Where was I?

Though I’m behind in commenting, I see the Occupy Wall Street movement did get a spokesman – Michael Moore – who eloquently explained what the group was about.  Or at least what he thought it was trying to accomplish – and there were four or five protestors standing around him nodding their heads, so they thought he was explaining it well, too.   What the million others thought, I do not know.

I’m sad to see there has been violence and destruction flaring here and there.  Not too unexpected…

Even Ghandi called for his followers to take it down a notch or two when he saw  peaceful protests  turning into bloodbaths – –

No, I didn’t pick that example at random – Imperialism is a never ending cycle and happens in many forms….


Why am I so out of date on reporting?  Well, surprise, surprise, I had a stroke a couple of weeks back.

The usual suspects have been ruled out: High cholesterol, hole in the heart, blocked arteries.  There’s a chance no one will ever know.

Which is rather hard to swallow, seeing as how I was able to glow in the dark for Halloween, thanks to all the CTs done on me.

I was lucky enough to get care in time to avoid much permanent damage.  T-pa (affectionately known as “Clot-buster” by the medical community) has an effective window of 2-3 hours from the start of the stroke and a risk of internal massive hemorrhaging.   I was there in time and managed to not bleed to death, which made the ER team really happy.   I was touched by how sincere they were in expressing their joy at my recovery.   After the first few congratulations, I started to see my outcome was, apparently, the exception, rather than the rule.

Yes, I sent the Universe a thank you note.


Nearly two weeks out and I no longer talk like Porky Pig – I’ve advanced enough to sound like Elmer Fudd now.

(I’m personally fond of Taz and Yosemite Sam, but my healthcare team has mandated, “No stress, No strong emotions”, so I guess those two are out and shallow, superficial Daffy Duck at his most oblivious will appear next.)

I can walk just fine, unless I overdo and get tired, then my right foot sort of drags along for the ride.

But all in all, feeling pretty lucky and, once again, am glad modern medicine is available to keep me alive long enough for fixer-upper projects to commence.

Course, all this means I’m unemployed again – with strict orders for lots of rest and no over-exertion.   As impatient as always, I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever work again, as there seems to be no 100% guarantee I’ll return to my previous fast walking, Chatty-Kathy personage that answers phones, greets customers and efficiently multitasks.

(I’ve been told, often, I talk too much…In the flurry of the ER, I managed to stutter out with a smile, “This is my punishment for talking too much”.  Everyone either smiled bravely through tears or looked concerned…I thought it was funny, but guess my timing was off.)

Since a career in stand-up comedy seems to be out, perhaps it’s time to return to my original dream of being an author.   What the heck?  I write because I love to and have several manuscripts collecting dust in my writing file.  No one cares how I talk or walk when I’m making up stories in front of my computer.  And apparently the part of my brain that goes off on wild-goose chases was not harmed in the least.  In fact, my ability to make up wildly impossible stories seems to have increased these past months.

With e-age making it possible for me to self-publish utilizing a low-budget and lots of free time (both of which I’m currently blessed with) I figure why not take the plunge?

In the back of my storytelling mind, I hear the Universe saying, “Jeez – kept trying to get her to follow her dream and it took a stroke to do it.”

Who knows if it’s true or not?

But for now,  it’s a story I can cling to.


P.S. In researching self-published marketing tips, I was informed three key things are needed: A blog, Twitter account and….yes, you guessed it…a Facebook account.   Time will tell if I decide to trade in my ideals to earn a living…

About time something was Occupied…

I’ve watched with growing interest the news on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I see enough people are now in the straits my family found themselves in years ago, and perhaps, the critical mass has been reached where something may be done.  (you know, the whole 100th monkey thing…)

I am rather surprised at those on the street that say, “It’s not for me to say how our system get’s fixed, but it needs to be”.

Since I’m now working 7 days a week, (har-de-har-har), I won’t have time to write the full scoop right now – but for all two of my faithful viewers, here’s some references you can check out yourself and pass along to others of like mind – – I guarantee when you finish with these two quick reads, you’ll not only understand the pros and cons of a money culture, but you’ll also be afire with great ideas on where to go from here!

Book – The History of Money, by Jack Weatherford

Link – New Money for Healthy Communities, by Thomas H. Grecco

or, here’s the page to download the PDF.

And let’s hope the movement can keep to it’s peaceful intent.    Wars are costly and often, even if you win, in the long run, you still lose.

Happy Reading!

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