WIHH to my “re-blog” option?

Note** Title Acronym Definition -“What-in-Hades-Happened”…

Sharing awesome post link:

10 Inspiring Quotes from Writers About Writing

I Tried the Re-blog – option – didn’t work….

Button USED to give me a window to type intro, and hit Re-blog button again, to share –

Since I’m out of date – and using Firefox with Security functions rather locked down, since the link for ‘re-blog button’ there, shows url that has ‘widget’ in it – perhaps my sticking with classic editor and not being “gutenberg ready/smart plays a role –

Perhaps, somewhere, updates are rolling out, maintenance being done, edits in process or server cachess being emptied, updated – who knows?

I don’t mess with deep research or troubleshooting such stuff, anymore, right ‘on the spot and immediately’- part of my adjustments back to ‘quality of life’ streamlining operations –

I instead, leave my self a note,  to try/explore/learn later – or just wait for other operations to ‘finish’ in their own sweet time –

For all I know

This ‘reblog’ share,  is also going to appear , somewhere on my blog, some 3 times, in a widget,  on my site, I’m unable to see/unaware of – all while such things are also plaguing one of my long-suffering from my ineptness, Bloggy Pals – 🙂

That said – …you have the link – quick read –

Wordlander has explanation if things going ugly on her end and I just can’t ‘see the chaos’ I caused –

And  – post rather full of  my go-to favesto’talk myself off the ledge’ mind chatter  when I’m stuck in writing/creative works – – 🙂

There ya go – share from this wannabe writer while wading through tech changes land – 🙂