Sourdough Oatmeal Muffins

I’m more of a yeast bread or flat bread type of cook – I often don’t have good luck trying to make cakes, muffins or cookies, although, I can usually manage turning out a loaf of zuchinni or banana bread – sometimes I can nail a pie…

So imagine my total THRILL when my first stab at making sourdough muffins turned out nice and tasty and baked up like they should, at my high altitude, after I read a lot of recipes and on the fly, substituted in what I had on hand…


Note* the following made at high altitude, with gluten free flour someone gave me and I needed to haul out of the freezer to make room for other stuff – the sourdough starter I have was made with hard red winter wheat.


  • 1 cup sourdough starter
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup of raisins/dried cranberries
  • 1 cup of rolled oats
  • 1/3 cup of molasses crystals (or 1/3 cup of brown sugar if you have such fancy baking goods on hand – – – LOL)
  • 1/3 cup of cooking oil (I used avocado)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/2 cup flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp salt


  1. Stir together the sourdough starter, milk, rolled oats and raisins/cranberries. Let sit to soften oats/fruit.
  2. In separate bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt.
  3. Grease or line your muffin pans (IF I hadn’t been cautious about filling/overfilling them, this recipe would have made 12 regular sized muffins, I ended up using my 3rd muffin tin of 6, and filled 4 of the holes – so I actually made 16 just under regular size muffins.)
  4. Preheat your oven (I used my toaster oven) to 400หš.
  5. Add the brown sugar or molasses crystals, oil, & egg to the soaking oat/fruit mixture.
  6. Once blended, add the dry ingredients just until the mix is blended.
  7. Spoon into muffin pans, bake for 20-25 minutes (mine were done in 20 mins.)
  8. Immediately dump out of pan, onto cooling rack, once cool, store in your oversized cookie jar that doesn’t fit anywhere else but on the one counter space you thought you might use for sprouting/fermenting projects….LOL

They are nummy, nummy and I’ll be playing with the fruit amounts, adding in nuts/etc. And report back in – but overall? Really happy with how well this first ‘attempt’ at it went – ๐Ÿ™‚

I managed to look through several recipes for sourdough muffins and did the various calculations for batch size, substitutions etc., and didn’t book mark all the recipes I looked at – so sorry – no ‘inspiration’ credit line – ๐Ÿ™‚

Stardate – um.. someday – Report

The countertop fizzy soda that I left sit long enough to become some fine sipping, fruity beverage that I had 3 half-full rocks glasses of before realizing – “Um – guess I’ll have to water/ice that down, too! I’m such a light weight”.

The Sima started is mellow, smooth and nice sipping, but doesn’t have the depth of flavors/complexity to it the peach/mango and straweberry/raspberry blends did.

That said, the Sima was ‘salted’ with some additional orange zest and lemon zest, a tiny smidge of more yeast, and more raisins and is now back to sitting and ‘mellowing it/thinking about what it wants to ‘be’ as it grows older – ๐Ÿ˜€

The sourdough experiments started off so grand, but still haven’t gotten a recipe nailed down for hamburger type buns, JUST yet –

The sourdough oatmeal, dried cranberry muffins came out good – recipe to follow….

So, update – there are now ten, (yes I said 10!) 2 liter bottles with various fruity sodas fermenting along their way to ‘knock Tamrah on her keister next Saturday night (we finished ’em off during Saturday night game night – they were at 21 days from initial start!).

I now have 2 different sourdough starters going, and am doing something with sourdough starter in the neighborhood of 2-4 cups, every day.

The grass is growing, the weeds are getting pulled, I still haven’t gotten many ‘seeds’ in the ground – but little by little, more areas under sheet mulching or pretty up and mulched and ready to face a hot, dry summer (if that’s what we end up getting this year)

That said, no pictures for this, so used an old one of my iris/rhubarb/poppy bed – irises and poppies coming along and soon! I’ll have rhubarb to start THOSE counter top experiments!

P.S. I just carefully poured off the top clear portion of the fermented ‘hard sodas’ added more raisins, warmed up the fruit/sugar mixture for a new batch, let it cool, added the lemon juice and poured into the 2 liter jug with the yeast sediment, gave it a good shake and man! Did those take off!

I did 3 jugs of blueberry, cuz I had blueberries I could use and also, have sometime soon, a ‘I don’t eat them and have 5 pounds worth – do you want them?” gift coming, and the blueberry ones are trucking along okay – but they started with NEW yeast pitch and are bubbling along as furiously as the ‘oh, let’s just mix the fruit/sugar and dump it into the same jug , let’s see what happens with that” –

Alas, I must be getting old and tired – because I’m not just a lazy gardener – or a lazy housekeeper, I’m trying experiments so I can be a lazy cook from scratch and homebrewer, as well – – but still, with all the kitchen experiments ramping up and getting back to adjusting better for grinding my own flour from grains, still long, long days – can’t wait to have it all streamlined and into a ‘routine!”

P.S. – I did go ahead and snap a picture of my ‘kitchen fermentation projects’ but be kind – I’m still moving things and trying to get my small kitchen more user friendly for daily, multiple, long term projects… LOL

Baby Rhubarb – Far from ‘home’

As another Spring unfolds since the 7 years ago Spring I first was ‘here’ at the homeplace, yet another ‘seeded myself without any help from you’ rhubarb shows up –

In Fall of 2013, I moved the rhubarb crowns from under the propane tank of my new โ€˜homeโ€™ to a dry garden bed with rescued from mowing operations, Irises

In Summer of 2015, I quit harvesting from the first transplant who put up a seed stalkโ€ฆ

In Summer of 2016, I did the same on another transplant that put forth a seed stalk –

In Summer of 2019, I had one baby rhubarb, about 2 feet away from the 2015 stalk

This spring, of 2020?

Another Baby Rhubarb, about 4 feet from the 2016 stalk and 5 feet away from the 2015 oneโ€ฆ

Moral of the story?

Mother Nature cares not about my understanding of distance, time or clumsy operations – She finds the way forth!

StarDate 10 – Kitchen Experiments Update

The sourdough starter …’started’ 10 days ago has been trucking right along and earning it’s keep as I go along on ‘using sourdough starter discard’ for various recipes –

Some I have ‘followed’ for such things – some are ‘done in modification of tried/true recipes’ – Win some, fail some, but none have yet been inedible or given us food poisoning….

That said…um, yeah, we poured out a shot or two volume portions for the two ‘2-litre sized hard sodas/let it go for awhile with burping of CO2 built up to prevent explosions, overall” experiments were taste/palate for ABV (alchohol by volume) experiential, subjective taste tests today –

Peach/Mango wins for ‘knock your socks off ABV” –

Crap! Burned my throat like a shot of whiskey or some other libations done in my younger years – yes, I remember the sensation – and didn’t ‘taste much’ expect the “WHOO! That has a kick!” immediate reaction – then about 10 minutes later, thinking “Dudette, DO NOT EVER DO THAT AGAIN on empty stomach or not mixed with ice/water, SOMETHING!” –

Strawberry/Raspberry wins for taste

Um, it tastes better, has more flavor – and not knock one on their immediate/shortly thereafter butt (my personal take on it).

Seeing as how I have a better hope in hell of growing strawberries/raspberries here, than I do of growing peaches/mangos – I guess you already know what I might run experiments on to see how various time/ratios might ramp the ‘kick your butt’ factor up on the strawberry/raspberry formula and various ‘just give me booze – I could use the ‘tranquilizing/numb the muscle/bone pain effects…please’ fronts – LOL

BOTH WON on consistency/texture…given no 2nd racking, no filtering of yeast leavings..etc…

Seriously, for long time followers here and those who know my whole ‘take on the matter’ – you just KNEW I wasn’t going to filter out the pulp, try for the perfectly aged, clear mix, etc… right?

Cuz of all the research into how many vitamins and nutrients and other goodies are in the fiber, yeast/fermentation leavings – and how we miss out on that stuff striving for the perfectly store bought, clear concoction that never varies in color/thickness etc…

Why yes, I prepared the ‘mash’ (? I think that is what you call it – LOL) but I just pureed it with a stick blender and dumped it all in –

Didn’t filter it or anything – just left it all in –

I ‘burped’ the ‘jugs’ this a.m. We shook them up to ‘mix’, then slowly opened (long burp), poured out a wee dram for each of us to try, and –


So far, so good just keeping it all together – If you want liquid nutrition of preserved thingees that keeps all of it together, it works –

If you want knock you on the butt and/or ‘burns my throat, think it’s good alkey-hall for getting loopey-looed’ I have that too – BUT – early days –

Seriously – I did very simply, in recycled/washed, 2 liter pop bottles – a sauce pan and sugar/yeast –

That said, got my grains to sprouting activities going again –

Cuz ya know, there is a recipe in Wild Fermentations on how to make “Bouza” (Egyptian Beer) from sourdough/loves and water + time –

And, haven’t gotten ‘hops’ established on the place, nor am I spending funds to order in equipment or boxed/canned additives to be a ‘beer brew master’ – but, I ALSO here those facilities in Mexico that produce the fave beer of the man-child have been shut down for awhile – so who knows how long I might have to come up with a ‘doable/okay, can live with the substitution’ recipe for beer?

Not long, perhaps – so tired -tonight – on so many fronts – but still, small gains made in some areas, everyday – LOL

Hope this finds you and yours well. Reposting initial project picture, cuz too tired and working on multiple fronts – community, work and homestead ways to think of/or want to go take current pictures! ๐Ÿ˜€

P.S. – The Sima? Still not touching/opening it -It had a longer, more precisely stated overall, ‘leave it the f!! alone, will ya?” instructions across all the recipes I looked at – ๐Ÿ˜€

StarDate 8 – Kitchen Experiments

So…um…well, I started off good this a.m. Made muffin tin sized mini-Italian meatloaf recipe, with cheesy/garlic smashed tators on top, and took a ‘swing’ at modifying my inherited dinner roll recipe to using sourdough, eggs, oil (sans milk and butter) …

Mini-meatloafs did fine, even with adjusted on fly ingredients to put in more veggies, less panko crumbs (RATIONING! for such store bought things like crumbs/panko – PUHLEASE let me find a way to not shop in-store or online – PUHLEASE!)

The modified dinner roll recipe from sourdough starter discard? Um…well – forgot to check on it sooner than my usual “meh – check in evening/tomorrow morning’ for rise/punch down I’m used to on no-knead, slow rise fronts and …

It raised faster than anything before, just thought to check it (almost bed time…) and lost some that spewed out over the bowl – still pliant and responsive after ‘punch down/fold over’ operations, so guess, unless I walk into a mess in the morning, I’ll shape to rise/bake first thing in the a.m.

Soda/Hard Soda Ferments

Strawberry/Raspberry one is trucking right along and still needs ‘burbed’ a few times during the day to keep plastic recycled pop bottle from exploding –

Peach/mango recipe slowing down and I’ve now combined back together in one bottle – and added a smidge of sugar in case the yeast were starving….taste testing is set for tomorrow night so we can assess ingredients, time, etc., but didn’t want to swig made-by-mistake-cooking vinegar – so, as usual, flying by the seat of my pants on some fronts and winging it as I go with my best WAG given months/years of READING about it, before actually DOING it –

The Sima?

Well…um…it bubbled the airlock right along about 1/2 – 1 day in, then ramped, up, then slowed, and I thought, “oxygen – it needs oxygen, right?” so I spent one day doing the ‘twist’ of the bucket on the floor, then the next day doing kettle-style Tai Chi moves with the bucket and on third-4th day, pulled the airlock out, barely, shoved right back in and then ‘did the twist’ or country swing with it again –

Who knows what it will turn out like, at this point?

Another day computer bound –

Not really held hostage, but, um, got into staying up late, so no longer waking up on me own around 2am-5am – nope, waking up when the sun has been saying ‘rise and shine, sleepy head’ for an hour or more, which is just about the time my email explodes, I do client work, log into social media to assist in getting local word out and well – yup, another day not spent primarily in garden or kitchen activities/dreams –

I’m getting slower at multi-tasking numerous things, the older I get – I would LIKE to think it’s because I’m focused on what I’m doing “right now” and lose track of time, but alas, I usually dive into so much ‘awareness/focus’ on the now, that ANY and I say ANY newbie to being a time management guru personage would just shake their head and yell at me,

You are seriously in need of time management, prioritizing help!

We’ll see – thus far, individuals, friends, family & mother nature seem to forgive me such things – not so much in other arenas where the clock, calendar and ‘just in time’ marketing things that seem to drive so much of online world, seem to take precedence….

And so…I sign off tonight with one lone picture of the NOW patted down ‘holy carramba!” sourdough dinner rolls in process.

(I did take pics of the dough after too long a rise, and the made hours ago lunch/supper/quick breakfast tomorrow mini-meatloafs, however, wouldn’t ya know? The camera now takes pics without warning me the SD card isn’t back in it from the computer I used to download/optimize pics….sigh – more learning/settings, reminders to me, to-do – LOL)

Hope this finds you & yours well!