H.R.2 – Repeal Healthcare Act?

Some few months ago, I started receiving emails I don’t remember signing up for. I haven’t griped about it too much, for the emails are from organizations that keep folks alerted to political issues, which means I get a steady diet of things to research and then write about – – I suspect my recent foray into signing petitions may be at the root of it all…

Today, I received an email from the John Birch Society.

( I’m now sure I failed to un-check a “Contact Me” box when signing some petition. Yet another example of “Auto-Opt-In” marketing…On the bright side – their “Unsubscribe” process is easy and painless – hence, I’m not raking them over the coals…)


Today’s missive informed me of H.R.2, the bill proposed to repeal all or parts of Public Law 111–148 and Public Law 111–152 (906 and 55 pages, respectively).

It also provided the following Organizational Chart which is touted as showing the regulatory monstrosity ObamaCare would be:

My first thoughts were, who would take time to research this mess to find out if:

A. It truly reflects Reality


B. how many graphic artists died of stress related disease while compiling this?


I next pondered if this is how most government organizational charts look.  If so, it’s amazing anyone ever gets anything accomplished and I have been way too harsh on my elected officials.

Faced with a stack of these charts my first day on the job, followed by the directive:

“This is how the company works.  Get familiar with the processes – we have a meeting tomorrow morning for you to propose your plans for overhauling this system”,

I would grab my purse, lunch and coat and flee through the nearest exit….

Without giving notice….


I recently finished the 26 lecture series by Professor Teofilo Ruiz, titled “The Terror of History – Mystics, Heretics and Witches”.

He states we create laws, organizations, etc.,  to bring order to chaos and hence, quiet the internal terror created by our awareness of living in a world we don’t fully understand and often have no control over.

This chart, whether true or not, reflects our terror-soothing tendencies run amok.

If the time and money taken to draw this chart had been spent on designing affordable solar homes, I suspect we’d all live in one by now.


For myself, I must spend time researching the Public Laws that are listed for repeal in H.R.2 – because the John Birch Society also informed me a poll in December showed 60% of likely voters favor repeal, the Senate and House favor Repeal  – if so many favor repeal, I want to know:

How in the Hell did these Laws come about in the first place?!?


For your viewing pleasure, here’s my HealthCare Chart: