Happy 2023 to You and Yours

I am working on the dreams of others for 2023 – the needs of those my duty to serve, in 2023 –

So just quick Well Wishes and best Hopes for you and yours in 2023!

And be advised – my reading/interacting/connecting/posting here is most LIKELY! on sabbatical for a bit –

(but maybe not! Ya all know when I get overwhelmed and need to gain distance and objectivity to ‘dive back in’ to that which I figure is my job to do, I sometimes RUN to my community here! To get my s**t together and come up with plan to move forward!)

We Shall See….Won’t We??


That said – Just in case, I go MIA here, yet again, like I have in the past when Life Path needs more of me on local time spent fronts than cyber-social, connection, learning more fronts?

Well – Just wanted to say it out loud to my community I so often depend upon – here –

FYI – I ain’t dead or dying – and I’ll check in on you and provide my update, with y’all as I can- but the older I get?

The more boots on the ground time it takes, to simply take care of ‘me own community/backyard’ needs and so…..

Happy New Year from the Eastern Plains of Colorado –

Year Round-up of landscape & thoughts from year’s past gallery below…

Instead of doing a re-blog of my own work-

A gallery that I hope speaks to the scenes and thoughts, that here-there….


…remind me of long ago and/or show up, over and over, in core, cyclical fashion, on many fronts…

Even when I know! I sound like an ole fart:

“I remember that year (such and such showed up…) Doncha know!? That year rather sucked/was golden/perfect…”

(Translation – Well, back in my day! We had to walk uphill, both ways, through a blizzard, 9-miles, etc..etc.. etc)

😀 Yeah – that’s all a tad bit of revisionist history on the parts of many humans, over and over – INCLUDING me even while I try hard to ‘guard’ against such things! myself – get’s harder, the older I get… 😀

Me, when I try to keep up with what all is going on all around me, every moment….

I Am, overall, a product of the landscape I was born into – and the folks who raised me, who also loved, this landscape….

I traveled from in my early youth, when I was shoved out of the nest and expected to find my wings!

But I came home to, because, I was never fully at peace in being far away from the landscape I became a part of at a very early age -or from being far from the folks who were forged and created and trained, within the same landscape – even though – we all left ‘here’ and ‘came back’ or expanded our thirst for knowledge in other ways, simply by opening our minds, hearts and doors to travelers & explorers from ‘distant’ landscapes, along the way –

And Now?

I know I CAN survive leaving the landscape I love –

I can survive taking risks, hoping for the best, live through the need to start all over and try, try again….often, in a new landscape, but, I don’t want to –

Sometimes I can’t bear the thought of ever leaving my ‘landscape that made me” ever, again….

I would miss the land – too much

No matter the blessings given, the challenges faced, the ludicrousness here and there in rituals, traditions of those who now inhabit the landscape I love? that I sometimes rail against in frustration over, “The landscape hasn’t changed – we haven’t changed – but the collective human made things have changed – and just who, are we willing to be, just about now?”- – that plays out here and there – over and over, to my mind, since my earliest memory of my childhood/teen ‘rebelling’ against human made constructs that seemed, sometimes, to me, even back then! Incongruent with the landscape we all inhabited –

Nope, took me a decades+ to better understand my heart & soul that was born, forged and crafted within, the landscape around me, the moment I was born into it ….

And, every moment of my current life? I learn that I need learn more about that landscape and myself – to understand better, the world around me….

I need to learn more about doing my part to gain the gifts from and not make it harder, for the land that supports me – for the folks who, also, love the land here, as I do – and to stand strong against any front that seeks to destroy the Deep Time of Mother Nature and her harsh/but kind ways –

And what does my heart say?

Not a moment of that time spent on where to change, where to speak up, where to fight, for myself, the landscape I live within?

None of that, is really, ever wasted….

Your Boots, on the Ground, Where You are At, in the end, is what matters –

Take care – and I’ll catch up with you in new, news, or touchin’ base, as soon as I can – until then?

Well – take care of you and yours, where you are at – build bridges, stand where needs be and… May your 2023 be blessed with everyday moments of joy and strength, courage to walk your ‘self-feet’ Life Path.


3 thoughts on “Happy 2023 to You and Yours”

  1. Late New Year greetings to you! There’s nothing like a prairie view of towering clouds. That’s something I miss about Nebraska. Here we are tucked in the woods and seeing anything in the distance is impossible. Nice photos.

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