Adieu, Katarina

I shall veer from my normal genre to pay my respects to Elizabeth Taylor.    Granted, I normally am not a celebrity hound and the last time I remember wanting to cry when someone famous died was Princess Di.

But I cried and I shall miss Elizabeth Taylor.


Though I enjoyed so many of her works, I shall always think of her first as Katarina in The Taming of the Shrew.  I also think her and Richard made a grand couple – I can watch that movie over and over and always delight in it.

(Therefore, Clint Eastwood and Shirley MacLaine should be together, because Two Mules for Sister Sara is also one of my all time favorites…)

I think Elizabeth would have been a whoppin’ good Scarlett O’Hara, too.  And coming from me, there’s hardly any higher praise you could give.


I don’t watch the news.  So if I hadn’t been at the store and happened to see the newspaper,  I wouldn’t even have known and my heart wouldn’t be grieving so now.

But the cashier understood.  She liked Liz too.   And we shared what our favorites were and agreed;

Some folks are just larger than life – brighter than the sun.  And when they are gone, the world seems dimmer and darker for lack of their presence.

Liz was one of those folks.


I’m such a non-fan-buff, I don’t even know if she minded being called Liz.   I don’t know if I had typed “Ms. Taylor”, if she would have minded.

All I do know, is for awhile, watching  her, I felt Katarina’s passion and frustration – I know she is a good person, on the inside where it counts, even while she screeches and throws things.  I feel her integrity, honesty and loyalty, even while she is viewed by all to be a demon.


And I never got over the fact that ole’ Will Shakespeare made the spirited brunette the object of worth  – rather than the angelic-faced blonde.

Good Job Will.  Nothing against blondes, but despite the intelligence jokes, you ARE considered more fun – the brunnettes and red heads are stuck cleaning house, keeping the accounting books straight and starting/finishing fights…..


Liz, where ever you next roam – Break a Leg and thank you for the gifts you shared.