Quotes – Masonobu Fukuoka

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Sowing Seeds in The Desert Bookcover

Gradually I came to realize that the process of saving the desert of the human heart and revegetating the actual desert is actually the same thing. Masonobu Fukuoka

In the end, it will require some courage and perhaps a leap of faith for people to abandon what they think they know. Masonobu Fukuoka

“My house is al…

“My house is always clean – until I’ve invited people over for supper – then it magically becomes a horrendous, cluttered mess no one would want to visit.” Tamrah Jo

Taking another break from dinner party preparations – Lord, I’m tired.   I’m thinking one dinner party a  decade.   Forgot that fixing three different types of enchiladas would have gone smoother if I had more than one induction burner!  But Tacorito sauce is simmering, Red Chile sauce 1/2 done and Creamy Habanero sauce next in que…

If no explosions or catastrophe’s occur, I’ll post pics.

I think the stroke may have affected the ‘cooking’ area of my brain…

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