Secrets Revealed …Over time….

Picture of restored garden bench.

So…um…I’ve ‘written’ a lot of words today – on various fronts – and I’ve read a lot of words –

I’ve spoken and listened to a lot of words – here there and yonder….

And I’ve had to sit with my own reveals, to myself, over and over, as folks tell me of their struggles on other fronts – fronts I cannot, in good conscience, ‘say who is right or wrong’ simply because….

“Um….I resemble that remark….”


So, because it appears that daily writing and/or writing to prompts is the current trend/fad – and because I have written so many words to day, it boggles my mind, and yet – – is it the best that could be done, for just now? Is this really what is the truth of me/or those I write for??

Meh – I wish to close out another day of work – by posting something – that is pure me, best as I know me (and really??? How much can anyone ‘trust that’ in a world that is ever changing and humans that change to meet the times, as well??)

So, here ya go Judy, my lil Question Time over Coffee answers – I reply to you, not the orginal poster, because, well – you are why I discovered this and I’ve already learned the hard way – IF I share such things at a bloggy space that is a ‘prompt’ for writer’s space’?

Ahh…Um…It’s more than I can deal with as a ‘having fun/chillaxing’ style of personal blogger, here, really –

Thus, I shall play to my ‘strengths’ as I see them – have one conversation, with one person, even if open to the eyes of the world’


Well, one-on-one convos always intrigue me more than jumping on any bandwagon and doing what everyone else is doing – and yet – I find some of these ‘challenges/share/etc., to be highly informative/instructive/lovable, all the same – πŸ˜€

So, here ya go, Judy – here’s what I would say if we were sitting in your back yard, having coffee and I said, “no worries” when you saw a spider and you said, ‘no worries’ if I spied a snake I can’t tell is venomous or not, from afar… πŸ˜€

My Dinner Party

Da Rules say I am allowed to invite four guests – one fictional, one dead, one alive and one naked/or not, chef….

The Guests:

OMG! Just ONE?? From each category??? I have cooked for and fed to satisfaction over 30 at a time…just a saying – – therefore, cuz it’s my blog – I’m going to hold dinner party for 12 guests – just cuz….

  • Fictional – Jack Reacher, Brother Cadfael and Scarlett O’Hara (although all the things that intrigue me, will bore Scarlett to death – I include her for practicality and for saying “God’s Nightgown!” here and there, as need be…)
  • Dead – Joseph Campbell, Leonardo da Vinci, Queen Boudica
  • Alive – Naseem Nicholas Taleb, Wes Moore and Lisa Murkowski
  • Chef – Ayla, Tehanita, Pat & Francie R., (some fictional, some real life folks – but take anything that is edible/available, and they fix up a meal in short order – that nourishes the heart and soul – )

Da Questions….

Have you ever slept on/in a hammock?

Tried ‘napping’ in one, when visiting those who had one – the dog/other pets delighted in dumping me out of it – in enthusiasm – thus, for me – okay – can do, but not my preferred – I love to sleep ‘deep’ even if for only 20 minutes or so…

Do you find it easy to maintain friendship with other people?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no – have learned ever more to be quiet and/or speak my mind and let the ‘chips’ fall where they may – I will be blessed or pay for the gains/losses gained, if I’m just me, every moment of the day – if more losses rack up than wins? I need to assess myself…

Are you a person of ethics?

I hope so..

If so, how does that impact your daily life?

There is a line from a tv series, that says, “morals are how we treat the people we know and ethics are how we treat the people we don’t know’ – I continue, to love the later line, from that same clip – “Ethics are how we build a society. It is the true test of our higher self “

Here’s the clip:

Morals, Ethics and the never ending wars we fight over them –

Why do people hold double standards?

For love, loyalty, duty, responsibility….

For fear, anger, hurt and trauma –

All of the above, some of the above, none of the above – each case where double-standard adhered to is, in the end, very personal to those who support double standards on this front or that…

Are you decisive or indecisive as a person?

Depends – always – on threat to life, limb – what care is needed for one truly struggling in trauma or growth or those who wish someone else do the work they, themselves, can only do, for themselves – so – um, yeah – sometimes? If I’m not certain? WHAT THIS??? IS???

I’ll drag my feet, wait to decide/land on one side of the fence or the other, just ….cuz…only way I know how to live – really –

What is your most unhealthiest but guiltiest pleasure and why?

Speaking out loud, my own mind – just like, I’m doing here…you’d think, by now, I would’ve learned, not the best thing to do – really – often – but, sigh, let me sit and stew for hours, days, weeks, years? Um, yeah – I wing it and do posts like this one – it is what it is and I shall pay the price for such things – sooner or later – no evading it….

What is your process for writing a new post for your blog?

Depends – sometimes I’m really feeling alone and in need of creative and inspirational community, so I blog about it – sometimes my heart cries out over the news, the trends, the words of another – sometimes I think of a time from my past, and what I did to help myself, when it felt as if even God had abandoned me, that might be of ‘use’ to someone else, to try and ‘hold on’ just a tad longer – me? I go where ever the four winds blow me – πŸ˜€

Happiness (?? contentment??) on earth ain’t just for high achievers….

If you were asked to create a Top Fifteen Book List holding books that you felt everyone should read at least once in their live and would never regret reading, what titles would you include?

  • High Wide and Lonesome – Hal Borland
  • Anything by Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Anything by Robert Fulghum
  • War and Peace, Tale of Two Cities, Gone with the Wind or Martin Chuzzlewit, your pick – but read at least ONE of them
  • The Elegance of a Hedgehog, by Muriel Bradberry
  • A Gentleman in Moscow, by Amor Towles
  • Anything by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Anything by C.S. Lewis
  • A Woman of the People or any work of fiction/non-fiction by Benjamin Capps
  • Bad Luck and Trouble, by Lee Child
  • Brother Cadfael series by Ellis Peters
  • The Snow Falcon by Stuart Harrison
  • The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, by Maria von Trapp
  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales – 1955 Nelson Doubleday edition – not as harsh as originals from before, not as kind and sparkly rainbows as fairy tale books in print today
  • On Culture and Customs, by Eugene A. Nvida
  • **OMG! How could I have forgotten the Top Two? Really? “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl and The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo – Nope – you may not like reading them, or not like what you see within yourself you thought only ‘others’ were guilty of, but seriously – try either/both – just once – in your life – they aren’t there for ‘making ya feel good’ but they ARE there to increase your strength and resilience, even when you’ve ‘oops! messed that one up!’ moments of life… and truly assessing just how, really, important your self critique really is… in the end… for 100 years worth of time – – πŸ˜€

How important is it to you to know a person’s real name? (Online, Offline, social media or blogging)

Not that much, really – by any other name, would a rose not smell as sweet? Or whatever the line is – πŸ˜€ The being of anything bears out over time, and hearing a name or giving a name, and expecting that thing to live up to it or never change, is just, to me, wasted energy –

When at school what were your top five subjects you were passionate about?

History, Literature, Writing, Music, Drama

Why was this – what did you love about them?

In our arts, our archives, our stories, our written down ‘facts’ lies, always – the truth of humans as a species – no matter how well performed or crafted, on any day in time – let about 10 -20 years pass? we all see the truth of the stories from our past – no matter how they were told at the time, nor how well they were received at the time – the tales of the past – wins and mistakes, are always there, for all of us, to read, discuss, learn from –

Are those five subjects still present in your life today in any form?

Yes – although music and drama? Today? Looks like me dancing around the living room by myself – just to ‘shake it off and remind myself…” I too, even in my stress or joy, am a creator of stories that weave into the tapestry of human history –

Are you a photogenic person?

Not even close

Are you eager to appear in family or friend snaps?

Not only no, hell no!

Are there many photographs of you from and over the various stages and ages of your life?

Here and there – even when the only reason why is because I didn’t avoid (and hurt the feelings of someone I care about who is a picture hound) OR when, I was doing me and someone else thought it worthy of taking a pic of – whatevs –

With regard to the paranormal do you choose to not believe because there is nothing to believe or because you feel it is safer to not believe?

Well, this question is asked wonka-a-do – I believe in many things, others label as ‘paranormal’ – remains to be seen or known by myself or those who disagree with me – whether it is truly paranormal (beyond belief) OR if we both just are too young/ignorant to understand what is really taking place – – πŸ˜€

Are you a non-believer or a believer?

Either/Or, Both/And – depends on topic and facts, and possibilities – but at end of the day? “Does it add to or detract from living things surviving?” and when all else fails or seems to have failed? On many fronts?

Well – Faith and Hope sometimes ‘hold the line’ for just one more day – even when everything around one, seems to be screaming “Give UP! Surrender!”

How are you with meeting strangers/new people who might or could become new friends?

Fairly enthusiastic and willing to give it a go – the older I get? The quicker I walk away – when my enthusiasm over possibilities seems to not land right with others

Is there a process you adopt to identify if they are the right fit for you?

Um…I just go with the flow – often – for good or bad – at my best or maybe not at my best – either it works for others or we are both better off if we don’t pursue – it’s hard to describe – I do care – feel a duty and responsibility to my fellow living things (mankind, animals, plants) and yet??

I really don’t believe me or my ways is the answer for everythign single thing in need – always – there are options somewhere else that better meets needs than I will – thus – I rather show up, dive in, but, if not needed/wanted, or if showing up is making me question the purpose of my own existence or wanting to give up??

I re-assess and retreat, or walk away – or just sit on sidelines to observe, learn more – depends on where ‘they’ are at and where I’m at and is an ever changing landscape for me and many, every bloomin day, it seems – πŸ˜€


Um, yeah – the ‘info’ button has disappeared and I have no clue how many words this is – and until it is easy for me to check word count? Um, there is freedom and risk in just writing as I do – without the fail safe of quick/easy word count info – sigh – I’m so ever lovin tired of having ‘free’ in exchange for being the guinea pig to ‘test on’ but, it is what it is, now, isn’t it??? πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Secrets Revealed …Over time….”

  1. Thanks so much for answering the questions so fully. I feel like this is perhaps the most revealing set of questions I’ve seen on a blog and feel I’ve gotten to know those who have answered it better than before, even if I’ve been reading their blogs for a long time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Getting to ‘know’ another is always, to me, a long term endeavor, really, in the end. But yes, despite every time my background/work experience screams out ‘DON’T do that one! It’s just a way for cyber-hackers to steal an identity!” I sometimes, still do ’em – here and other places – why? Well – pretty much, if anyone believes being me is ‘gaining the brass ring’ well – LOL – I sometimes think – okey dokey – have fun with that – LOL

      But once in awhile – the questions are highly intruging to me and I have to think, truly about them and well – those kinds of things? for better or worse? never fail to intrigue me – ❀ I read your works, posts, poems – not always certain if you are weaving fiction or sharing something of yourself or your history – and yet – since I first started reading your works??

      There is just a common thread that I don't even know what to call/characterize it as or try and label – at all – but you are an artist – your works touch my life – and so – well – for better or worse, just now?

      You asked, and I could do – and seemed like 'the least' I could do – really, for the gifts I've received from your works – πŸ˜€


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