On the Fence and Checking In….

Given local proactive steps to be cautious in stemming spread of the latest virus to spread globally, thought I would just check in and clear my latest post being one on parenting, which I no longer am in charge of for those not of adulting-it age….

(dare I name the virus and appear to try to hit SEO searches? I think not – If you do not know of what I speak, then I’m not certain how you have avoided this information, but even more surprising is you have avoided seeing the news, social feeds AND yet, here you are reading this…..Amazing!)

I’m not a regular news follower…

At least via station daily news or cable news. Usually, if I need to know something, the local errands run to the Post Office/Store, OR here at WordPress, Or a couple of Facebook groups I’m in, ensure I don’t miss much…although, was saddened to hear I missed the news of loss of a neighbor recently and was unable to attend the funeral/celebration of life…sigh –

That said, my world of ….hermitude? Obliviousness? has been impacted by the virus of which we shall not name, in attempt to not garner folks landing here thinking updated information is available…sigh – algorithms make me nervous – – LOL

Well, my daily operations have been affected, not hugely, but still….which is rather surprising to me, although, in retrospect, totally understandable –

Here’s the list:

  • More website content work that keeps me up to date, whether I actively pursue or not, as some of my clients are public schools and one of them, along with other schools in our ‘local rural area’ are closing proactively for 16 days to deep clean and disinfect, and in hopes to stem spread possibilities now we have cases in our state (Colorado) AND Spring Break travel plans loom. Locally, we are nearing our usual Peak Period for annual seasonal flu stuff, anyhoo, so really don’t see any of it as a bad thing….
  • Since I do regular, rotating, bulk ordering from various vendors who sell the below items, I was disappointed to learn that I’ll either wait longer for orders planned for this month/quarter, to be compiled/shipped and on the fence, should I go ahead and place, in case panic/hoarding get bad? Or wait, to give my beloved small biz’s a break?
    • Dehydrated Veggies (read, prepper/survival food stores)
    • Essential Oils
    • Herbs
  • My financial teams were johnny on the spot – they let me know last week and before that about how if I would just PUHLEASE put their app on my phone, they have my back – Since I’m staying home and try to keep up on all things via desktop – I guess if things are bad enough I don’t have internet/electricity OR they don’t have personnel to handle/keep online operations going – we’ll each cross that bridge when/if it comes up
  • I spent last weekend in a hospital, while family member had surgery, in a county, where, to date, there is still only one case, due to travel, and so far, doesn’t appear any of us were ‘exposed’ – discharge came and family members all left for home about 4 hours after the first visitor restriction signs went up…
  • That said, I kept one doctor appointment (annual) upon arriving home, checked my mail and picked up a few items, but pretty much, just got home and stayed home to wait and see – proactively, as I have no reason to believe I was exposed – but why be an extrovert when I don’t have too and don’t want to be?
  • A friend’s time off from work to celebrate her birthday via a concert with friends at metro area some 2 hours from us was laid waste given concert cancellation and cases showing up in that area AND, she works at a nursing home, so she is being good, too, on limiting what she might expose herself too. Perhaps I’ll rearrange the living room, set up the vaporizer full of essential oils, set up the mini bar and tell her, if she figures I’m ‘safe bet’ on b-day celebrate pal, she can come over and I’ll play tunes and give her a spot to drink and dance – –

All that said….

I’ve already been accused of ‘not taking this seriously enough’ in various real life/online forums, which dismays me, as, I believe I’m doing my part to limit spread, not feed the ‘fires’ of panic and fear, and am well placed to fix meals and deliver to homebound neighbors should the need arise – cuz ya know, I have a freezer full of bones for broth making and buckets of dehydrated veggies for making light on the tummy foods, when folks don’t feel up to cooking for themselves – –

What else do these folks want?

Oh, and BTW – I’ve have PLENTY of Toilet Paper – I was in town for something else awhile back and needed a couple of items from Costco, and heck, while I was there, went ahead and got the TP I’d need to order in April/May, and bought extra dog food early, too, to avoid shipping charges, if I ordered online, instead of stopping by when in town anyhoo – I don’t get to ‘town’ (metro area an hour away) very often ….hermitude…saving the planet one gallon of gas/low tire wear/oil use at a time…. LOL

I have supplies for if a blizzard hits (we just got some snow showers today after nearly 2 weeks of what we locals call “Fake Spring” during which I didn’t get much sheet mulching done to ready for all the seeds I ordered in February).

I also have my emergency plans if a tornado its and quite frankly, these weather/power outage preparation things pretty much meet any ‘prepare for the pandemic’ lists posted and shared that I’ve seen – except for face masks – – sigh – I have a few in the first aid bucket – I think…or maybe in the little carry and go kit…they are somewhere – why hit the store and buy them out?

No Blizzards lately – we are due for one or more spring storms – 🙂

I also have an oobers old 1/2 left bottle of bleach (quit using some time ago and hopefully it’s still in liquid form…), rubbing alcohol, vodka, everclear and kick-your-butt moon shine stores here and there around the house – for various reasons, rarely for actually DRINKING! but, still…..

So maybe I appear ‘too laid back’ about it all – but seriously? Just by saying my thoughts out loud, to those in my circle who have survived blizzards, tornadoes, no electricity for extended periods, droughts, floods, the Dustbowl and Great Depression?

They view me as one of the ‘fearful panicking city slickers’ if I even bring up the subject – –

So as usual, I plan for the worst, hope for the best, watch it all unfold and manage to tick off or concern everyone with my apparent failure to grasp the severity of the situation…. sigh….

But, I did look at the travel restrictions map when I was putting together a quick click resource list for my clients, should they wish to put up any closure or operational delay notices – and am now thinking of my bloggy pals who reside in the countries showing up in darkk orange on the world & USA travel restrictions/notices map –

Stay safe, be well and here’s hoping you are safe at home, in peachy condition and just LOOKING for an excuse to break into the moonshine stores, for an afternoon cocktail to go with your book by the fire, or book in the garden….. :).

The same folks who roll their eyes over pandemic fears cuz they’ve lived through quite a few things, swear moderate amounts of kick-your-butt hooch kills viruses & bacteria without totally wrecking your brain or tummy – – haven’t tested on myself, so who knows?

But most of them have spent a lifetime saying, “Well, I’ll either be dead or better in six weeks, so why go see a doctor?” unless a bone needs set – 🙂

A long ago picture of the March Moon, in my neck of the woods – – yup, we have a bit more snow laying in various areas – but not much green showing up just yet ….

A day of 3 Songs of the Day and 4 quotes:

When You Say Nothing At All

I woke up with Allison Krauss’s “When You Say Nothing at All” in my grey matter/inner voice – – not sure, still, just why, although as the day played out, I rather understood it better…..

But, as the ‘interaction’ portion of the day will soon retreat, once more, I’m remembering phases –

Something in Red comes to mind…

And I don’t even do red – for wardrobe, though some folks who love it swear it’s ‘my color’ – :). And I’m not looking for something to make a man stop dead, but still live around my immediate sphere – but I’m always think of this song when I’m pondering the ‘stages’ of many things – relationships, technology, skills, Life’s path, joys and challenges – –

But at end of non-hermitude moments day and back to my cave to ‘work some more’ with the silence of me own mind….HA!

I carry within me…the promise of and admonition to remember – for everything there is a season – sometimes it lasts long – sometimes, it’s but a moment –

Turn, Turn, Turn

Whether the Meanings of today’s inner music score are indicative of…

…anything in me or the greater world, in particular, or is needed, somewhere, for someone, remains to be seen – but, I had to report in/share – as I’ve been engaged recently on various fronts on the topics of songs, songs of the day and rather stuck on doing my own check in’s on this front –

For, doncha ya know?

Something might happen, in my ticker tape brain, that has meaning, but I don’t fully process it, recognize it until I examine it – and I further learn more while sharing it – 🙂

Or perhaps, one or both of us won’t –

That’s always a possibility, for this moment, now, our realities bump up against one another – me through sharing, you through reading – and in the end, on one hand, the moments are what make a life – and, in the end, I guess no matter what happens, or is happening or what have ya (I may be posting fluff during a serious to us all breaking news story I’m ignorant of…)

The collective of these moments is one that affects us all – for good or ill – at one point or another – –

Fave quotes from my ‘news’ fly by checkin with wider world about 13 hours ago –

News story link fro Tech/Biz World feed that is older, but spoke to me that provided these quotes:

“It’s one of those things where it just depends how it turns out,” says Chen. “If it turns out positively, it’s persistence. If it turns out badly, it’s stubbornness.”

“I have close friends of every race and gender identity, and from many different countries too, but I don’t really have low-income friends,” said former Blue Ridge Labs fellow Jonathan Stray in a blog post. “Fundamentally, I don’t understand poverty because I have very little occasion to talk to poor people.”

“We have companies that solve the problems of tech entrepreneurs, and that’s it,” says Chen. “If we had waited for somebody who was actively on food stamps to start this company, we might still be waiting, but at the same time, we now have three people in the company who were on food stamps at some point throughout their lives. We just hired a junior software engineer who was a user of the product when she joined the company.”

Anne Lamott Quote

This quote came to me courtesy of New Bloggy Cat – which you can visit right here in WP land – Yup, this one & the attributed author, came on my radar because New Bloggy Cat is one of my long time bloggy pals and email/snail mail pal, who ‘chats with me’ via many avenues – :).

“You will lose someone you can’t live without,and your heart will be badly broken, and the bad news is that you never completely get over the loss of your beloved. But this is also the good news. They live forever in your broken heart that doesn’t seal back up. And you come through. It’s like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly—that still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp.”

Anne Lamott (may not be the best link for verified quotes, but I surely like them, none the less…)

I bid you adieu – for now – as I hunker once more into silence, shielded from the outside world, we all share.

We both, shall see what’s what when the next moment or morrow arrives, shan’t we?

P.S. – Hadn’t ever even heard about her, but already falling in love with the personage who has been quoted, named Anne Lamott – :).

Pretty certain I’ll be sharing some of her quotes for quite some time to come…. :D. Thanks New Bloggy Cat for commenting and sharing!

If you Missed Banned Books Week….

Yes, yes, you probably didn’t – you avid reader you.

And yes, I’m no longer, technically, a librarian – as of July, which is why one of my favorite ‘holiday weeks’ to celebrate and go all for – rather blew right past and here it is now, October.

But a recent chat with a follower of Kevin Brennan’s over at What The Hell? blog, reminded me “Hey!  It’s that time of year!  Yippee!  Banned Books Week!”

And over I went to the American Library Association site to see the theme, look and see what books got challenged this year and why -only to learn…

Banned Books Week (September 22-28, 2019)

Well, durn it! I rather let that most joyous and fun time of the year go whooshing right by me.

But the theme this year, is worthy of Tony the Tiger – it’s Grrrr—eat!

Just for fun, I looked to see where I was “Yup, I’ve read” checklist for the top 100

I have worked my way up to having read 51 out of 100 of the top classics – I think when I last reported on, I was at 22 or 32 – and that was a couple of years ago – however, I read a lot of the new books coming out and in non-fiction sphere? Some of them are challenged before they even hit the library shelves – LOL, so if I live long enough to see new stuff become classic, maybe I’ll be ahead of the game…

I digress…this is really about..

The Bill of Rights

My chat over yonder regarding the awesomeness of library cards and such, gave me the urge to share my love of the Library Bill of Rights – and tell you how, at least where I worked, we were actively encouraged to live it to the full and max, every day.

How? By searching to find information for people, by saving them time, by helping with tech products and tech skills so they could access information or apply for a job….

By sharing community contacts – introducing new-comers to groups, clubs or individuals they had things in common with…

A love of knitting or woodworking. Passion for writing or singing. Where in town to get someone to help with yard work? Is there anyone who repairs small engines? What’s the proper way to format a resume now?

How do I apply for this job online if I’ve never had an email address?

Libraries can and should be the hub of the community – where folks are free to assemble, find and share ideas, but most of all, to connect.

Yes, no matter where I go, or what I do, I am, a librarian at heart, I guess – funny thing is, I ended up there because so much of ‘it’ lined right up with what I valued, held important and saw as a priority if we humans are serious about cleaning up the messes we make and trying for better next time…

So, Luanne? This is for you… I give you (drum roll, please…)

The Library Bill Of Rights

The American Library Association affirms that all libraries are forums for information and ideas, and that the following basic policies should guide their services.

I. Books and other library resources should be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves. Materials should not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation.

II. Libraries should provide materials and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues. Materials should not be proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.

III. Libraries should challenge censorship in the fulfillment of their responsibility to provide information and enlightenment.

IV. Libraries should cooperate with all persons and groups concerned with resisting abridgment of free expression and free access to ideas.

V. A person’s right to use a library should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, background, or views.

VI. Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.

VII. All people, regardless of origin, age, background, or views, possess a right to privacy and confidentiality in their library use. Libraries should advocate for, educate about, and protect people’s privacy, safeguarding all library use data, including personally identifiable information.

Adopted June 19, 1939, by the ALA Council; amended October 14, 1944; June 18, 1948; February 2, 1961; June 27, 1967; January 23, 1980; January 29, 2019.

Inclusion of “age” reaffirmed January 23, 1996.

Rights AND Responsibilities

Our library here is small. We don’t have separate meeting rooms with doors that can close and sound proof walls.

The Mystery Book Club would meet on the same weekend morning that kids who were allowed some freedom to go play ‘games’ on the computer were there too –

Which meant everyone, whether in spirited discussion or trash talking each other over something going on in cyber world battle, rather realized, while we advocate freedom of expression and access and all – we are now, for the moment, right back to English Commons Law –

In other words – this is a shared, communal space. Yes we each have rights, but we share this space, and so, we show courtesy and respect for the others in that shared space.

It varies, from library to library and given the challenges of each neighborhood, the needs to be met and the resources available to meet those needs.

I will tell you this – more school work requires access to a computer and internet. There are children in this locale that do not have internet access OR cell phone service where they live. They go to school, come to the library to do their homework (instead of riding the bus home) and mom or dad pick them up on the way home from work.

That is NOT a day care service – it is providing access to needed things in order for one to get their education.

When I worked there, I didn’t say a whole lot about these things….

And I sure as heck didn’t blog and run my potty mouth (typing fingers?) when op-eds or news or articles came out about how Libraries were obsolete and why would you need one when you can just stream what you want? Poppycosh!

But now, that I’m once more just a library patron, I can mouth off all I want and the library world can shake their head and say,

“Well, what can you do? Our patrons love what we provide, and well, they do have freedom to express their love of us…even if we don’t quite agree with how they do it…”

(said no librarian, ever, but they might, if I’m part of the equation…)

My local librarian would never tell you, but I will….

Here’s the book list I’m working my way through, just now – I’ll get back to whipping out the banned/challenged classic list, someday, but this post really caught my eye and thus far, have enjoyed the ones I’ve ordered in from the library:

11 Forgotten Books of the 1920’s worth reading now

After that, I’m going to dive into Nietzsche’s works – he and his works/quotes keep coming on my radar from many fronts, so figured, might as well give it a try – 🙂

On the Gutenberg front…

No…not Project Gutenberg, though I love that too…I’ve found pamphlets from ladies groups in the 1800’s there, that have cool recipes and patterns in them!

Word Press Gutenberg

I’m behind on reading stack, between video tutorials on new tools, getting smarter/quicker/more adept at utilizing the options with the Gutenberg block system and…. (hey! Guess What?!? I’m writing this in the block editor right now. I won’t, however, show you all I learned recently, because, really, who wants that many colors and backgrounds behind the words that makes it harder to read?)

I will say this – I imagine here on the free blog version, I’m on the latest, greatest WordPress version – didn’t quickly find in the dashboard like I do on self-hosted sites – but on that side of the equation? I played around with block editor on WP v. 5.2.3 and so MUCH better than my early attempts in late 2018 to try out the beta/plug-in, etc.

In fact, I built a small site, in under 12 hours, even while learning the durn thing and getting my work flow into line with new options/different ways to access things – –

I’m excited about the future possibilities, now and since these later versions automatically adds a new paragraph block when I hit enter, instead of waiting for me to stop/add another paragraph block, well, okay – that was the biggee that really drove me crazy in early, early days –

So, there’s my weekly check-in. I know not when my own website will be up so I can invite you to view, sign up for my newsletter, and you can quit hearing about biz stuff here…

Right now? No website up for me and I have more work than I can keep up with – so why would I shoot myself in the foot by ramping up and looking for more customers!?!?

Anyhoo – happy weekend.

Catch ya on the flipside…

(Yes, Yes, the recipes – – I got in some different supplies and am ‘experimenting’ – I also got gifted some plums and all ready to make my own version of “Country Fermented Easy Small Wine” – so I’ll have to report on that whole project too….

I miss the library sometimes…but man am I LOVING being at home to get some food experiment started and being here to check on it during ‘stretch breaks’ from my computer – – IT IS AWESOME!!!)

WIHH to my “re-blog” option?

Note** Title Acronym Definition -“What-in-Hades-Happened”…

Sharing awesome post link:

10 Inspiring Quotes from Writers About Writing

I Tried the Re-blog – option – didn’t work….

Button USED to give me a window to type intro, and hit Re-blog button again, to share –

Since I’m out of date – and using Firefox with Security functions rather locked down, since the link for ‘re-blog button’ there, shows url that has ‘widget’ in it – perhaps my sticking with classic editor and not being “gutenberg ready/smart plays a role –

Perhaps, somewhere, updates are rolling out, maintenance being done, edits in process or server cachess being emptied, updated – who knows?

I don’t mess with deep research or troubleshooting such stuff, anymore, right ‘on the spot and immediately’- part of my adjustments back to ‘quality of life’ streamlining operations –

I instead, leave my self a note,  to try/explore/learn later – or just wait for other operations to ‘finish’ in their own sweet time –

For all I know

This ‘reblog’ share,  is also going to appear , somewhere on my blog, some 3 times, in a widget,  on my site, I’m unable to see/unaware of – all while such things are also plaguing one of my long-suffering from my ineptness, Bloggy Pals – 🙂

That said – …you have the link – quick read –

Wordlander has explanation if things going ugly on her end and I just can’t ‘see the chaos’ I caused –

And  – post rather full of  my go-to favesto’talk myself off the ledge’ mind chatter  when I’m stuck in writing/creative works – – 🙂

There ya go – share from this wannabe writer while wading through tech changes land – 🙂

Check-In, Touch Base Sunday

** Please know I won’t be going back and editing for spelling, grammar, or missed words, my previous post, done late at night, total stream of ‘just write and push the blue button – thingee’.

Serves as a reminder to me of both the kindness of my fellow bloggers who just ‘get me’ even when I fail at communicating well or at all, really AND a reminder to me –  “EDIT!  for the Love of all that is HOLY!  EDIT!!! ” **

So, with no before/after pictures of today, here’s the check in from ye olde BallyBin Front –

Yes, I forgot to take before pictures to go with after picture of infrastructure work done outside this a.m. – and who wants or needs screen shots of me reading how-to/researching options, for building modules for websites?!?

News-brief  from Household/Work fronts:

Busy work weeks here, as I continue to catch up on cyber-land education & behind scenes infrastructure for me and all my clients,  all while new clients have just shown up via communiques I view as, “hair on fire Please Help!!!” missives –

I’ve been told  such missives are not  – ‘hair on fire’ and I still think to myself…

“not quite yet, but in my world – yes – it will become so, sooner or later, given what you’ve told me… “

Old Dawgs – Old Tricks – R Moi –

Blessings all around.

**Even while I frequently chafe over  what all ‘new things’ that must be researched/learned, in order to just ‘hold line, while building for future flexibility/adaptibility’ operations- in cyber-work land**

Man-child, worked outside this morning while I did weekly correspondence and online work,  moving heavy infrastructure supplies and weeding, etc.

His work, makes it possible for me to do the detail design work that doesn’t wear me out as quickly as the carrying heavy things all by me lonesome,  just to even start  on an area build  for ‘no-mow, ready to plant’ space creation. – 🙂

I confess, I have really lost my ‘grit’ these two years of increasing ‘time spent using my brain and typing fingers, instead of whole body in bucking straw bales, flinging tires or moving concrete blocks  🙂

Bartering News

The  work trades with man-child, (i.e. I cook, do laundry,  grocery shopping & bill paying – he lifts heavy things and runs errands when need be) while we split expenses for basics (utilities/groceries), are working ever so much better for me than being married ever did – 🙂

Bonus Perks I didn’t see coming….

He often cooks for me on the weekends – as he enjoyed being a ‘chef/cook’ and has a flair for it – he is quickly adjusting to using tiny home cook options, from restaurant grill, broiler, etc., set-ups he is used to, and appreciates my ‘stocked pantry/substitution options on hand.

What a gift to just have food plopped down in front of you with instructions to ‘eat it and I’ll do the dishes’ –

He says he is content and recently interviewed at work for a promotion, which if obtained, will mean the end of  commuting often to do split shifts to get his 40 hours.

He is saving money from renting on his own in town, I have help on the place and we’ve eased right back into roommate style “works for us both” routines.

No telling how long this will last, but on October 10th, will be 2 months since he came home and it’s just getting better each week – he is young and will go forth as he shall, but very grateful for the gifts bestowed, just now.

He just rather ‘gets’ my native “Love Languages”

  1. Quality Time (watch a movie together?  Share music fave? Discuss what’s going on in world?  Personal challenges? Rant about anything and the other doesn’t take it ‘personally’?)
  2. Acts of Service that are in tune with my ‘foundation/build for future’ needs, instead of ‘hmmm..nice, but luxury, thanks – but, um, yeah – still stressed out over basics – 🙂

He receives, in return,  lower costs & the freedom to be an adult (i.e. texts or check-ins “Hey!  Staying in town for friend’s gathering, be home tomorrow”  or “What needs done?  I have plans later today, so figure out what I can do to help, cuz I’m available to help until….”)

And I get to be a mom/worry/make fun of myself/share experience, etc., but overall, I mainly just get to be a ‘roommate/friend’ with someone who knows most, if not all my lil ways…the good, the bad, the radunkulous –

(feel free to replace radunkulous’ with ludicrous or peccadilloes if you prefer real words…)

This Week’s  Shares….

Reading for Pleasure:

I have started reading “Giants in the Earth:A Saga of the Prairie’ by O.E. Rolvaag.   Published circa 1920s, it is the story of Norweigian immigrants who homesteaded in South Dakota plains.  I’m really enjoying it thus far.

Reading to Learn:

I’m learning new cooking techniques from “The Essentials of classic Italian cooking by Marcella Hazan” – most recipes call for ingredients too fancy, expensive or unavailable to me, but have mastered, with substitution, a couple of  basic sauce recipes, that I see multiple uses for, that really wow our taste buds.

Recipes learned from online search 2 weeks ago

Simple Irish Soda bread recipe that cooks in my toaster oven, nestled in a cast-iron skillet, will transition to solar cooker and even modified a recipe that makes an onion/garlic bagel style bread for Nathan, that goes from mix, to toaster oven and done in about 20 minutes.

I took pictures and wrote down process so if I ever get asked for the recipe or manage to publish the blog posts written, in need of refinement, I have what is needed to do quickly – 🙂

New to Me Movie pick for Week

“33 Postcards” on Amazon Prime

Official Trailer:

Song of the week

I couldn’t decide on one –

First comes to me, thus share with you,  via  Bloggy Pal King Midget as he continues in his quest to update his own ‘theme song’ – The Posts of this quest are full of great music, but thus far….I really like this one best  both for my ‘list of faves’ and what I see of his life, outside looking in….

Second is latest from Starset, a band my son introduced me too – the clear lead voice that allows me to  ‘hear the lyrics’ without having to look them up, and imbued with multiple levels of meaning and the imagery with multiple depths contained in the video…well – all of it continues to fascinate me regarding this band’s work:

Quote of the Week:

Technology’s role has begun to shift, from serving human users to pushing them out of the way so that the technologized world can service its own ends. And so, with increasing frequency, technology will exist not to serve human goals, but to facilitate its own expansion.~ From the Article “Why Nothing Works Anymore” by Ian Bogost

(8 minute read for those of you familiar with my tech reading style that doesn’t fit into your busy schedule and…

P.S. Tried to do ‘link’ from original news post at original site, sadly, original site too full of main page stuff, that took too long to load and 3 attempts at using ‘search’ function just didn’t work – maybe my slow internet, maybe issues on their side?  who knows?  But Pocket News link is what you get – 🙂

Technology is, to  me, rather like my 3rd generation shovel – I can, and yes will, someday, write about that whole metaphor, but until then here’s the short(er) recap of my mind musings over the past 3 years

My shovel helps me get what I want to do, done –

Sure, it needs some care, some sharpening, some skills to use effectively, but it doesn’t sit by the fence or in my kitchen/mudroom place saying, “love me, update me, pay for a snazzy new fiberglass handle every 6 months or so – and, ya know?  you need to learn new skills, too, if you want me to shovel wood chips this week, just like you did last week – )


This Week’s Reminders…

Via many in bloggy world to be grateful for…

  1. I’m glad I don’t live in Medieval Europe during the Plague, but nice window into what I already knew, but stories and pictures I hadn’t seen before.
  2. Old, new, steadfast and challenges can exist side by side, be Functional AND Pretty, and there are always those souls who capture those things and share – here in WP land- 🙂
  3. Still believe  online world is ‘what we humans make of it’ and I am done ‘experimenting’ in those forums I, apparently, will never fully understand the unspoken “rules/culture/ambience’ of – 🙂
  4. There are many, many folks in the world who think my, “This is quick/dirty version, but if you can live with, for now, we can build out…” attempts at many things are awesome AND also continue to show up, for my tendency to say, “Hmpf – it’s just a start – you really want to build what you said?   Okay – here’s a general road map – options lay ahead – but till then – get hold of yourself – more work to do… have you thought of this?  How do you envision going forth on this … for you/daily life…?  Need…More…Input…”  – (via conversations and research/reading)

And, as always – was reminded of the places, the thoughts, life challenges & funnies, shared – which make me laugh without trying, entertain me, hearten me, inspire me –

All via  you fine Bloggy Pal folks who bring the world to my living room in such a gracious way.

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(that’s CB/Truck Driver/Truck stop waitress talk, I think – at least – that’s where I picked it up from – It is, IMHO, the older version of “TTYL” – :D)

Now I got that ‘out of my system’….

That – being, in this case – my attempt to report on my own wanderings in spaces where time has no meaning, really and how much I miss out on because I’m lost in various ‘zones’ and such things – –

I just have to say –

I taste tested and ‘grazed’ all day during the great ‘food experiment’ day that I had so long put off doing, for the pure pleasure of it –

I also have, as previously observed by many in similar ‘phases’ of time, before, Not eaten enough to keep a bird alive – since – um….Sunday morning?

Not hungry – or if I am, I grap the equivalent of one hand sized portion – maybe prepared – maybe straight from fridge – and I’m not ‘waking up’ cuz I’m ‘hungry’ –

That said, I also learned long ago – while I enjoy tasty food, and enjoy good cooking, most times? I eat to live – experiencing pure joy over over-eating cuz I just can’t help myself, never happens to me ….


The food involved has low to no nutritive value –

How do I know so?

Take the first two weeks the man-child moved home and shortly after my mom visited –

Mom brought store bought oatmeal snack cakes with the creme filling –

Son has more of a carb lovin/sweet tooth than I am tempted with occasionally-

and…figured, better have something more than a tablespoon of  peanut butter, mixed with raw honey and shoved down gullet at 3am, just to shut my body up and my recent re-dedication to not giving into my famous, Hot Tamale, Jolly Joes or Mike & Ike habit when stress strikes – –

End of the story?

Man those snack cakes tasted good – when they were in the house, I just kept eating – replaced –

And the more I ate, the hungrier I would get, in shorter time – and ate more –


Cuz – they weren’t fulfilling real nutrition needs – IMHO –

And had stuff in them, that, for whatever reason, tasted good enough to keep ‘wanting’ but in the end, was about as ‘efficient/effective’ as putting a butterfly band aid on  a mortar wound –

Not working….

I no “likey” the whole “not working” thing – – 🙂

ESPECIALLY when I’m eating more, satisfied less, and spending more –

The time/$ spent invested with no return on investment just really chaps my hide –

So – that said –

Why yes, I haven’t been able to truly enjoy purchased bread for over a year now – something changed, somewhere –

Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s manufacturing processes, maybe it’s something else –

Sometimes, though I crave some ‘bulk/sugar’ to ‘fill me up’ on the go – I can’t even get the morsel swallowed – my body rebels – –

Across the board – so it’s me – the source of food processed or changes in manufacturing/preserving shelf items – who knows?  Certainly not me –

But, in the past 8 weeks, I have either revisited the following lessons past-past learned:

1. home made bread from real sources (though seriously, the sprouted flour caused some issues, where has the regular flour, used for 24 hour ‘no-knead’ versions of attempts, did not) feeds me better on smaller amounts –

2. Farmer’s cheese, in handful or not quite drained to give ‘consistency’/texture of greek yogurt, and worked into bagel recipe,  satisfies me more, even made from powdered milk options, than same amount of purchased, ‘cheese’ I had in stock – and was ALSO spending vast amounts of $ on, store brand, for what I could afford, given my ‘craving/doing when busy’ consumption rates –

3. In the end – I know my band-aids for poor nutrition – poor exercise because I’m burning loads of calories ‘thinking about’ stuff that helps me to earn my grocery $ spent – I also know  – in the end?

Life is never, for me, better, than when I can eat gourmet/really planned for, anticipated full dinner OR when I have my tummy/senses fed, WHILE also eating on the run, cuz “I don’t have time to mess with cooking just now” –

And in the end – I guess, I still believe part of the ‘nutrition’ we get from stuff is wrapped up on many things – our intents, our motivations, our sources, our self-knowledge –

But again – when I work with ingredients, no matter how they are labeled, that are the result of sourcing the best I can, with the $ I have?

I am reminded, over and over of their blessings – and, thinking again, tonight, of my Dad’s usual ‘grace’ given, before a meal…

Thank you – bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies and bless the hands that prepared it.

And all that works wonders – –

Except for store bought, low cost, snack cakes –

Trust me – I tried blessing the durn things and their ‘line of production’ from field to lab – to factory – to sales – distributors –

For three days – I HONESTLY tried!

Didn’t work – 🙂

At least not for me – 🙂

The other stuff used for my previous weeks experiments?  Well – I don’t know the origins of every single source, but most of them, I do –

And some, while not my ‘preferred, close to the source’ options, well, I TRUST those who provide the shelf stable options for long term food storage plans –

Why?  Because they are the ones that, via their website, in 2006, (2007?) were the ones that educated me and gave me the info on the different nutrients available in different kinds of beans –

They cared enough to do the tests/report on, and say, “from this you get that, from this one, you’ll get this”

And so, the ingredients used that I don’t know the hands that raised, harvested, butchered, etc.?

They all came from folks I’ve come to trust (except for the sprouted flour – it was on sale from vendor I’ve long used – maybe it’s fine – maybe it’s not – but just saying – – – )

There!   More of my pondering and…ta da – – AND I came in under 1,000 words, right?!?

Wilted Lettuce – Local Style

How many, many posts I have sitting in draft mode – waiting to perfect, etc., but tonight…?

Yup, easy post to do –

Here’s the back story (seriously, you KNOW me by now – there is ALWAYS a back story….)

Yesterday I hauled my outta shape, been working in front of computer/leisurely running around the library body out to neighbors to aide in putting up deer fence around the herb garden – I hammered, I nailed, I stapled, I took frequent breaks, I used a post driver to get a t-post driven further in the ground and straightened up, somewhat –

I also cussed alot – cuz ya know, when you’re out of shape and angry at how far you’ve let yourself go, working on modern stuff, ya just GOTTA cuss over how weak you are (and hope your cursing convinces the nail, hammer or fencepost to straighten up and do what you want, right now….)

And then, I was invited in for lunch/break – and King of the Household whipped up some “Wilted Lettuce” – from his mama’s recipe – and I was offered sprouted garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds and locally raised/smoked brauts to round out lunch –

Man-a-Live – BEST meal I’ve had in ages!!

How?  You ask?

Well, maybe it was the fresh lettuce, onion picked out of the garden about 2.5 seconds before it was cooked – – maybe it was the locally raised/processed bacon….maybe it was time honored recipe –

…maybe, I was just beside myself over sitting down and having a plate of food put in front of me, to eat, with no more asked of me, than, “Glad you are here” –

Who knows, really, in the end, what feeds our souls and tickles our tastebuds?

But, project done, I headed home yesterday afternoon, with gifts of:

  • Bag full of mixed lettuce
  • Bag full of onions
  • Bag full of radishes
  • Bag full of rhubarb (their rhubarb is ahead of mine and getting out of hand on waste not/want not status….)

And later, at home, I received via email, the recipe for Wilted Lettuce –

Which uses sugar, and I asked if I could substitute basalmic vinegar, instead, cuz works for tomato based sauces, right?  And I don’t have much sugar on hand – 🙂

Suffice to say, I experimented for supper tonight – one of a handful of suppers I have actually ‘cooked’ for myself over the past year or so, unless company was here and I realized it’s only polite to feed folks while they visit…

(I’ve been living off cheese, crackers, boiled eggs, beef jerky, canned tuna, etc.  just cuz, who has time to cook?!? at o’dark thirty at the end of a long day?!?)

And so, follows is my poor, poor attempt at re-creating the fantabulous meal of yesterday – I adjusted amounts, then I substituted basalmic vinegar for the sugar, and…added more bacon (real physical labor makes me totally starving with less than 2 meals a day…) and…I don’t have any garbanzo beans sprouted, I’m out of sunflower seeds till this fall, and I sat at my desk, working, and realized,

“It just doesn’t taste as good when eating sans good conversation with friends….”

In the end, I cleaned the entire plate of food, after smacking my lips and shoving down the last 2 forkfulls, cuz my tummy said, “Enough!  You have nutrition enough!!!”

Sighed and came to the final conclusion,

“Edible and satisfying, still – – Not as good as I had yesterday…”

I’m figuring I ought not try to free-wheel it with recipe adjustments, NOR can I ever replace work during eating with Good Conversation with Friends and feel the same way about both –

Follows are the pics of my supper meal – with the  REAL recipe (follow it, trust it 🙂 sugar and all – c’mon, you can use organic cane sugar, right?!?  Promise I’ll let ya know if coconut sugar works – trying that next time, CUZ I have THAT on hand!!!),

followed by my lil ad hoc adjustments for tonights meal –

Bottom line?  I’m still convinced

Good Neighbors & Friends, good food, hard work that makes a difference, and taking the time to cook for yourself, all feed the body and soul more than a quick, easy meal does –

I’ll let you know if I change my mind, this lifetime….

Wilted Lettuce Recipe (Original)

  • Cut up and fry 3-4 strips of bacon.
  • Slice 2-4 green onions, with or without tops.
  • Add to hot bacon and drippings 1/4 cup of white vinegar, 2 T of water (optional), 2 T sugar, salt, and pepper.  Sliced onions can be added to frying bacon or placed with lettuce raw.  
  • Pour hot drippings/bacon over 8-10 cups (or less) of leaf lettuce, toss, and enjoy.
  • A sliced hard boiled egg can be added for more protein.

Picture of a couple half-hearted handfuls of lettuce from my ‘haul’ brought home yesterday from generous neighbor and ONE, yes ONE green onion of many that were plucked  and graciously gifted, from their garden as of yesterday –

I have worked more physically, than mentally these past 10 days, so I boldly did 3 strips of bacon to go with the 2 – 3 cups of lettuce/onion ration – I am a carnivore at heart, where physical labor is included,  no matter how lightweight I’ve become on the physical labor front…. 🙂

And then, do I follow the recipe?  Um, no ….all I can say is my local folks seem to forgive me my idiot ways – – Here’s the ‘pantry items’ additions:

Cook the bacon cut into pieces for a time (add onion half way through bacon cooking, if you’re a  carnivore at heart and cook way more bacon than called for your reduced cups of ‘green, good for ya veggies’ type rations…)

Add the ingredients to make the ‘sauce’ – I admit… I was a lil worried about dumping in the vinegar/water, etc., into hot bacon grease – don’t ask me why –

….don’t I splash a cup or a gallon of red wine into sausage grease with impunity for Italian recipes?!?   No worries, it all turned out good, didn’t splash or burn myself, even given my long hiatus from actually using kitchen implements….

Pour that crispy, carmelized, simmering mess in the skillet all over the bowl of lettuce – toss, cover, and then fix your plate….eat almost all of it – be overtaken by wonderful memories of moments in time from yesterday, take a break from eating the last few bites, and write a blog so your pals know you seriously just cooked AND ate what you cooked, all by yourself tonight – LOL

Seriously, folks, with fresh, local produce?  You cannot mess this thing up, even if you adjust for what you have on hand or your preferences – except…except, fairly certain the bacon grease adds something – not sure tofu will carry it off – just saying –

Wilted Lettuce (Ballybin’s Attempt)

  • 2 cups lettuce
  • 3 strips of bacon & 1 local large green onion, sauteed
  • 2 TBL white vinegar
  • 1 TBL balsamic vinegar
  • Salt & Pepper to taste