The Day I learned to Cry…

In my own, matriarchal, lineage,of strong women stories – there is the story of ‘soft hearted’ folks who ‘cried too easily” and they prayed to the Judeo-Christian God to be ‘strong enough’ to never cry, ever, ever, again, for any reason….

And, too, in that same lineage? Is the story of:

“I was out weeding the carrot plantings, and my heart hurt so much – I wanted to cry, but knew I couldn’t, anymore – cuz i had asked God to save me from being weak and crying – and my heart hurt so bad, I wished to cry – so I TRIED!

and I weeded the carrots – I TRIED to cry – to release the burden of my heart – and I found I could not – no matter how hard I tried to cry – and then I prayed to God, “Please, let me learn how to cry….”

Happy Women’s Day/Month – this is my share of the stories of the women of my lineage, who were a part of making me –


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