ID 10 TS

I would like to give you pictures of the landscaping projects that are in process – – or have been accomplished….

Or show you how high the Jerusalem Artichokes and Sunflowers are, or how beautiful the fantabulously drought-tolerant Golden and Burgundy Amaranths are –

Alas – despite my best intentions, I had little website work in June and now, 3 sites to get up and out for approval by end of next week – –

An existing customer called a few days ago and asked for some documentation for their funding resource – seems what I previously provided was impressive in it’s low cost, but they’d like to have another meeting and have new pages that are clearly marked as to which phase we are doing when – –

They are dragging their feet – says I – They’ve had this information since April – – You continue to pay out of pocket each month, as they ask for more stats, watermarked estimates, etc…..

This is why any business I launch is paid for by me – – -too much time/trouble convincing investors and the time spent jumping through their hoops could be put to good use actually BUILDING something –

Alas, I always gravitate towards business ideas that rely on my own brain, skill, know-how and existing tool set – – Not everyone is so lucky – there are those grand ideas that need funding for buildings, equipment, R&D, prototypes, etc….

Now that you know the history, my customer advised, part way through the conversation, as I added the required text to each phase estimate and cut/pasted the documents into one long historical document, for their printing convenience, he said,

“Well, you just have to deal with ID 10 TS’s”

And, swear to gawd! I did not get it until I wrote it down – – Sheesh!  I need a vacation – – –



I realized I had once more slipped into Dereliction of Duty status here at WordPress when Sue left a comment to check and make sure she wasn’t missing my new posts in her email inbox and to make sure I hadn’t died – – Thank You, Sue!   You make me feel so loved and cared for!

(Want to see amazing art and gardens?  Check out Sue’s slice of cyberspace!)


And so, dear friends, neighbors and family here at WordPress – I’m once again working my tail off – trying to keep ahead of the curve ball and failing to take pictures of anything as I race from one project to another – –

But I’m doing my meditation and heat lamp treatments religiously – –

I’m only working a max of 14 hour at a time and making sure to get a good night’s sleep – –

And I’m slowly, but surely, implementing lessons learned from the past…

Except for how durn long it takes me to get caught up when I don’t log in and read every day!


Hope this finds you well and I’ll catch up with your world here soon – feel free to leave a comment, begging me not to leave 23 likes and 8 comments on your blog all at one time, at the end of July, when I can luxuriate in reading all day long once more …..

You ask and I swear, I’ll space them out to one a day – – 🙂

Functional First…

Pretty if Possible.

That’s my motto.   After visiting so many blogs these past few days, I realized my minimalist theme was not the prettiest thing around.   So into Themes section I travel this morning to prettify my place.   (I don’t know if my cyber neighbors have complained about my shabbiness or not…)

I finally settled on a theme, with some pretty little doo-hickeys near sub-titles and readable font.  Uploaded 14 different sized versions of a mountain photo for the background and now, I’m tired of playing with graphics.  So my current look will need to do for the next 3-4 years – I’m yearning to write.

You may wonder why I offer to build websites for small businesses when my graphic artist skills are so near the bottom percentile.    I do, simply because if they’re okay with a simple look and great content at rock-bottom prices, then I’m their gal.   (As far as art is concerned, it is true you get what you pay for…)

(I’ve also gotten fairly good at CSS set-up, so if they decide to hire a true artist to upgrade their website, at least the upgrade will go smoothly and quickly.  CSS is a true Functionality first concept, IMHO)


Perhaps my yang/male side is stronger than it should be.  Case in point, when I first knew I was getting my new house, all the women in my circle were so happy for me and wanting to stop by and see the place, offering me second-hand furniture, dust-catchers (aka knick-knacks), pillows and offers of painting equipment.  I just smiled and murmured, “Thank you, but it’s fine for now.”

But let the hubbies of those gals tag along and I’m running all over, blabbing away – “Don’t you think it’d be better to put a metal roof on and update the wiring before installing the solar array?   I mean, why touch something twice?” And, “See this here?  If I build a rammed earth tire raised bed here, it will help with retaining heat on the south side of the house during winter and I can build that retractable cold frame I showed you the other day.”

I wish my dad were here – he’d help me install floors and walls that allowed clean-up  via a power washer….


Years ago, one of my best friends and colleagues was a web designer/graphic artist.    We once designed, built and slapped up 5 pages of content for a new site in 3 hours.

She did all the pretty stuff, I did all the functional.

It was wonderful to play to my strengths and let someone else mess with what I sucked at.   She thought the same and the only time we argued, it always went something like this:

“Andrea, the glow on the sun ray is fine – it looks beautiful – can we move on now, please?”


“Tamrah, that’s enough content – we’re telling them why this web design company is great – not how to build their own.”

It’s hard to deny your perfection streak when you love doing something so much.

It’s been years since we worked together.   I sure do miss her Prettifying my (dys)Functionality.