Fantabulous and Awesome Blossom

Awards are nice – they are the equivalent of Girl’s Night Out where you compliment each other, share juicy tidbits about yourself and then inform the group of what amazing find you came across last week.

However, for a variety of reasons there are those who choose not to accept or pass on awards.  For those who like the idea of having an award or two on their site, but aren’t up to the work involved or feel like they’ll somehow betray those they follow by narrowing a list down to just 10 – here’s two awards you are welcome to put on your site if I’ve followed you, Liked one of your posts or left a comment that included the link to this page.

You are also free to bestow these no-strings attached Awards to others as you see fit – these images are free to use as long as you and others don’t pretend they are your own.  If you wish to link back here, Fantabulous – but not required.



Update –

As I’ve seen this catch on and being passed out willy-nilly (Yay!), I’ve noticed the Fantabulous Award is a tad big for some layouts – so here’s a smaller version – Happy Willy-Nillying!


10 thoughts on “Fantabulous and Awesome Blossom”

    1. Yup – your words published some recently, some long ago, have inspired, motivated, boosted my spirits this a.m. – as in, I’m not alone – there are others who question this – there are others who rail against this/wish to change this/are also confused about this – rarely, for me, are any of my struggles to do with whether I’m “right or wrong” – it has more to do with, “am I missing something? Am I the only one who see’s this/thinks this/questions this?” and alas – I did a 3+ year Facebook experiment – I’m still HEALING the trauma of it – – LOL – so yes, this a.m., in seeing your visit, visiting you and reading through your blog – my hope is restored and I am healed, just a bit more, from the trauma of the Facebook pool – and I have smaller group there than here – mostly of friends and family – but – well – there are things the written word evokes that no meme can do the same – 🙂


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