I need Facebook to Boycott?

I enjoyed reading Howard Schultz’s letter concerning how to create an upward spiral, both for the economy and the citizens of our country.  Calling for a boycott of political donations and pledges for businesses to expand, hire and innovate to break the cycle of fear, he’s already gotten over 500 pledges for boycotting political donations and 100 for job creation/expansion.

Sounds like a fine idea to some – corporate blackmail of the government by others – – Me?  Well, seeing as how I’m unemployed, over-qualified to sling hash and under-qualified to head up the colonial expansion team to Mars…well, it sounds good to me…

However, I was dismayed to find out the only way I can pledge is if I’m a Facebook user.

Over the past few months, I’ve missed out on deals, sales and coupons because of my Facebook boycott.  Sigh… But to find a grassroots campaign, run solely on Facebook – well, that did grab my attention.  Especially when I also found a top news thread indicating Facebook has instituted new privacy controls.

Hmmm…. very interesting.   How do you think this all played out?  Did Mr. Schultz, eager to launch his “Boycott Political Donations until elected leaders do what they are paid to do”, told Facebook, “Hey!  I’ll run the whole Upward Spiral Platform via you, but first, get your privacy controls fixed.”

Maybe.  Maybe not.   But interesting news this a.m., all the same.

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