbatim, but here’s the gist:

“I enjoyed your blog – you’re such an expert – maybe you should put a couple of pictures in to illustrate it better.”

Which is quaint – how do you picture me musing?  A brain with some flashes of lightening over it?

Or the overused and much cliched light bulb?

But it did get me to thinking….


What if we all replied to the spammers?  What if we could send them private emails, call their house…

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7 thoughts on “I’ll take Flattery with a side of Criticism and Spam, Please”

    1. I’m sorry for the troubles I brought to your notice of maybe – MAYBE! I say, needing to be checked – I don’t have a lot of spam – mainly because, I long ago, decided, I’ll manually approve the comments – it’s not like I’m popular and need the ‘time savings’ of such things – and, well – to me? Saves time – overall – simply because – most folks in this world, here? Are either bloggers with their own account already – or someone who stumbled across my website and EVEN when they are mad as heck and I’m to blame for all the world problems? Only the truly passionate and dedicated will jump through hoops to leave a comment and they lose their verve when they don’t get the ‘insta-satisfaction’ of publicly putting me in my place – 😀

      😀 As the mentors of my youth always said – “Easier to close the gate than it is to round up the wandering livestock, later – ” 😀

      That said – if you look at the very few comments on the below linked post? My final answer seems out of proportion to the comment left by one blogger –

      This is because I ‘approved’ the one left, alerting me to my typo – deleted the ones that came AFTER I did the ‘short’ answer of “Thanks for bringing to my attention! Typo has been fixed!”, that accused me of trying to be a travel blogger, make money of such things, how I didn’t know, understand or ‘get’ anything – etc., AND THEN, I also, modified my reply – to include the info to let the blogger know, I saw, I read – but nope – not approving for public consumption, that lil tirade – why? Well – my blog, my rules, and while I’m happy to listen to/improve myself via constructive criticism, that shows me the errors of my ways? I’m NOT up for being the cat random strangers kick, cuz they feel like it –

      You can see what an authoritarian I am of my cyber-land – example – here: https://ballybin.wordpress.com/2014/08/10/colorado-trip-day-2-to-telluride/

      😀 This, too, is why I have no plans to monetize my blog, here, ever – folks who pay for stuff, usually think their opinion counts more than my values/ethics/integrity/character/willingness to try, learn more, improve, as I go – thus – if it’s FREE! well – Hey,

      1. What did you expect for free, really?
      2. If you don’t like? Don’t click! Don’t Read!
      3. (which, I have never, ever used, though, in my world? Long ago? Folks who make over the top demands via anger, judgment, zero compromise or…those in need of dispelling their anger at everything, on just me? Without even an attempt at examining, for themselves, why I, in my stranger, just walking a path, torqued them off so bad? Um, SOMEDAY! I may just truck out the plan of “Okay – will change as you requested – how much is that worth to ya? I mean in dollars and cents?? Oh – thanks for your offer – but I simply can’t sell myself off that cheaply….but thank you for the courtesy of offering – I now know just how much you value another human being – ” 😀

      That said, here’s what it looks like when I mess up the name of another blogger – and what it looks like when I just approve every bloomin’ single comment made by each of us and let it stand, whether it makes me look ‘good’ or not – 😀

      I’m Not a Poet, Doncha Know It?

      By the way – I have one spam comment – she said “beautiful’ on one of my posts – sigh – what to do, what to do – must investigate to see if a new blogger who followed all the ‘stupid’ rules out there, telling new bloggers how to ‘get started’ and gain followers – OR if, really – it is spam – – crank up the separate computer – the separate system, used for such things – just in case – malware, fishing and all – reign – That’s my world – 😀

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      1. No troubles at all. I just never think of my spam folder on WP until somebody else mentions it. There were a handful of messages — all legitimately spam.

        I liked your response to that guy on your post from 2014. He was a bit persnickety.

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        1. Ah – persnickety! How I LOVE that word! And nice to see it in use! 😀

          That said – when I just ‘looked it up’ to point out my worldview and what such things look like, in action – that I leave up and think “ah – well – I handled at the time, best as I could, for me, hopefully others?”

          To me? Deleting all the other comments he left, and modifying my original reply? Makes it look like, today, as if I Am the one being persnickety – and yet – some of the crap he sent in quick, short, bursts of comments submitted? I had to wonder, “um, did he do a search? Did the algorithm serve me up to him as ‘you may also like’?
          Did he spend anytime reading other posts? My about me page? (which is also, just to give folks CLEAR warning – set as my ‘home page” – I mean, why sugarcoat it???

          😀 Ahh – now? I see I too, in my own way was being rather persnickety too – and yet – not then, not now, can I see anyother way to be true to myself, truthful with others about the reality of me, other than – doing – –

          Exactly, just as I did – back then – and leave up for posterity – now – persnickety or no – on either side –

          😀 This is my brand of ‘modified for public consumption’ free speech – 😀


        2. P.S. – um, I JUST did something other than what I said I would do – I deleted my one ‘marked as spam comment’ without spending the time to see if legit or not – mainly because – I increasingly wonder about how much time I spend trying to be just, fair, give hearing to those who have been led astray or or are just trying to make their way in the world – and well…..

          I’m in process of ‘changing me’ and so – this seemed like a fairly small way, low risk way, to do so – If “Priti” is genuine in their desire to build something from nothing? I figure they will show up again….

          Even while…my internal world thinks “sigh – what if they were doing the best they could with what they had, where they were at and were a voice that due to ignorance, naivete or listening to the wrong folks is now shut down?”

          WHAT IF?? Such an account was not really spam, but was marked as such by state powers higher than the blogger had the skills/knowledge, to overcome???

          This, too, is what goes on in my mind, when such things occur – and, well, someday?

          I may pay the price of anguish over knowing, I, too, under the gun, took a path of least resistance/work, for me, at the expense of another who had far less to work with, than I did – at that moment –

          Sigh – I’m lost in existential crisis AND figuring out how to walk with a foot in both worlds – as both worlds, to me – expand in both possibilities and troubles – – that all said….

          Thanks for ‘listening’ – 😀 ❤

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        3. Meanwhile – I’ve ‘visited’ the blog of an author, via likes, or approved comments, often, that seem to me? nothing but pure marketing – so for me…I think “How is this legit and made it through? When I’ve spent so many years trying to ‘train the algorithms’ meself?? LOL That’s my arrogance over the topic – 😀

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