The Joy and Despair of Awards

I’m so honored when I receive an award nomination – I have no problem linking back to the fantabulous blogger who nominated me – I usually have fun answering the questions, though I sometimes ramble on for too long.

But the nomination of others always throws me for a loop – I don’t want to leave anyone out – Sometimes I award folks who have already received the award – I hate discovering I just nominated someone who posted a “No Awards Zone” piece of art in their widget that I somehow missed – I hate to think people think I’m awarding them just to get clicks back to my own blog (apparently – this happens….)

And while I love to introduce those in my circle to a new-to-me blogger, I just find myself procrastinating over the whole awards thing – in fact, long enough that I somehow managed to lose the info regarding who nominated me for one!   Which makes me feel awful.

So from here on out I will graciously acknowledge but decline future award nominations, but rest assured, if I like your blog, then I will make sure my community knows about you one way or another.

Feel free to pick up your no-strings attached Because You’re Fantabulous and Awesome Blossom awards, if I’ve followed you, liked a post or commented at your site!

And if you came to the Awards page to discover new-to-you blog links, check out the “My Community” area in the sidebar.

Thanks ever so much to you all!

2 thoughts on “The Joy and Despair of Awards”

  1. Yeah, the whole awards thing is awkward. I’ve declared my blog an awards-free zone but I’m damned if I know how to put a notice anywhere anyone will see it. And I’m not sure that’s what I most want people to see about the blog anyway. So I continue as a stealth awards-free zone.

    I sometimes wonder about the math of awards. If each blogger nominates 7, or 15, or however many more the award asks them to nominate, how long before every blog on the internet is covered with awards to a depth of 7 or 15 or however many inches? Does this really make sense?


    1. Hi Ellen! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment – my apologies in my delay – been dealing with blizzards, white-outs, and the flu bug in our neck of the woods – wouldn’t ya know? The plagues of winter showed up just 21 days before Spring! 🙂

      I hear your pain – I admit when I was first ‘nominated’ for an award, it was by a fellow blogger who followed me and who I followed and enjoyed! We had chatted via our respective comments areas and I was honored they chose to link to my blog – 🙂

      I’ve rarely received ‘award nominations’ from anyone I hadn’t already established a ‘bloggy world friendship’ with – happened only, once many months in, and when I investigated further, I was shocked to find out how the whole ‘awards’ system was being used by some – I’m naive – I admit it!

      My second ‘awakening’ was when I accidentally sent an award to a person who ran a ‘no-awards please’ blog – They, full of graciousness and kindness simply let me know of their stance, and pointed me to their Notice, which I, focused entirely on their content and not their side bar, had missed – they were very nice about it and to this day, I’m so grateful for their compassion towards my “OMG! Check out this wonderful person!” error, made with all good intents and not enough research – 🙂

      As for the “math” of the awards – I guess that in my early days of making new ‘cyber-friends’ and such, I liked to read the award posts from those I liked to read – the whole ‘birds of a feather flock together’ thing – – and I’ve found so many wonderful bloggers that way!

      Alas – I do not believe awards will go away anytime soon – I see both the benefit, the lure and the issues – – fortunately – we all have a choice and sounds like you’ve found a way to navigate it in your own style – which, I love about the community here – we get to be ourselves!

      Best wishes to you and thanks again for your visit!
      Tamrah Jo

      P.S. I wanted to do something that better fit with my own personal perspective AND that allowed me to bestow ‘awards’ on my bloggy friends who like to participate in the process – you know, I’m a big fan of learning how to walk with a foot in multiple worlds – 🙂

      So, I made posts/pages about awards – made two of my own little award images that do not require a link-back to me or anything other than the opportunity for those who love the awards arena to put another ‘image’ in their awards arena – 🙂


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