Faith of the Mustard Seed

pig weedThe Continuing Saga of Pretty-Stinky-Purple Flower

Last fall I was informed that the supreme nemesis of my gardening/landscaping efforts is, in fact, Wild Mustard – this may/may not be true, because, as a previous dispatcher, I can tell you at least 15 different terms that refer to any intersection in Rural America (Johnson’s Hill or Corner is a perennial favorite)-

I’m learning Avid Gardeners have more ‘commonly known local’ terms than Dispatchers do – so there ya go – for what it’s worth -Here is the extent of my current knowledge…

When I was 6

I learned in Sunday School that all I needed was Faith the size of a mustard seed in order for Life to be Good –

When I was 12

Mustard seeds encased in a clear, glass marble and hung on a chain about the neck was all the rage for age-appropriate jewelry.

When I was 18

A missionary from a world-view different from my own, informed me that, like wild mustard, the faith of the true believers cannot help but spread.  Just which true believers Mustard chose to bless,  he never wanted to go into details about, until after I was baptized into that church – after which, I failed the Mustard test because I like to ask questions instead of just blindly believing everything I’m told….

When I was 27

I prayed for things to get better, and would tell whichever omnipotent being(s) might happen to be tuning into the latest episode of “Tamrah Self-Talk Radio”:

“Yes, I’m worried, but I have my mustard seed of faith – just wait while I retrieve it from underneath the refrigerator….I do have it – just not in hand, right now…”

When I was 34

A Biblical Archeologist, who knew the culture and languages spoke in the time/place Jesus lived told me the story of the Mustard Seed was aimed at farmers who knew how fast and furious one mustard seed could spread throughout an entire field – both as a warning and promise at how fast the beliefs/opinions of others could take root and flourish…whether for good or not…

At 46?

I have spent 3 years observing, trying to understand and pitting my will against wild mustard  – and I tell you,

All of the Above is True –

  • If you let negative, worrying thoughts run rampant in your space, they, like mustard, will soon overwhelm you.
  • If you ignore that which looks pretty, but your nose tells you is bad news, there will come a day when you regret your dilly-dallying in rooting out the stink when first it appeared
  • There will always be those who think their way is the only way and, like Mustard, will do their best to choke out and silence any other options.
  • If you recognize the lesson, apply said lesson to propagating those things that give you quality of life and ruthlessly weeding out that which detracts from it, you, too, have an above-average-statistical shot at Heaven on Earth –
  • And, if you want, there’s probably someone who will encase that pretty purple blossom in a clear marble to wear around your neck, just so you never forget what you’ve learned while simultaneously preventing the smell and spread of said plant…

P.S. If you’re new here and feel you’re missing out on the backstory – here ya go:

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Yup – It’s been a 3 season journey – but of all the reports, #3 is my personal favorite…

I re-read it once in awhile to remind and cheer myself –

There will always be some good-hearted soul who comes along with a more generous and kind perspective than you may be currently housing –

Who innocently startles you into wisdom… 🙂