Confessions of a Smoker, Continuing Saga…

I first ordered my E-cig supplies in January – I faithfully reported through February – – now for the update.

March – still purchasing regular cigs (when batteries don’t charge, liquid doesn’t arrive, etc.)

Still prefer the E-cig, but collapse into analogs when I’m under stress and can’t get my nicotine fix from E-cigs.   This month to date, I’ve purchased 3 packs of regular cigs – – on the plus side, I only did so because my batteries weren’t holding their charge (batteries are supposed to last between 2-3 months, I’m on month 3) and there were a few times I found myself faced with huge stressors and no e-cig pacifier to calm myself with.  (Lest you think me melodramatic, since I posted last, I’m getting divorced, (NOT related to me quitting smoking, I must tell you), moving, starting back to work full-time and trying to reorganize my world view so I help people instead of scaring them….Does that qualify as stressors?  Or is that just normal life?   Cuz if it is, I’m convinced I’ll be a nicotine addict for life…)  I somehow manage to keep some wits about me when my little microcosm is saturated in nicotine…


One of my local haunts started carrying the E-cigs, then pulled them from the shelves.   According to the store manager, they were pulled because there were “unidentified health risks”.  According to one of the clerks, they were pulled because they weren’t selling. (No surprise there – the local options are 5x or more the cost of online options AND cost more than regular cigs, to boot.)   My cynical heart tends to think the clerk’s story is more accurate than the manager’s.   Except for my little peppermint oil substitution fiasco, I can definitely report my health benefits since moving to predominate E-cig consumption for my nicotine fix are many.

Although I’m bummed that I still get my “lack of nicotine space-cadet and irritable wench” episodes, they are less severe and fewer and farther between.   I can now go 8 hours without any form of nicotine and easily resist the urge to grab an Uzi and climb the nearest water tower for great target options.    You think I’m joking?

On the down side, while I know I’m using less E-juice and buying fewer regular cigarettes, I still recognize one fact: I’m still a nicotine addict.   If my current purchase of e-juice lasts till June (I love bulk buying) and I do not purchase more than 5 packs of cigarettes per month (on par or below there), then I have cut my nicotine intake in half.  Progress has been made –  just not as fast as I would like.   Still, I’m not currently willing to endure the singular hell nicotine-free life offers me right now.  Que Sera, Sera.

Another link for those of you interested:  For batteries, refillable cartridges, etc, I now order from: LiteCig USA.  Still ordering e-liquid from Innovapor

Not sorry I made the switch – happy with return on investment and VERY HAPPY with my health results. That’s the update for now.