Blessed Be in 2023….

Yup, I’m struggling today, to try to do anything other than be a ‘hard arse’ about it all…

So this ‘made an image’ with (few words) from me?

Is all I have to say, really, about ‘that which is’, just now –

Happy New Year! Be Kind to yourselves!

I may/may not have time every bloomin’ day to remind you of your past kindness gifted to me, in the coming months –


Take care of you and yours –

Catch ya on the flipside

P.S. Durnit! The background of fireworks I used, courtesy nosheep from Pixabay!

I made 4 versions overall, earlier today – and well – somewhere, somehow, sans timely refreshes of server caches? nosheep? My bad! Tried to do in a hurry – and well – we all just see why I ain’t in charge of 2.5 second world, now, don’t we! 😀

8 thoughts on “Blessed Be in 2023….”

  1. Blessings to you in 2023! I’m looking forward to it. 2022 was a weird one, but we made it through. One never knows what comes next… the thing is to be ready for anything! Much love to you… ❤

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    1. Loves right back to you Littlesundog! May we move past 2020-too! and forge forth a lil smarter, a lil stronger and a lil more courageous in knowledge of ‘well, shoot! I survived [this/that] I can do [whatever shows up next]! ❤

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  2. Sending you love TamrahJo, and well wishes for 2023 my friend.
    Know while I’ve not been so active doing my WP, rounds you are thought of with love.
    Let’s hope and pray 2023 heralds in our goals our wishes and dreams and may we all learn to live in more harmony with each other.
    Sending hugs and my blessings .
    Sue xxxx 💖💕💖🥰

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