Calling all Gardeners and 1337

Okay, I’m stumped – but before I get to the gardening question, wanted to share a tidbit: this morning a nice little image declaring I’ve received 1,337 likes appeared.  Just how did they come up with that number? If anyone knows the story behind this intriguing number, feel free to share in the comments!

Now on to the real reason why I logged in to post –

What Happens when You're behind schedule
What Happens when You’re behind schedule

Earlier, I shared what beautiful plants appeared when I got side-tracked and didn’t get an area weeded in time – Which has been identified as a poppy.

The poppies have all died back and some even look completely done – so I’m left wondering – is this a perennial poppy that I just need to be careful about what I do around it, but can go ahead and clean this area out, newspaper and mulch around where the plants were?

Or is it a self-seeding annual, that newspaper and mulch will ruin any chances for plants next year?

I’ve perused quite a few gardening sites and can’t find a picture of one that looks just like mine – so if anyone knows an answer or a way for me to determine a course of action, it would be much appreciated!

Here’s pictures of what the starting-to and died back plants look like:


The brown stalk in middle of green weeds!
The brown stalk in middle of green weeds!

Back to Ye Olde Weeding!   🙂

The Stinkweed Update

Thanks to Ronnie Ann for commenting on my previous post regarding should I be a mass murderer and kill all the stinkweed or not?   Turns out what I have  doesn’t look like stink weed, but it IS a water hog!

In order to ease into my killing spree of the unknown purple plant, I chose to work on a small section today, one that contained what I suspect are irises.

As I pulled away the native grasses that had also worked their way into the iris bed, it was tough going – but not with the purple ones.

They were quickly pulled up from moist ground and so full of their water gluttony, I needed only to give a gentle squeeze to have water running down my hand.   It also irritated me that they chose to grow around the irises so tightly, they reminded me of the Goa’uld from Stargate –

Clearing the stinkweed and grass that had infested the previous owner's iris bed
Clearing the water hogs from the iris bed

So now, the fit of conscience is over.   These weeds remind me of a thousand other examples of those who take more than their fair share.

And so out, they go, without me shedding a tear or feeling bad about it all…

(Until the mosquitoes and fleas show up – I’m thinking about trying to plant them in containers around the house doors – to see if perhaps they are a cousin to stink weed and really will keep mosquitoes away.)

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