♪ While Blazing Through the Jungle One Day….

♪ In the rainy, muddy month of May….

♪ What to my surprise,

♪Appeared before my eyes…

♪Once all the grass & weeds were cleared away…

Pic Post of Before, After, Projects, Unknowns

Picture of overgrown back yard
Flash flood and thunderstorm warnings last night until 9:34pm – Waited till 9:30 this morning before firing up the power tools, in hopes things would dry out some.

Fired up the weed whipper and started in the southeast corner of the north-side backyard – confused yet?    Before I got really to work, took a pic of one of the plants that grows here and there on my place, that sort of look like Nasturtiums, but aren’t and I thought might be Creeping Raspberry after reading the post by fellow blogger over at My Food and Flowers.

(Thanks for offering to help identify – most likely a weed, but hate rip out if it isn’t…  🙂  )

Picture of unidentified plant
Creeping Raspberry? don’t think so, as it doesn’t stick around all year –

Then I realized that either the salsify or Welsh Onions I companion planted with the hastily built beds for strawberry plants received last year (1 – one stinking strawberry plant survived out of..like..138 of em’….) are coming along nicely – – Think it’s the onions, but after looking at pictures for both salsify and welsh onions, content to wait and see what kind of bloom appears, or wait and dig one up, so I’ll know…for sure…

Picture of Welsh Onions, maybe
Believe the tall stalks to be of the Welsh onions I planted last year, but never made an appearance until now.

And the other bed, which was planted with strawberries, welsh onions and 3 various types of lettuce last year have zilch, nada, oh -wait – there’s some volunteer lettuce…  🙂

picture of lettuce
Lettuce that was planted last year, and never seen to harvest, now is showing up this year….

The man-child-unit stopped his mowing activities and called out to me,

“Mom – do you want me to mow around this?   Is it a keeper?”

picture of white flower
Unknown Pretty I hope a bloggy pal can identify –

To which I replied,

“I have no clue what it is, but it’s pretty – mow around it and I’ll see if I can find out what it is….”

Here and there, mushrooms are popping up – some local wild ones are edible, some are not, need to call Mr. Gardener Extraordinaire to have him come identify which ones are which:

Picture of wild mushroom
I think this is the one he told me last year was good sauteed in butter – but will double check, first….
Picture of Mushroom
I think this is the one that either kills you or makes you wish you were dead after you awaken a week later to a fuzzy dream of running through the local park, naked, while bystanders stood in shocked amazement –

After the man-child-unit got one side cleared, decided to take a grand-sweeping picture of no-longer-such-a-jungle against the backdrop of my Golden Currants and Sand Cherries planted last month:

Picture of back yard, after mowing
The Golden Currants are leafing out faster than the Sand Cherries – but they all have green appearing – Yay! I didn’t kill ’em while planting ’em!

And here’s a close-up of the Golden Currants and Sand Cherry bed –

Picture of Golden Currants and Sand Cherries
Back row – Golden Currants – Front Row – Sand Cherries – yes I planted ’em close so they’ll fill in faster – my local extension office mentor said I could. 🙂

Remember 2 years ago, when I finished the north side of the house on grading/mulching, weeding just before the gully washer storm appeared?

Picture of ground elderberry and vinca plants
Ground Elderberry and Vinca birthday plants – north side graded/mulched/planted – 2013

And 20 minutes after I collapsed on the couch from exhaustion:

Picture of flooding storm - 08/03/13
August 3rd – Rain, Rain and some more Rain – the river is the drainage ditch

Well, back to the north side – – the Vinca and Ground Elderberry are coming along nicely – a nice ground cover that is still not clearly identified, but plays nice and puts up beautiful spikes of purple, that was carefully left alone has now spread from it’s little corner located about 25 feet away to move it’s way to being a beautiful ground cover across the entire north side of the house:

Picture of vinca and ground cover
I love the ground cover that has so steadily grown – without being a hog or in need of mowing -the leaves with purple blossoms is the vinca.

And, a pretty, I didn’t plant it there, white tulip raises it’s long head over another clump of purple vinca

Picture of Tulip and Vinca
Purple and white – without me half trying –

And finally, a shot of one of the Chokecherry bushes:

Picture of Chokecherry
Chokecherries coming along nicely

Oh, and remember how I left my Amaranth of last fall to naturally drop it’s seed?

Picture of Burgundy and Golden Giant Amaranth
This is what the west fence bed looked like last fall

Well, I despaired my lazy plan had worked, but noticed today there are tiny burgundy amaranth sprigs poking their heads up out of the ground – I forgot to take a pic and it’s raining/lightening again – so will try to remember to do so tomorrow.

Happy Green Growing Things Season! 🙂

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