Erv! Clean-up on Aisle 7!

What?  I wasn’t even near aisle 7!

Yes, there’s been a lot of changes here at BallyBin this past year – not that you would notice by viewing my way-outdated blog theme, or my less than spectacular landscaping/new perennial beds plan – looks like not much has changed, at all, cept my house being messier than usual – 🙂

But a lot of the tools I use (both in the physical world, cyber-work world and my own ‘lil inner world) have been so massively transformed, changed/revisited/re-affirmed/changed-my-mind – etc. on, Life has felt like one continual white water rafting excursion – or, like trying to ski in front of an avalanche?  who knows?

But that’s what this year has felt like – I knew I had to paddle, steer, hold on, stay afloat, learn to ski, or whatever, but somedays, my mantra has been,

“Umm.. Yeah… Can we pause for a commercial break?  Ya don’t have to stop, completely, but even if You could just slow down the time-frames – just a bit – preferably to 6 Million Dollar Man action-scene mode?  I’ll supply the sound effects, if you could just – pause or slo-mo for a minute or week or so – “

And, often these past 6 months, I’ve silently wondered…

“Now what?  Will it never end?”

Fortunately, I have some great folks who are great at providing optional stories for me to pick from (instead continuing to listen to my own whiny ones…) and they even run specials now and again –

Which is why, last December, I signed up to get my 2016 annual astrological forecast from Litebeing in January.

Which, was…


And during the past few weeks, I’ve edited, revised, trashed, restored, etc., the review I’m happy to provide, but still seeing how things are unfolding now that she showed me some other ways to look at the cycles I’m saying good-bye to – the ones coming up I didn’t even know I’d been preparing for –  yet, obviously, I have been, for, like, years now….

And so, because Clean-Up/Mop-Up operations are still in heavy duty mode, so I can focus on new adventures without tripping over my old to-do piles – had to give ya this intro – cuz next, I’ll be posting my initial thoughts on my reading, and most likely will revisit the topic now and then through the coming year – as it unfolds –

I promised her I would get ‘er done before March!  And she, the blessed, patient soul she is, has been understanding of my ‘want to ponder upon it a tad more’ phase – 🙂

So, Litebeing?  You’ll be receiving this little ping, and another one, too – But had to say –  the first thing that changed for me, after my reading, was I quit seeing as much chaos and started seeing,

“Hey!  Awesome, Look at how much has gotten done to pave the way for the next adventure!”

P.S. – I tackled the 3 foot stack of “to be filed” pile, first  – 🙂  My filing area looks pretty nifty now! 🙂  Thank You!