My (non) Facebook Sins

Okay, so if you didn’t know, I boycotted Facebook quite some time ago – for those who think drawing a line and having ideals is so grand – here’s the list of sins I’ve committed by sticking to my boycott:

  • Failed to help a wonderful small business owner get enough “Likes” to qualify for a community small-business grant (yes, she was short by more than one vote, but it’s the principal of the thing)
  • Plagued my hairdresser’s co-workers to find out how her surgery went – I could have just followed the whole saga on Facebook, because her daughter faithfully kept all friends posted
  • Failed to support several other small businesses by “Liking” them on Facebook
  • Shamelessly let others advertise my work on their Facebook account, so I can get the advantages of FB marketing without selling out my stance on boycotting…
  • Use the word “Facebook” as a post tag, which sometimes brings readers to my WordPress Blog, thinking it’s something good…

There – confession is good for the soul.


I was on Facebook when not everyone was doing it – – – jumped off about a year before it really got going and years before it went Public.   I posted, I replied, I increased my WordPress stats by posting article links on my Facebook page.

I re-connected with old friends and got caught up with others.   I knew what was going on and my phone bill drastically reduced.

I admit, there were some good things.

Now, I feel like either a Christian in pre-Constantine Rome or a Pagan in the post-era.

I miss out on coupon codes, big discounts, the chance to sign a pledge, boycott this or that and support small businesses.

Most times, I don’t care – but I must admit the last item is hard for me to swallow.


It’s not that I don’t care – I’ll donate if I can afford to, or write about you in my blog, or hang your flyers on community bulletin boards when I’m out hanging mine.  I’ll follow your blog, quote your blog, link to it and like your posts.

I’ll write content for your website, let you re-post my articles in your magazine and use referral credits you gave me to let new customers try your services.

“By your good deeds shall ye be known”

I’m just praying all the others make up for my No Facebook sins…

Where was I?

Though I’m behind in commenting, I see the Occupy Wall Street movement did get a spokesman – Michael Moore – who eloquently explained what the group was about.  Or at least what he thought it was trying to accomplish – and there were four or five protestors standing around him nodding their heads, so they thought he was explaining it well, too.   What the million others thought, I do not know.

I’m sad to see there has been violence and destruction flaring here and there.  Not too unexpected…

Even Ghandi called for his followers to take it down a notch or two when he saw  peaceful protests  turning into bloodbaths – –

No, I didn’t pick that example at random – Imperialism is a never ending cycle and happens in many forms….


Why am I so out of date on reporting?  Well, surprise, surprise, I had a stroke a couple of weeks back.

The usual suspects have been ruled out: High cholesterol, hole in the heart, blocked arteries.  There’s a chance no one will ever know.

Which is rather hard to swallow, seeing as how I was able to glow in the dark for Halloween, thanks to all the CTs done on me.

I was lucky enough to get care in time to avoid much permanent damage.  T-pa (affectionately known as “Clot-buster” by the medical community) has an effective window of 2-3 hours from the start of the stroke and a risk of internal massive hemorrhaging.   I was there in time and managed to not bleed to death, which made the ER team really happy.   I was touched by how sincere they were in expressing their joy at my recovery.   After the first few congratulations, I started to see my outcome was, apparently, the exception, rather than the rule.

Yes, I sent the Universe a thank you note.


Nearly two weeks out and I no longer talk like Porky Pig – I’ve advanced enough to sound like Elmer Fudd now.

(I’m personally fond of Taz and Yosemite Sam, but my healthcare team has mandated, “No stress, No strong emotions”, so I guess those two are out and shallow, superficial Daffy Duck at his most oblivious will appear next.)

I can walk just fine, unless I overdo and get tired, then my right foot sort of drags along for the ride.

But all in all, feeling pretty lucky and, once again, am glad modern medicine is available to keep me alive long enough for fixer-upper projects to commence.

Course, all this means I’m unemployed again – with strict orders for lots of rest and no over-exertion.   As impatient as always, I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever work again, as there seems to be no 100% guarantee I’ll return to my previous fast walking, Chatty-Kathy personage that answers phones, greets customers and efficiently multitasks.

(I’ve been told, often, I talk too much…In the flurry of the ER, I managed to stutter out with a smile, “This is my punishment for talking too much”.  Everyone either smiled bravely through tears or looked concerned…I thought it was funny, but guess my timing was off.)

Since a career in stand-up comedy seems to be out, perhaps it’s time to return to my original dream of being an author.   What the heck?  I write because I love to and have several manuscripts collecting dust in my writing file.  No one cares how I talk or walk when I’m making up stories in front of my computer.  And apparently the part of my brain that goes off on wild-goose chases was not harmed in the least.  In fact, my ability to make up wildly impossible stories seems to have increased these past months.

With e-age making it possible for me to self-publish utilizing a low-budget and lots of free time (both of which I’m currently blessed with) I figure why not take the plunge?

In the back of my storytelling mind, I hear the Universe saying, “Jeez – kept trying to get her to follow her dream and it took a stroke to do it.”

Who knows if it’s true or not?

But for now,  it’s a story I can cling to.


P.S. In researching self-published marketing tips, I was informed three key things are needed: A blog, Twitter account and….yes, you guessed it…a Facebook account.   Time will tell if I decide to trade in my ideals to earn a living…

I need Facebook to Boycott?

I enjoyed reading Howard Schultz’s letter concerning how to create an upward spiral, both for the economy and the citizens of our country.  Calling for a boycott of political donations and pledges for businesses to expand, hire and innovate to break the cycle of fear, he’s already gotten over 500 pledges for boycotting political donations and 100 for job creation/expansion.

Sounds like a fine idea to some – corporate blackmail of the government by others – – Me?  Well, seeing as how I’m unemployed, over-qualified to sling hash and under-qualified to head up the colonial expansion team to Mars…well, it sounds good to me…

However, I was dismayed to find out the only way I can pledge is if I’m a Facebook user.

Over the past few months, I’ve missed out on deals, sales and coupons because of my Facebook boycott.  Sigh… But to find a grassroots campaign, run solely on Facebook – well, that did grab my attention.  Especially when I also found a top news thread indicating Facebook has instituted new privacy controls.

Hmmm…. very interesting.   How do you think this all played out?  Did Mr. Schultz, eager to launch his “Boycott Political Donations until elected leaders do what they are paid to do”, told Facebook, “Hey!  I’ll run the whole Upward Spiral Platform via you, but first, get your privacy controls fixed.”

Maybe.  Maybe not.   But interesting news this a.m., all the same.

Deactivating Facebook

Pre-bed routine for me is logging onto Facebook, checking to see how the world treated my circle of friends today – the joys, the heartaches, etc.   Even had a heart-warming quote to post….

But after I read through today’s posts (which is easy, because I don’t have many friends….) I ended up deactivating my account.   And after sleeping on the decision, will most likely delete my account tomorrow.

For the past few months, I’ve been alerted by my savvy Facebook friends, about new information sharing upgrades that automatically “Opt-You-In” rather than letting you choose to Opt-In.

Yes, Yes, Facebook developers…I know….I can go to Account Settings>Subcategory>drift through 3 or 4 pages>find what I don’t want>choose “Opt-Out”>watch your little video or read your text file explaining why I’m really being an idiot because I don’t want you sharing everything I’m fine with my friends seeing, but don’t really want pedophiles and robber barons (or any elected politician)  viewing>Click Continue to pass up another opportunity for you to explain to me why I’m paranoid, don’t understand the software or just to old of a geezer, and really, I should just trust that you have my best interests at heart>enter my password>enter the fuzzy, graphically skewed anti-fraud words>click Yes, I’m sure>Click Yes, I really am Damn Sure>

And after all that – my account is deactivated.  If I want to delete it, I have to ‘submit a request’ – which has even fuzzier, graphically skewed words and I’m sure NASA pilots with 100/100 vision  couldn’t make out the words…..

What a joke.


I’ve teased about ‘being under the radar” for a long time- as someone who struggled to become debt free after being unemployed in 2002, I don’t have credit cards and no one with a brain would want my identity.   I would have been better off filing for bankruptcy, but que sera, sera, I’m within 6 months of getting the last one of 6 paid off and I wouldn’t get another credit card to save my soul – –

I am unemployed, so no one is interested in my bank account.

My hubby would say “You can keep her” when the ransom call came, so kidnapping me is a waste of time for the easy money crowd.

I’ve systematically sold everything that has no use for me, but others value, so unless you’re desperately seeking sprouted wheat, peat moss or a garage full of seedling containers then I’m pretty safe from robbery.  (Hey!  I see your greedy eyes perusing my grain grinder…..)

My son knows self-defense and I taught him to scream bloody murder or fight you to the death in front of witnesses, rather than out somewhere quiet, so he’s pretty safe, too.

Hubby is a cop and has a gun…he’ll just shoot your happy ass.  (And I’d really have to think hard about whether I’d pay ransom for him either….)

Given all this, why should I care if my info is spread around?

Surprise…I really don’t.

It’s the Principal of the Thing.


A couple of years ago, I visited with a web-hoster/developer/designer personage.   He told me a customer once asked him to put up a page for folks to “opt-in” to his mailing list – then customer decided, no wait, automatically opt them in, put “opt-out” link in real small print at the bottom of the page.   THEN customer decided, hey, why make it easy for them to opt out?  Don’t give ’em a choice at all.

Needless to say, that customer had to find another web guru – -Yes, I know, I hang around with great people….


I’m always talking about the power of boycotting.  I also frequently spout about making governments and businesses sit up and take notice – they only exist and have a paycheck because WE choose to support them.

So far, they aren’t really listening…..

Or maybe, the cry isn’t loud enough yet.


So, I ask you to join me in the boycott of Facebook, until they agree to make all new Upgrades for sharing your shit all over cyber-space “Opt-In” not “Opt-Out” designed.

Not that I really hold out much hope….

Someday I’ll tell you about my boycott of Dodge – still don’t own one and never will…but, sigh…they are still in business….


It just occurred to me that since I don’t follow the mainstream news much, I’m probably unaware that WordPress was bought out by Facebook and you’ll never even see this article…..

Fine Print Disclaimer: The Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and the majority of other Social Media users, but do not represent facts as determined by the online corporations mentioned.
As for Dodge: mechanic Terry, Service Manager Dave and Customer Service Rep Ralph all agreed with me that your 1995 Neon’s Throttle body was made out of shitty parts. You knew they were because you had issued a technical bulletin on them.  They also sadly informed me your Diamond Customer Service wouldn’t do crap even though the entire car EXCEPT for the throttle body was only 6 months into it’s 5 year bumper-to-bumper warranty, because the problem wasn’t so bad someone had died from it and therefore, no one could force you to order a recall (to save your cheap company from bad press and total ruination)….Your customer service consisted of, “Send in a letter, but it won’t do you any good”
Did you really think I’d forget all this in a mere 15 years?
Remember the marketing rep that told you a dissatisfied customer will tell 10 people?   I promised you I would tell at least 10 people a year and I’ve way surpassed my meager promise….
Facebook …you’re next…..
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