The Good – The Bad – The Possible

Over the years, I’ve written about Peak Oil, Community Exchanges, Shop Local, Campaign Finance Reform, Education Reform, Alternative Healthcare, Big Pharma, Corporate Monoculture Farming, Sustainable Living, Renewable Energy, Self-Healing and Spirituality.

I’ve read, listened and researched.

I’ve talked, argued and thrown my hands up in despair.

I’ve ranted, I’ve raved, tried sharing information through humor and How – Not – Too.

I’ve been on fire with enthusiasm and sick with despair when I believed that my passion for these subjects had no interested audience.

I’ve dreamed, I’ve hoped, I’ve struggled to make a difference through my lifestyle choices, purchasing decisions, writing topic choices and personal belief system improvements.

And now, all that experience has been encapsulated into one extraordinary two-hour film, “Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take?”, which I discovered this morning via a post by recOveryhealth.

(I embedded the film below – yes, it’s that important – I don’t want you to even have to click twice to start watching it  –  *You can donate to the producers here.)

So instead of digging through my archives, you can now glean all that info with the simple investment of a couple hours of your time – you can even watch in increments if you like…

The Good

From the beginning to about 33 minutes – the film highlights the creator’s background and reason for researching.  His quest for truth and the form he found it in echoes the conclusions found throughout the history of the spiritual, the religious and the scientific.  It has been postulated by the prophets, the holy men, the gurus, metaphysicists, cosmologists, cellular bioligists and quantum theorists:

There is a code to the Universe – to Life

If we  figure it out, we can work in harmony with it,

Instead of paddling upstream all the while…

And though I’ve had my crisis of faith moments and believed the Universe to be one big Chaotic mess, bent on destroying me – – I’ve found the only way for me to continue in this life with any semblance of happiness is to embrace the Code story in it’s many variations.

The Bad

Around 33 minutes, you enter the Bad phase – the phase that examines the problems facing our world and the inter-connected,  complex structures  that are contributing to or causing-on-purpose the disasters we fear and seek refuge from.    It digs deep into systems and mind-sets that contribute to the misery of our lives –

You may not agree with all the viewpoints referenced as causing our global problems, but only the truly oblivious could say we have no challenges regarding our continued existence given our present course.

It’s not always a pleasant or comforting place to be, confronting our fears – though I believe this film does it’s best to present the information within a space of hope – – which brings us to…

The Possible

At around 1 hour, 38 minutes – after you’ve delved into a story you really hope isn’t true -but suspect is –  you get to watch the What’s Possible portion.

(If you’re already worried and depressed about the state of things and you feel powerless in being able to do anything about it – skip from :33 to 1:38 on the film.

Choosing not to wallow in the problems portion will not keep you from being inspired by the Possible section; however, if you’re one of those who must know Why? before you do – best just take your lumps and confront your fears.  Watch with a friend and the lights on if it helps – – )

The Possible portion will inspire you – it will show you easy-to-integrate ways to make a difference, right now, today, with what you already know and  have, with who you already are.  To quit contributing to the problems and instead, become part of the solution – you don’t have to do them all – – any forays you make into your favorite arenas makes a difference – just pick one and start.

Without further ado – here’s “Thrive: What on Earth will it Take?”:

For myself, I’m continuing on through my day ‘off’ by meandering through the ThriveMovement website – – – they sound like my kind of folks….

Reality Reality

I just have to share with you the text conversation that went on this morning between Hubby and I, while I was writing in outrage over the news of still more government interference in the Raw Milk business – sans illness or complaints.

Me: TGIF or S!  Morning (cute little heart)

Him: Yep.  Morning.  How are you?

Me: Okay.  3 more raw milk dairies raided yesterday, no illness, no complaints, but milk and computers confiscated anyways.

Him: I guess they don’t have to worry about the national id since the fda already knows about them.

Me: U realize if we’re blown back to survivor status only my love and willingness to fight r going to save u from being voted off the farm…

Him: lol


I should be pleased he actually listened while I was explaining about the horrors of the  biometric National ID system (both for animals and us) and remembers who the FDA is and what I said they did.

But no, I must press for more…

For better or worse, I’ve hitched myself for life to an honorable, hard working fellow…who is also a city-slicker. A man who loves my passionate nature, but still rolls his eyes a lot whenever I get all “hepped up” over subjects he deems ‘does not affect us in any way”.

On the flip side, I’m sure he would tell you I’m a country hick who’s always looking for an underdog to support and the opportunity for a fight.

Thick and Thin we’ve argued, laughed, frowned or rolled eyes at each other for over 15 years.  Who says mixed marriages don’t work?


I was born with a ‘take the bull by the horns and give it a black eye’ personality.   Having a Dad both known as a “Good Guy” by neighbors and a “Hard Ass” by boys brave enough to take me on a date, I received  early and continual training in how to speak up and loud when evil is afoot.

Those who despair of my tendency to get excited over social causes, point out I often see Evil where in fact, none exists.

I inform them it does, I just have better long range vision than they do.

In my world, evil manifests one slippery mis-step at a time.


I’ve watched films of Hitler’s early political campaign speeches.  Heck, I probably would have voted for him.  Promising an end to unemployment and hunger, he enthusiastically stirs the crowd with visions of a restored German society (without defining who exactly gets to be a citizen), great public works,  hard work rewarded with abundance and a return to moral values and national pride.

I assume you know how that story turned out…


I must confess I went to bed discouraged last night.   The slow erosion turned flash-flood, stripping our Liberties and Freedoms, is seen as “That’s just how things are.” by some around me.

There are times in the middle of the night when I feel like I’ve somehow drifted into a Reality TV show – where insane activities go on, but I’m cautioned to remember, “It’s just TV.  They do that stuff for the ratings.”

Only, it’s not TV.  It’s my reality.

There are times when I try to come up with solutions.  Be productive instead of just crying “Foul”.   In my search, I find our society so complex, built on such an unsustainable foundation, I really cannot see how to correct anything, short of scratching the whole plan and starting over.

Which means the possibility of several someones getting hurt or suffering in the process.

I’m not really into that.  I’d prefer we find a legal, non-violent, no-one-starves way.

History tells me that rarely works.  Somewhere along the line of great social change, careers get destroyed, folks go hungry or get imprisoned.  Sometimes those crying for change die.


But every morning, I awaken to renewed energy and hope.  I try once more to explain why trading Liberty for Safety is not your best bet.

And that continual trading of your freedoms in the hopes you won’t die often places you at the mercy of those who can enforce, “my way or the highway…to hell…”.

Which means acquiescing or starting over.   Sometimes I think we may end up starting over via national collapse, revolution or natural catastrophes (mother nature’s version of revolt).

Oh well.   Hubby is safe.  As long as he learns dandelions are not weeds to be killed with poison.

I mean, really, I don’t want to have to vote him out of the tribe because he killed the only fresh, nutritious food available in April….

The Eyes Have It

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to read the news today…

Now I’m upset about Iris Scanning technology – seems it’s about to be implemented in a large city in Mexico (but, I admit, you can’t always believe what you read.)

While I’m a big proponent of living your life as IF everything you do will be displayed on the front page of your local newspaper, I still prefer to live in an environment where it actually isn’t.

Because I’m human, and tend to make mistakes….

I think the most telling line of this whole article is the response of Jeff Carter, CDO of Global Rainmakers,  regarding the option of law-abiding citizens to not participate in the Iris Scanning System:

…he has a warning for those thinking of opting out: “When you get masses of people opting-in, opting out does not help. Opting out actually puts more of a flag on you than just being part of the system. We believe everyone will opt-in.”

I’m reminded of Renata Salecl’s observation of  ‘illusions of choice when there really isn’t a choice.”

I think Revelations got it wrong – ‘the mark’ and 666 did not refer to either Nero, Social Security Cards or even Electronic Banking.

It was referring to Iris Scanning. (at least so says I, until the next horror invention shows up…)


Technologically at least, I believe we’ve way outgrown our britches.

Any tool that promises safety in the masses, can just as easily be used for control of the masses.

Let’s not forget our founding fathers’ great debate regarding the wisdom of having a standing army.

Or promises of Life Everlasting quickly followed by torture via The Inquisition.

I’m not ready for the security promised by Iris Scanning.  I’m too aware of how past ‘great ideas’ for safety and security didn’t work out so hot.

Social Security, for one.

Electronic banking for another.   Instead of learning how to kick some arse or hand over your purse with $50 in it, you now have the choice of either paying $39.95/month for protection or hoping your credit score and net worth are so poor no one wants to steal your identity.

Phrenology promised to alert us to who is a criminal, thereby protecting us.  It lasted almost 30 years before being debunked as pseudoscience.  How many folks suffered dire consequences because they had lumpy heads?

And what, pray tell, shall I do, if some great scientist proves people with green eyes are socially deviant and a threat to all mankind?


I miss my old cell-phone that was not GPS enabled.  I like keeping hubby in the dark as to whether I’m upstairs reading a book and eating bon-bons or in the kitchen and laundry room, doing my job.

I prefer to handle cash, rather than letting the local bank clerk know I continually overspend at the bookstore.

I’m okay not knowing the answer posted by a  Facebook pal regarding a question about me, because I’m not willing to give access of all my stuff to 3rd party software folks.  I do like getting to reconnect with old pals I had lost touch with.

I’m already surrounded by all kinds of tracking technology, but with carefully planned wild-goose-chase surfing,  US Census incompetency, inconsistent opinions touted via blogging and a lot of fence-walking and contradictions via Facebook posts, there are still ways for me to confuse rule-the-world types or convince them I’m not worthy of any great attention…

Which is, in the end, my preferred place at the end of the day…

Under, Off, or bouncing wildly around the Radar are the only places I feel truly safe.

No Wonder…

we are in the condition we are.  We simply cannot agree about anything.  Even eggs.

After months of complaining about Yahoo headlines showing up before my email in-box, I’ve adjusted.   I now peruse the morning news.

Hey!  You can teach an old dog new tricks.

One of the headlines that caught my eye today:  228M eggs recalled following salmonella outbreak.

Yes, I skim-read the story.   But in my usual manner to get to the bottom of what’s really going on, I skipped pretty quickly to the comments section.

I figure reading the comments gives me a better idea of where my fellow citizen stands on various issues.

I’m now convinced that S510 will probably pass.   As will Codex Alimentarius.  Simply because scanning the comments revealed cries that the government is not doing it’s job, maybe now folks will see what a great thing S510 is and so on…

Meaning security is more cherished than liberty, to my mind.


I also noted there are either a lot of Obama opponents, or there are a few who have managed to sign up and use several different screen names.   Somehow, someway, many commentators managed to link his holiness to the present “poisoning of Americans”….

I enjoy a good conspiracy theory, but c’mon now, really?


The majority of the comments I read (I made it through the last 90 of 900+), were peppered with the logical:

“Proper cooking and cleanliness while in your kitchen protects you from this.” (20+ comments)

The budget-conscious:

“I’m sick of hearing “buy local from the farmer”.  I use 6 dozen a week!  I’m stickin’ with Costco” (4+)

The trying-to-be-self-reliant:

“I have nutritious, honorably raised produce, but stores want me to sign a contract saying I will consistently deliver X amount every week.  Impossible for a small farmer” (2+)

The vegetarian:

“See?  If you would quit eating animal products, you wouldn’t have to worry about this” (3+, although, apparently, they’ve forgotten about the recent Tomato and Lettuce recalls…)

The brave:

“Read this while slurping down my morning protein shake with 4 raw eggs in it.  Feel great!”(17+)

The fearful:

“When are our elected officials going to protect us from death?   I’m so tired of them not doing their job.”(15+)

The detail-oriented:

“Why didn’t they give us information on when the eggs hit the store shelves and what code I’m supposed to look for to tell if the eggs in my fridge are on the recall list?”(5+)


Sigh.   Reading the comments shows me that I fall in the same group as those who have boycotted reality TV (the minority).

On the bright side, I am reminded again of how great Freedom of Speech is…

See, now I have plenty to think about this morning:

  • How do the folks who lost a loved one to food poisoning feel about this?
  • Have Obama aides alerted him that several folks with funny screen names think he’s behind the outbreak?
  • Will Ms. small farmer survive in her chosen lifestyle?
  • Will Mr. protein shake be alive tomorrow?
  • Will Ms. Clean’s kids be in therapy someday, complaining about  her choice of ‘safe, clean kitchen’ over ‘cooking with my kids’?
  • How will my life look in 5 years, if so many around me would rather have security than choice?

Have plenty of food for thought to keep me entertained…

Funny and Sexy

Okay, so I have to tell you, I’m rather disappointed, dear reader.

I spent 30 minutes preparing my thoughts regarding smoking.

I spent 6.5 hours researching, linking and writing about pending legislation that could threaten our freedoms regarding a free internet and freedom to work without handing over your retinal scan or DNA.

My handy-dandy WordPress Blog Stats page tell me you are more interested in my tobacco habit than possible loss of more of your freedoms.

They also tell me Paris Hilton, even when made fun of, is more important to the world than how our states are losing their 10th Amendment rights… over and over…..

Sorry, truly, I’m not mad at you.

I’m just discouraged this morning.


An email conversation with my buddy Tish at Good American Post this a.m. reminded me why I’m doing all this anyways.

And gave me a shoulder to cry on.  And an ear to whine too.


So, dear reader, shall I write about the Funny and Sexy instead of giving you information that helps you in your quest to be a knowledgeable voter?

Results of our local primaries indicates to me that folks would rather have pictures proclaiming proficiency and experience (with no actual facts to back it up or corroborate) than straining their eyes and minds by reading through vast amounts of in-detail, easy to verify information with links to 3rd party sources.


I admit I often disregard conventional Marketing and Website Traffic advice.

I do not promise to heal you, protect you or make you wealthy.

I do not add pop-ups that say “Wait!  Are you sure you want to leave this page?  Really, c’mon, just give me your email address and then you can leave….”

I also do not check to see who is on Oprah tomorrow and write about things I know nothing about in order to drive traffic to my site.  (another suggestion on making your blog stats chart pretty….)

I occasionally use profanity, another big no-no.

And I over-tag mercilessly, even when tag word searches result in only 3 google links and do not appear on any keyword or trending list.

I’m doing my part in adding to the variety of information available for all two of you interested in such things….


I have no one to blame but myself.   I didn’t like the rules, so I chose not to play by them.   Now I am reaping the consequences.


Shall I distract you from your deep-seated anxiety and unease by talking about wealth, immortality and the latest cool shoes?

Maybe I’ll tranquilize you into believing you are Free and live in a Free society by adding my support to those who lure you deeper into slavery with promises of security?

Perhaps I should tell you that sitting on your couch, watching reality TV, with proper mental focus, can result in surprise million dollar checks arriving in your mailbox…


Sorry, can’t do it.

Wrong or right, I simply cannot write about fluff and ignore the important. (remember, my blog, I get to decide what is important… )

My dad said once there were some folks who just don’t get the message until it’s delivered via a baseball bat.

I’ve never tried out his theory, because I like viewing the world sans iron bars and I really don’t like physical violence in any form other than pure self-defense or defense of those too weak or little to protect themselves.  (think children, the elderly or kittens.)

But I think I’ve found a very big Verbal Baseball Bat.   Details to Follow…..

(hey, check out the tag list…I’m learning….Will report the stats later…)