♪ While Blazing Through the Jungle One Day….

♪ In the rainy, muddy month of May….

♪ What to my surprise,

♪Appeared before my eyes…

♪Once all the grass & weeds were cleared away…

Pic Post of Before, After, Projects, Unknowns

Picture of overgrown back yard
Flash flood and thunderstorm warnings last night until 9:34pm – Waited till 9:30 this morning before firing up the power tools, in hopes things would dry out some.

Fired up the weed whipper and started in the southeast corner of the north-side backyard – confused yet?    Before I got really to work, took a pic of one of the plants that grows here and there on my place, that sort of look like Nasturtiums, but aren’t and I thought might be Creeping Raspberry after reading the post by fellow blogger over at My Food and Flowers.

(Thanks for offering to help identify – most likely a weed, but hate rip out if it isn’t…  🙂  )

Picture of unidentified plant
Creeping Raspberry? don’t think so, as it doesn’t stick around all year –

Then I realized that either the salsify or Welsh Onions I companion planted with the hastily built beds for strawberry plants received last year (1 – one stinking strawberry plant survived out of..like..138 of em’….) are coming along nicely – – Think it’s the onions, but after looking at pictures for both salsify and welsh onions, content to wait and see what kind of bloom appears, or wait and dig one up, so I’ll know…for sure…

Picture of Welsh Onions, maybe
Believe the tall stalks to be of the Welsh onions I planted last year, but never made an appearance until now.

And the other bed, which was planted with strawberries, welsh onions and 3 various types of lettuce last year have zilch, nada, oh -wait – there’s some volunteer lettuce…  🙂

picture of lettuce
Lettuce that was planted last year, and never seen to harvest, now is showing up this year….

The man-child-unit stopped his mowing activities and called out to me,

“Mom – do you want me to mow around this?   Is it a keeper?”

picture of white flower
Unknown Pretty I hope a bloggy pal can identify –

To which I replied,

“I have no clue what it is, but it’s pretty – mow around it and I’ll see if I can find out what it is….”

Here and there, mushrooms are popping up – some local wild ones are edible, some are not, need to call Mr. Gardener Extraordinaire to have him come identify which ones are which:

Picture of wild mushroom
I think this is the one he told me last year was good sauteed in butter – but will double check, first….
Picture of Mushroom
I think this is the one that either kills you or makes you wish you were dead after you awaken a week later to a fuzzy dream of running through the local park, naked, while bystanders stood in shocked amazement –

After the man-child-unit got one side cleared, decided to take a grand-sweeping picture of no-longer-such-a-jungle against the backdrop of my Golden Currants and Sand Cherries planted last month:

Picture of back yard, after mowing
The Golden Currants are leafing out faster than the Sand Cherries – but they all have green appearing – Yay! I didn’t kill ’em while planting ’em!

And here’s a close-up of the Golden Currants and Sand Cherry bed –

Picture of Golden Currants and Sand Cherries
Back row – Golden Currants – Front Row – Sand Cherries – yes I planted ’em close so they’ll fill in faster – my local extension office mentor said I could. 🙂

Remember 2 years ago, when I finished the north side of the house on grading/mulching, weeding just before the gully washer storm appeared?

Picture of ground elderberry and vinca plants
Ground Elderberry and Vinca birthday plants – north side graded/mulched/planted – 2013

And 20 minutes after I collapsed on the couch from exhaustion:

Picture of flooding storm - 08/03/13
August 3rd – Rain, Rain and some more Rain – the river is the drainage ditch

Well, back to the north side – – the Vinca and Ground Elderberry are coming along nicely – a nice ground cover that is still not clearly identified, but plays nice and puts up beautiful spikes of purple, that was carefully left alone has now spread from it’s little corner located about 25 feet away to move it’s way to being a beautiful ground cover across the entire north side of the house:

Picture of vinca and ground cover
I love the ground cover that has so steadily grown – without being a hog or in need of mowing -the leaves with purple blossoms is the vinca.

And, a pretty, I didn’t plant it there, white tulip raises it’s long head over another clump of purple vinca

Picture of Tulip and Vinca
Purple and white – without me half trying –

And finally, a shot of one of the Chokecherry bushes:

Picture of Chokecherry
Chokecherries coming along nicely

Oh, and remember how I left my Amaranth of last fall to naturally drop it’s seed?

Picture of Burgundy and Golden Giant Amaranth
This is what the west fence bed looked like last fall

Well, I despaired my lazy plan had worked, but noticed today there are tiny burgundy amaranth sprigs poking their heads up out of the ground – I forgot to take a pic and it’s raining/lightening again – so will try to remember to do so tomorrow.

Happy Green Growing Things Season! 🙂

Spring in Colorado Pic Post

Finally made myself resize/optimize all those pics I took last week, and, after some enlightening comments from Terri, have added my own little flair to each pic before posting it –

For your viewing pleasure, Spring in Colorado –

Picture of Lilac Buds
Lilac Buds – Let us hope no severe cold fronts come through –
Picture of Wild Poppies
Over 20 wild poppies this year – once I carefully clip all the grass away, I may just discover more!
Some Rhubarb ready to harvest.
Some Rhubarb ready to harvest.
Picture of tulips
White and Purple ones spared from Thumper and Peter Rabbit’s grazing…
Picture of wrong soil mix
2 of the soil mixes I experimented with in the tires are a No-Go –
Picture of Jerasulem Artichokes
Bed weeded and ready for filling of Oakley dug holes, compost and new mulch layer – Can’t bear to thin ’em out – will see If I regret that decision…

There Ya Have It – Stay Tuned for the call I got from NCIS – –

Anniversaries, Progress, Cursing

I’ve been MIA from WordPress Land.   Cooler weather and a few misty, drizzling mornings mean I’ve been hitting it hard on the landscaping project, eager to make up for all the weeks of missed opportunities while I hid indoors from the heat, some days from 9 a.m. on…

I logged in this a.m. to give a brief update, because much to my surprise, there are folks who notice when I’m not posting, liking or commenting daily…  Who knew?  Thank you so much for checking to see if I was still alive and all right – what a blessing my blogging community is.

Lo and behold, when I logged in, I discovered a notice celebrating my 3rd anniversary here at WordPress.

Three years?  Already?    How time flies when you’re having fun.


My landscaping plan seems to morph daily as I discover natural flora, learn more about my house and the land it resides on and relentlessly ask myself, “What do you really want?”  But, progress has been made and now, the shape and form is starting to be more recognizable by those not familiar with the dream in my head.

Pay attention to the pics – there’s a quiz at the end…

The entire south perimeter wall is now done.   Two days ago, during a cool morning blessed with a light drizzle, I and a helping hand wrangled tires for nearly two hours.  The eastern and western perimeters are now defined with stacked tiers, just waiting for me to lug dirt to them.

South perimeter - eagerly awaiting Passion Flower plantings
South perimeter – eagerly awaiting Passion Flower plantings

After the much prayed for and gratefully received rains of this past week, I’ve determined my block retaining walls must not just cover the west side, but a goodly portion of the south side – that ditch has begun to be dug and I’m eagerly reformatting “The Plant Plan” to adjust for this addition.

Southside - Ditch to be dug for blocks
Southside – Ditch to be dug for blocks

The south side of the western wall block project has been completed and waiting for the corner to be set for the southern run before filling in with dirt and planting.

Western Wall bed in progress
Western Wall bed in progress

I must admit the frenzy of activity these past days coupled with cooling fronts passing through, has me arising each morning in pain.   By day four of cool weather and extra help (which goads me to continue working when I really ought to take a break), I awoke yesterday, uncertain if I could drag myself from bed for another day of labor.

I did, simply because there won’t always be help showing up on days when the heat is bearable and I can’t stand to lose a single moment of either.

As I wandered around my slice of heaven, I pondered upon what project to handle.  Quite frankly, after two days of moving, stacking and arranging tires, I wanted to mess with something else for awhile.   I confess to wandering around, thinking and musing until Ms. Handy-Manny arrived.

I confessed my pain, admitting that I was somewhat at loose ends and not sure where to start the day’s work.  We wandered a bit and chatted – about my dreams, what was going to go where and such.    I told her how I loved lilacs and maybe someday, I could get more for the eastern edge – she gazed and said, “Why don’t you just transplant from the bush you’ve got?”

Really?!?  You can do that?!?

All you real gardeners are free to groan and then laugh at my ignorance…

Since I needed room to maneuver dirt around on the east side, we instead planted a neat row of lilacs next to where I’ll be seeding the grass for me, the wonder dog and the child-unit  to run and play fetch on.  To my immense satisfaction, my lilac bush has been left alone for so many years, Ms. Handy-Manny figures I can get nearly 15 more transplants from the north side this year and probably 20 from the south side next year, if I so wish.

Can you hear the celebration going on inside of me?   I nearly did the hippy-hippy-shake in the front yard when she made these pronouncements.

East perimeter tier and the abundant Lilac Bush
East perimeter tier and the abundant Lilac Bush
New lilac plantings, flanked by two cottonwood cuttings gifted to me
New lilac plantings, flanked by two cotton-less cottonwood cuttings gifted to me

The sunflowers placed in the northern portion of the western wall project are growing by leaps and bounds and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a late frost with a bountiful harvest of yummy seeds – (yes, I’ll share with the birds…I guess…  Me and the child-unit LOVE sunflower seeds…)  Because of the late planting and no flowers yet, I’m not holding my breath, but still holding hope…

I swear they've grown a foot the past four days
I swear they’ve grown a foot the past four days


I feel as if a momentum has been reached – as if all the weeks and months of planning, organizing and hauling in supplies are starting to pay off.   As if this whole summer has just been waiting for this week to burst forth in productivity and gains.

I can’t begin to imagine what abundance there will be this time next summer…

Oh, yes, nearly forgot – the quiz…

How many piles of F**cking rubble left by the stuccoers and in need of clean-up did you find in these pictures?