Thank You, Dad

Hi Dad,

I usually restrict my Universal Cyber Messages to Father’s Day each year.¬† I figure you’re busy doing what you want where you are now and I try not to pull you away very often.

But I had to write you tonight. To say Thanks.

Because of you –

  • I was able to speak at your funeral and present what our family wanted.
  • I was able to do my son’s funeral the way I thought it should be done – (Tell Morgan I said Hi and I miss him so much)
  • But most of all, I wanted to thank you for enabling me to do for others what I needed so badly during my time of losses.

I understand now why you chose to serve others by speaking at funerals¬† –

Why you were so particular about how it should be done –

Why you did your best to make sure I grew up with this knowledge.

I was called upon this week to serve in the way you served – Thank you – I couldn’t have done it without you.



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