Jack Bauer

One more quick post and then off to get ready for my birthday dinner…

I’ve often referred to Jack Bauer in my posts.   For those of you who don’t know who this is, here ya go:

Jack Bauer is an American Patriot, who works at the Counter-Terrorism Unit in the hit show, “24”.   He continually fights for the safety of Americans, protects and serves a government who has screwed him and betrayed his loyalty a million times over.   He frequently chooses to save the lives of millions, while losing his own loved ones.

In short, he’s a fictional character.


I’m not usually a fan of prime time TV.  But via Hubby, I got drawn into watching “24”.

By season two, my husband was rather tired of hearing: “Why in the hell does he keep protecting and supporting  jackasses who have proven they are not worthy of loyalty or life?!?”

To which hubby replies, “Ummm…honey….it’s a TV show….”

Bless his stable and supportive heart.


I love Jack Bauer, even while I rant against the unreality of such a man.

Because he consistently lives ideals I say I believe in, but know in my heart I do not live up to.

(And also because he knows how to kick some arse and expose sneaky politicians for the sniveling cowards they are…)

You see, if I’m faced with a choice of saving millions of my fellow man, or getting my son to safety, so sorry for you, but I’ll choose my son.

I’m selfish that way.

On the flip side, if it’s just my life we’re talking about and I think you are defenseless against overwhelming odds,  then my life is all yours.

I continually side with the underdog.

In short, if  those who persistently trade their liberty for safety, via voting, end up without access to proper nutrition or food, I’ll feed me and mine before I let them have one grain of my purchased-directly-from-the-local-farmer wheat.

And you better hope someone I love is still alive, cuz if not, I’ll destroy my food stores and starve before I let you have a single bite.

I have a vengeful streak…

I’m also into personal responsibility.

And if I die from lung cancer or get shot as a heretic, I won’t hold you responsible…


Confessions of a Non-Voter

Here’s my dirty little secret – confessed to anyone with a computer and too much time on their hands.

I’ve never voted.

It was not my long-term plan.   I just got tired of my choices not even getting in viewing range of the primaries and hated being forced to choose between Dumb and Dumber.  I also got tired of politicians thinking I have no long term memory and am unable to recall what they promised 6 months ago.

And after the first 10 years or so, I even quit killing myself trying to keep up with all the debates, pamphlets and viewpoints.  Luckily, I was never in the position to decided whether or not I wanted to attend $10,000 a plate dinners.

I started tuning out the mudslinging, bashing and general all around unsportsmanlike conduct that pummeled me via local TV and radio blasts (as well as unsolicited phone calls.)

And in the face of growing Grassroots movements and accusations that Voter Apathy was the cause of all our woes, I slunk off the radar even further, unwilling to admit that I, too, was failing in my civic duty.

Morgan begged, pleaded and then threatened me to vote with him when he became old enough.  I said okay.   He tells me Ron Paul is our boy.   Ron Paul withdrew in June.   And Morgan didn’t live along enough to vote.

Back to my evil, but comfortable ways.

Until now.   I personally know and have volunteered for a local candidate who is worth working, speaking, fighting and Registering to Vote for.  I decided he was worth sacrificing my off-radar status for.   Getting him elected was also worth listening to a lot of Dumb and Dumbers too.  I have been more deeply mired in the inefficient, easily manipulated, grandly full of half-truths and blatant lying AKA our political campaigning system, than I ever even imagined in my worst nightmares.

He informed me that if he lost the primary by one vote, he was driving to my house and kickin’ my arse.   He’s just kidding….all the same, he is taller and in better shape than me.

So down I go to register to vote and cast my primary ballot.

Ummm…No.   Seems that in order to be a responsible citizen, not only must you register, but you must also do so in a timely manner.   If I wanted to vote in the primaries, I should have registered in early July.

Sigh… I forgot, “The Meek (Not the Procrastinators) shall inherit the Earth.”

I own a GPS enabled smartphone and now I’m registered to vote.

I’m on The Radar again.

Maybe I’d better tone down some of my opinions regarding our current state of affairs….

I mean, Jack Bauer can FIND me now……