And Yet, Another F Word – Fairness

The Universe has taken the opportunity to share many F words with me the past few weeks – Fair popped up on the radar this morning.  Actually, it’s been on my brain radar for quite awhile now – but mostly in the context of what’s not Fair .

Fresh from one of my favorites, Lynne McTaggart, comes The Fairness Campaign.  She eloquently stated all the statistics, science and observed results of what happens in cultures built around Not Fair, allowing me to write about what I want too, without having to give you the background and proof.  (Thanks, Lynne, for again allowing me to do what I love without getting bogged down in the details, which you are so awesome at putting together!)


I recently watched (yet again) PBS’s installment of The American Experience: The Crash of 1929.   Each time I watch it, I become more aware of the cultural standards and mind-sets that allow these kinds of misfortunes to play out over and over throughout history.

I double-dog dare you to watch it and not see the correlations between the house of cards in 1929 and the collapse in the mortgage and financial market of 2008.

I also dare you to watch those interviewed who say, “Well, the stock market didn’t have all the regulations in place it does today” and not snigger – as anyone who has followed our current economic woes can easily see the same motivations and games that created Black Friday also led to the 2008 disaster.

View with interest the few lone voices who warned there was trouble ahead and who were ridiculed, labeled unpatriotic and even, at the extreme, accused of treason for daring to question the solidity of our Stock Market.

For examples of these lone hero-types leading up to the 2008 debacle, I will refer you to RSA Animate clip “Smile or Die” by Barbara Ehrenreich.  She eloquently shares the stories of those who tried warning of the dangerous waters ahead with sub-prime lending – all who were informed to “Quit being Negative” – our modern label for  “Unpatriotic”.

It’s rather disheartening to see how quickly those who try to steer us from torrents to smooth sailing are all but destroyed by those around them.

And, I wonder yet again, when will we learn?


Survival of the Fittest does not apply to the species of Man.   It never has.   Without fur, sharp teeth, claws or defensive armor, the only thing our ancestors had going for them was brains and the ability to work together for the good of the group.

Compassion, empathy and intellectual solutions that take care of the whole tribe, not just one or two, is why our species has flourished.

So when those who made millions, billions or trillions out of the crash of 1929 or 2008, (take your pick) shrug and say, “The opportunity was there for anyone – not my fault others didn’t have my vision”, I realize they are not really in tune with the mind-set and values that had to exist in order for them to even have been born.


I grew up in an era where the parenting phrase, “Life isn’t Fair” was at it’s zenith – indicating to me the residual effects of the crash and depression in our mind-set as a society.   Our physical drive to survive often ends up with our brains coming up with false stories to keep us going through devastating trauma.

Good for us – our instincts are working.

Bad for us, because the 99% of the population who slaves to support the 1% start thinking of ways to either make it to the 1% level, or meekly submit to to the propaganda that states: “You just weren’t smart enough, positive enough or hard-working enough to have ‘made it’.”



If you’re in the 99% group of folks who are basically laboring within a feudalistic system, although it has been well disguised, thanks to prolific advertising campaigns, then I implore you to not meekly submit to a structure that is based on robbing the poor to feed the rich.

Being positive has it’s merits, but when you are part of a system that is designed to destroy you in one way or another, you can be the biggest Pollyanna on the block and all it will do is allow you to be peaceful while you’re sitting under the bridge waiting for someone to drop pennies in your hat.  (Peace  has it’s merits, but then we are a species that continually strives for better.  Funny how often the “Better” does not bring Peace.)


Do you see the strength in that 99%?   What if the 99% banded together to come with their own game – a game based on Fairness, Compassion and an Empathic Society?   What if the 99% of cooperative baboons told the 1% of aggressive mean ones to take a hike?

 What if American farmers, ranchers and producers decided to feed their neighbors and let those who send their maid to the store do without?

Radical, I know – but when I continually face an audience that sees only two options – a money culture or a fanatic survivalist existence – I sometimes wonder if we can wipe the clouds of propaganda from our brains long enough to come up with a happy medium.

But that medium CAN be found – and you can start any day of the week taking small steps towards reinventing the society in which you live.   The voices of discontent are growing – those who promised that which they cannot or will not deliver are in the minority.  There are plenty of us who are tired of playing a game we can’t win.

So why not come up with our own game?   Human labor, cooperation,  ingenuity and  renewable, raw resources are the only things that have ever created abundance.

Money wealth can be created out of thin air – it means nothing unless the above abundance backs it up.  And it will surely fall the moment the 1% who produce nothing but money get out of hand.

You, with all your talent and energy, can choose whether to shore up the Money Game or contribute to the abundance of your local community.   There are those of like mind waiting to join forces with you.

Start the conversation – those who aren’t ready are immediately apparent.  Move on until you find someone willing to trade their eggs for your home made bread.

And be willing to stand by them in court when you both get arrested for not paying the IRS portion of the abundance they did nothing to help create, but nevertheless, want their portion of.

Food and Chemicals

Lynne McTaggart’s blog this morning, citing the work of Dr. Grace E. Jackson, highlights the increasing volume of evidence linking some pharmaceutical medications to dementia.

The list of medicines cited as the biggest offenders against our brain matter:

  • Cholesterol lowering or blocking
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Anti-depressants
  • Sleeping pills
  • Certain Medications for ADHD

All have been shown to have debilitating effects on our grey matter, often resulting in some form of dementia.

Now I know why the recent elections in my area went the way they did.

Silly me, I thought people were just too lazy to research – turns out, they are probably suffering from some stage of dementia.

I feel bad about my previous harsh thoughts towards my fellow citizen voters.

Sick people deserve compassion.


I’m also concerned about Dr. Jackson’s career.   History tells me she’s on a path that ends in being ostracized from the Lodge of Modern Medicine.  I’m awaiting her being added to the Quackwatch list.

(No, you don’t get a link for quackwatch.   This guy doesn’t do his homework.  I only know about him because he came out with egg on his face when the Weston A. Price foundation refuted his findings on a point-by-point basis.   Those folks know how to research and footnote, therefore are link-worthy. )

Maybe I should send her Mr. 11 Dimensions’ address – they can hang out in seclusion together.   Although I think he may be currently enjoying genius status….his status in the world of Physicists has changed frequently – so not sure if he’s in seclusion or not.


I’ve always held that modern medicine has gotten very good at keeping the body alive while what’s wrong is figured out.   Broken bones, gun shot wounds, blocked airways…hey!  Modern is where it’s at.

I’m still convinced that daily health and quality of life comes from ingesting properly prepared, nutritious food and seeking assistance from a holistic provider when you’ve gotten yourself ‘jacked up’ (Politely referred to as ‘out of balance’ by the holistic circle.)

And taking supplements if you’re not getting nutritious food.


When I first entered the Traditional Diet world, I ran my mouth to friends, family and neighbors nearly 24 hours a day.   The changes I observed in my own body were so significant I could hardly wait to share.   So many things became clear on why I had suffered from various health problems for so long.

I turned my back on USDA and FDA guidelines.   My new guidelines were: “Was this available to my ancestors who lived 40,000 years ago?  In this form?  If not, how much would they have to eat in order to get that amount?”

(Did you know that to get a cup of corn oil into your system, you would need to ingest 1/2 bushel of corn or more, at one sitting?)


I’m a big fan of ‘experiential data’ – I’ve seen what happens to data when the graph doesn’t look just like someone wants it to…especially if that graph is directly tied to that someone’s paycheck.

I’m also a big fan of ‘natural selection’ – even though completely adhering to that would mean I would be dead by now…and wouldn’t have lived long enough to procreate….

My brain full of history tells me that if physical bodies evolve slowly to survive in new conditions, our bodies haven’t had enough time to catch up with all the wondrous food products that come to us via the Industrial Revolution.

I can trust my brain – I’m not on pharmaceuticals.

I can go crazy all by myself, thank you very much…


I have my own set of data on whether to believe Modern medicine or Age-Old practices.   I’m not afraid to experiment on myself.   And I’m not afraid to say, “oops!  that didn’t go well, let’s try something else”.

I think my ‘all or nothing’ personality combined with a healthy skepticism of anyone who makes grand promises with a similarly attached price tag, along with personal mishandling by both modern and holistic practitioners,  has placed me in a position to be rather open to views that go against the majority consensus.

I also refuse to knowingly purchase anything with Aspartame in it.   My son sorely misses chewing gum.    We haven’t been able to find one that doesn’t contain aspartame.

If you do a search of Aspartame, you’ll find plenty of people crying “Poison!” and about the same number shouting, “Shut up, quacks!  It’s fine!”

My deductive reasoning says, “If it’s ‘fine’ then why do your footnotes (if you have any) contain studies 20 years old and dissenters cite numerous studies conducted almost non-stop for the last 10?”

Until proponents indicate to me they are willing to back up their claims with current, 3rd party performed, non-grant funded research, then I’ll stick with avoiding it.

(Maybe they are suffering from dementia and can’t remember to put footnotes in….)


I changed over to ‘good fats’ in 2006.   As of January, 2010, blood tests revealed my Cholesterol (good, bad and trigs) to be in normal ranges.   2 modern medicine doctors, a chiropractor and an acupuncturist all stated they couldn’t see any problems there. (although one of the modern medicine folks suggested I should start medicine, to keep the number good…arggghhh!)

I’m over 40, my exercise entails typing and doing housework, I’m a smoker with a kitchen devoid of ‘fats’ except for the following: homemade lard, real butter, coconut oil, olive oil, tea oil and a smidge of peanut oil.

I’ve stubbornly ingested in large quantities the very fats the FDA, USDA, AHA and AMA have all told me to avoid like the plague.

Hmmm….still here.    Good Cholesterol levels.   Brain functioning (okay, maybe not to your standards, but I do not leave my house only to be found 6 hours later, wandering around in the woods, unable to tell you what my name is or where I live…)

I don’t take my blood pressure.   I don’t have any scales in my house except for those to weigh food (Uniformity in homemade dinner rolls necessitates this piece of equipment….)

I look over each day and ask: “Did my health prevent me from doing something I wanted to?  Do I have clothes that fit?” (I hate to shop – I still have the nightgown I wore on my wedding night…and yes, it still fits….)

I check in with my body after I eat.   Is my tummy happy?   How’s the digestive process going?  Painful?  Loud?  Smelly?

I also analyze my sleep patterns and dreaming.   If those are unusual, then I know something has gone astray either in my brain or my body.

(day 2 of no coffee…. day 3 of no Tylenol pm…..tummy is happier, body still not sure how to sleep 8 hours straight, on its’ own…but I did get to 4 last night….)


In short, I come back to the same thinking.   I’m not particularly afraid to die, nor am I trying to extend my life as long as I can.   I instead am trying to enjoy whatever time I do have.

Home cooked meals with Hubby and son, made from food purchased direct from farmer/rancher satisfy my nose, heart and tummy in a way McDonalds can’t.

Pain pills, anti-depressants, and hormone therapy side effects made me decide the original symptoms were the lessor of two evils.

Extra Vitamin C, various Chinese herbal blends and aromatherapy make me feel better when I’ve overindulged in thoughts or substances I should have left alone.

Day after day, I practice medicine on myself…

Some things are just better left out of the hands of ‘experts’.

The Powers of Time

I really enjoyed Professor Philip Zimbardo’s presentation, “The Secret Powers of Time”. (Animated Overview or Full Lecture)

Gave me additional food for thought (as if I didn’t have enough already…) and sent me into analyzing my own perceptions of Time.


He postulates there are 6 time zone folks choose to live in, as follows:

  • Past Orientated (2 options)
    • Positive – Tradition, memory of the ‘good old days’
    • Negative – Regret and focus on failures
  • Present Orientated (2 options)
    • Hedonist – Seek pleasure, avoid pain
    • It Doesn’t Pay to Plan – My life is fated – by my religion, my poverty, the conditions I’m living under
  • Future Orientated (2 options)
    • Trust in the Future – Work now rather than play, resist temptation today for greater rewards tomorrow
    • Afterlife – Believe life begins after the death of the mortal body.


Just as I have, at one time or another, been all the mice in “Who Ate My Cheese?“, I realize I’ve spent considerable Time in each Zone.

I’m  really aware of how my time perception greatly clouds my memories of past events, distorts possible futures and aids or interferes with my enjoyment of Now.


I finally confided my secret regret and guilt to another – I don’t know exactly what I was hoping to accomplish by this baring of the soul, but I did do it.

I confessed my remorse over the knowledge that while my son lay in a coma, dying from bacterial meningitis, I spent most of my time in the smoker’s area outside.

Imagine my surprise when my friend, who stayed by my side during the entire ordeal, said,

“Really?  I don’t think so.   I remember wanting to have a smoke and instead, waited for you.   It seemed like forever!”

In repeating this conversation to my mom, who is a non-smoker, she also cried foul, stating that she didn’t share my memory of reality either.

I can always count on friends and my mommy to make me feel better.

Seems my internal knowledge of knowing how hard it was to face the pain of losing my son had colored my memory of how hedonistic I really was those two days.


I’ve been very intrigued by the experiments done regarding focused intention and changing history.   (The Field, by Lynne McTaggart). Quite simply because I wish I could change my recent past.  I really want to believe that focused meditation can prevent me waking up tomorrow with the knowledge Morgan is gone.


According to physicists, Time and Space make the fabric of our Universe.  Both  can be warped, shaped and otherwise manipulated.  They recommend being a Present Orientated Hedonist that seeks Knowledge.

According to peace gurus, there is nothing but Now, and in my desire to eagerly reach out for the next moment (Future Orientated), hoping it gratifies me more than the one I have presently, I sacrifice any hopes of internal peace.  I’m to find pleasure in this moment (Present Hedonist)

According to nutritionists, my best bet is to be Future Orientated, resisting cigs and Pepsi today for assurances of a healthy tomorrow.

My fellow Freedom Loving Enthusiasts would also like me to be Future Orientated, so through my voting and purchase choices, I can prevent the total destruction of the world as we know it.

The Moral Majority would like for me to be Positive Past focused, to remember the ‘golden age’ and return to tradition and family values.  At the same time, they would like me to be Future Orientated in regards to my immortal soul.  In short, they are asking me to live in 2 different time zones.


As I ponder this perspective on Time this morning, I realize why I’m so often confused and dismayed….

In examining ideals, both my own and those of society, I realize that ‘solutions’ often ask us to live in a variety of Time zones at once.  Which results in ‘much arguing with ourselves and each other’.


On the flip side, I think I just proved that Time Travel takes place now, not in some techno future.

Update! I took the Zimbardo Time Perspective Survey and discovered I AM a Time Traveler – here’s the dispersion rate of my Time Perspective between the 6 Zones:

Past-negative 3.50
Past-positive 3.67
Present-hedonistic 3.60
Present-fatalistic 3.89
Future 3.15

I’m almost evenly split between all zones…no wonder nothing ever gets done at my house, I don’t even know where I’m at….

Not My Problem….

I was going to take the day off.   But my email inbox lured me in…

Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field and The Intention Experiment, posted a blog regarding Codex Alimentarius this a.m. (Here’s my view on the subject.)

In a nutshell, she is calling for help.   Seems conferences designed to unite and inform those who would be detrimentally affected by the passage of Codex, resulted in poor attendance (hey, not my problem) and also in bickering among those who DID attend (remember the motto, “United we Stand, Divided We Fall”?).

Those organizations who have shown steadfast in their efforts to fight this legislation are broke.  And worn out…. and discouraged…

So over I mosey to read the final draft of the 33rd session of Codex Alimentarius European Position.  For your reading displeasure, I submit the following text, direct from the horse’s mouth:

“This is a continuation of the lengthy discussion on the definition of consensus. Some delegations have insisted on developing a definition for consensus because in their view it would add transparency in the Codex decision making process. Many other delegations, including the MSEU, were not in favour of creating such a definition as in their view a rigid definition for consensus could be counterproductive for the Codex decision making. As there was not enough support for creating a definition for consensus at CAC 32, Malaysia proposed additional text to be inserted in the Guidelines to Chairpersons in the Procedural Manual containing elements of earlier proposals for a consensus definition. CCGP 26 agreed to insert the Malaysian proposal to the Procedural Manual: ““Where there is opposition to an issue under discussion, the chairperson should ensure that the views of concerned members be taken into consideration by striving to reconcile conflicting arguments before deciding whether consensus has been reached”. (Text compliments of: 33rd Session of Codex Alimentarius European Position, Final Draft .pdf, Page 4, near the bottom)

In case you pooped out reading in the first line, I’ll give you my paraphrase:

“In 33 sessions of discussing this, we can’t even agree on what constitutes agreement.

We also have a goodly number of members supporting a purposefully murky definition, so this insane issue can become world law, based on the votes of 2 or 3 members, although we will give appearance of valuing dissenters’ opinions by ensuring you bark eaters get some floor time.”

(I’m reminded of, “Define sexual relations.”)

Again, I am by turns, relieved and worried.

Relieved because if 33 sessions has not resulted in a consensus regarding the definition of consensus, then these folks will continue running around in the dark trying to find their own arses with their own hands and Codex will remain a pipe-dream.

(Although Sexual Harassment suits may increase, due to unknowningly grabbing what you thought was your arse, and Surprise!  it’s not….)

Worried, because recent local election results tell me if you keep folks distracted long enough with pretty campfires, the evils we say we are so ardently against will become law or the next  elected official because we were too busy fighting among ourselves,  denying  proposed regulations have anything to do with us, too busy to research or to0 lazy to ask the hard questions.

Or we simply got tired and worn out.

Or we’re not independently wealthy enough to continue surviving without donations from our fellow Freedom Fighters or (worse) a paycheck from those who commit fraud and blackmail on a daily basis.

Or we blindly believe committees formed and backed by government and big business truly have our best interests at heart.

C’mon now, look at your circle of friends.   Who among them would starve while giving you their last crust of bread?

Do you really think these national and international committees are more interested in your welfare than those you know and love?


I will say I canceled my subscription to one of the Codex Freedom Fighters email list, simply because:

  • Messages were consistently full of typos and hate-filled speech
  • Allegations (but little verifiable proof) were continuously made regarding Big Brother shutdown  via internet communications.

It’s not that I didn’t believe them – I’m open to conspiracy theories.   But I also avoid Raving Fanatics as much as I can.  Even when we have a foe in common.

Simply because, from my viewpoint – “You’re making us all look like a bunch of uneducated, illiterate and prejudiced jackasses.”

Yes, I know you’re mad.  And scared.   And discouraged that what you so vehemently oppose and have so arduously fought against is seen as ‘not my problem’ by your fellow man.

But, please, give me some verifiable information and research regarding the different sides of the issue, so I can become informed on what the Real Issue is.


I realize that Lobbyists, Organizations and Freedom Fighters hold the front line while us troops in the back get our crap together.

But I also submit my ardent belief that lasting change only comes about via grass roots movements.

Our War for Independence was not won by well-dressed, well-fed, well-paid troops, riding expensive war-horses.

It was won by those who marched barefoot in the snow, on bleeding feet, with boiled shoe leather causing great pains in their tummies and brains full of, “What if the British are at my house, raping my wife and killing my kids, right now?”

Slavery didn’t end because someone made a law against it -or even because a war was fought.  It’s demise began when enough average citizens said,

“I don’t care what the law is.  This is wrong!  And I will follow my heart and do what is right, imprisonment or death be damned.”

I refer to the Underground Railroad.

Raw milk isn’t available in our state because some representative said, “Let’s give people a right to choose where they get their food and support our local entrepreneurs.”

Nope, it came about by average citizens doing their homework and saying,

“Hey, guess what?   We’ve figured out how to get the nutrition we deserve and want, all while playing by your complex rules.”

(Although, in all fairness to opposing views, I will admit most historians agree the witch hunt borne out of the Salem Witch Trials came to an abrupt end when the Governor’s wife was accused.)


Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the disagreement and not sure who is right?   Are you wondering what the heck you can do when an international committee cannot even define ‘consensus’?

(It means casting informed votes and counting those votes, you…you…Margarine Eaters.

Thanks Sharon for sharing this wonderful non-curse word label that speaks volumes about my beliefs)

Think your voice is not heard and not heeded by those elected for the sole purpose of representing you?

Do not despair, dear reader.   You do have power.   You do have a voice.

It’s called daily life actions.

Know your farmer, rancher, neighbor.   Put your means for survival in the hands of those who live within walking distance of you.   Band together and form your own local Community Exchange System.

Quit looking at campfires and instead, say “No” to the chains that enslave you, via promises of safety and security.

Figure out your plan for the worst case scenario (Yellowstone Blowing) and tell me who, exactly, is going to save you then.

From there, start working back towards current reality.

Turn your back on those who make promises they not only have no intention of keeping but aren’t even capable of fulfilling.